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WDW Pop! Quiz – Restaurantosaurus



Restaurantosaurus - Flickr Creative Commons copyright Josh HallettOne of the reasons that my husband Eric and I love Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park so much is the level of deep immersion we experience.  Once inside the park’s turnstiles, every element in the environment – sounds, landscape, walkways, and buildings, to name a few – work together to create a true suspension of disbelief.  While many of the locations we visit in Animal Kingdom have a more serious conservation themed atmosphere, I always enjoy kicking back for a meal and checking out what all those crazy college kids are up to at Restaurantosaurus!




1. According to the official Imagineering backstory, that building that houses Animal Kingdom’s Restaurantosaurus was originally what type of business?

  1. Fishing Lodge
  2. Gas Station
  3. Outdoor Store


2. True or False: A reference to the classic animated Disney film Fantasia can be found inside Restaurantosaurus.


3. A portrait of an older gentleman hangs in the room that was originally a dinosaur museum. Who is this gentleman?

  1. The first paleontologist in Digs County
  2. The original owner of Restaurantosaurus
  3. The original benefactor of the Dino Institute


Restaurantosaurus - Flickr Creative Commons copyright Miss Millificent

4. In Restaurantosaurus, there is a building with a mechanic’s garage theme. What is the name of this building?

  1. Dino Garage
  2. Quonset Hut
  3. Mechanics Hut






(Exterior Photo – Flickr Creative Commons, Restaurantosaurus Disney’s Animal Kingdom copyright Josh Hallett, license; Interior Photo – Flickr Creative Commons, Restaurantosaurus copyright Miss Millificent, license


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