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WDW Tip of the Week – Using a “Stroller As Wheelchair” Tag

Did you ever wonder why some strollers are allowed to enter a queue at Walt Disney World, while others must be left at the stroller parking area at an attraction? The reason is that the stroller has a special red tag that Disney Parks provide for children who use a stroller to help with sensory and mobility issues.

As you may already know, I require a wheelchair to get around, but not all disabilities need a wheelchair all the time.  Visiting any of the four parks at Walt Disney World is exhausting as you can cover several miles of walking each day.  Some Guests with cognitive disabilities can get over stimulated, have problems standing in queues or may just need a break from the crowds. Many families with smaller, mobile children with special needs will bring a stroller to help navigate the parks. A “Stroller As Wheelchair” tag is a red tag with a stroller and wheelchair symbols which is attached to the stroller for the length of stay at WDW. This tag will allow you to use and take the stroller anywhere a wheelchair can go. This special tag can be obtained at any of the Guest Relations locations within each of the four parks at Walt Disney World.

Stroller as Wheelchair tag

“Stroller As Wheelchair” Tips:

  • Visit Guest Relations on your first day to get your “Stroller As Wheelchair” red tag.
  • While at Guest Relations ask for the Disability Access Service pass to be added to your child’s MagicBand to help reduce the wait time at some attractions.
  • At attractions that have stroller parking, simply show the red tag to the Cast Members, and they will open up the line and let you continue with your stroller.
  • If the loading and unloading areas are in different places for an attraction, the Cast Members will take your stroller to the unloading area for you.


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Per the Disney.com website:

“Strollers As Wheelchairs
Guests with disabilities—including those with a cognitive disability—who need to remain in a stroller while in an attraction queue should visit the Guest Relations Lobby at the theme parks in order to obtain the appropriate identifying tag.”


Photo from author’s personal collection.


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