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WDW Tip of the Week – Get more than 3 Fastpass+ reservations a day quickly and easily!


For seasoned Walt Disney World visitors, this may be nothing new, but to new visitors, or for those without much My Disney Experience experience, this can save you a lot of time and stress.

We all know that you can make up to three Fastpass+ reservations at one park, per day, but you can book more! Once you use your last Fastpass for the day, you can book one at a time after that. But, there’s a trick to scheduling your reservations to improve your options. You need to make sure that your first three Fastpasses are booked as close together as possible and as early in the day as possible. Here’s why…

If you space out your Fastpasses throughout the day, here’s what’ll happen. Say you have one for 10 AM, 2 PM, and 7 PM, you can’t book more Fastpasses until after 7 PM, and by that time, most have been taken and the park may even be closing soon.

What you want to do is not space them out, but get them as close together as possible. If you secure them at times such as 10 AM, [11:30] AM, and [1:00] PM, you can start to book more as soon as you have scanned your MagicBand for your [1:00] PM Fastpass.  This means you can even begin booking/rebooking while you are waiting in the Fastpass line.

Extra tip: if you weren’t able to schedule your reservations close together, don’t give up!  Once you have scanned your MagicBand for your first Fastpass (10 AM in the above example), it is considered by the system to be used, so you can modify either of your subsequent two Fastpasses to an earlier time.  This means, you may be able to score a Fastpass for as early as [10:15] AM, if there are any available.  Don’t be afraid to attempt to modify your times!

Now, for those who aren’t interested in riding a ton of attractions in a day, this is a mute point. However, if you want to get in as many attractions in as possible, this trick may come in handy.


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