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WDW Radio Show #541 – Interview with Brian Crosby, Creative Director for Marvel Themed Entertainment

I’m excited to be joined this week by my friend, and fellow Disney and Marvel geek Brian Crosby. Today, he is the Creative Director for Marvel Themed Entertainment, and he will share his story back from when he was a comic-loving kid with a dream, and how it led him to his roles as a Disney artist, helping to launch the Disney Kingdoms line of comic books, and the many projects he worked on at Walt Disney Imagineering. Brian will share how he came to work for Marvel, and his current role in the Marvel universe. We will also talk about some of the many projects he and others at Marvel are working on, such as stage shows, walk-through attractions, exhibits, at sea on the Disney Cruise Line, attractions in Disneyland, Walt Disney World, and Hong Kong, as well as what the future holds for Marvel in the Disney theme parks around the world. Our nerd-fest continues as we also talk about some of the characters in the Marvel Universe and their future roles in the parks, including Spider-Man, The Avengers, Captain Marvel, and what the Fox acquisition might bring going forward.

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