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Accessible WDW Tip of the Week – First Aid Centers

First Aid Centers are located inside of every Walt Disney World Park, but did you know they are not just for first aid? I recently found out that I can stop at a first aid station if I want to take a break from being in my wheelchair.

Magic Kingdom First Aid Center

During a recent visit, I had a tour of the First Aid Center inside the Magic Kingdom and was pleasantly surprised at its large size. In the front is a waiting room with a TV and desk where you sign-in. This is a good place for someone who may need a break from the crowds and noise levels of the park.

Beyond the waiting room were a couple of private exam rooms each with a large padded table and door. This room would be very useful for disabled guests who are unable to have their briefs changed in a normal restroom in the park. (As a side note, the accessible restrooms at WDW are not very convenient for adult Guests who need a changing table.)

There was another larger room with quite a few cots that had curtains around them for privacy. I was told this is a place where some Guests can come in to calm down or just chill-out from the crowds. These private areas are also used for those that require medication that cannot be given easily, and Guests can even store there medications at first aid instead of carrying them around all day – good for some medications that need refrigeration.

For me, being a wheelchair user, I liked the idea that I have a place to go and get out of my wheelchair to stretch out and relax. The Florida sun can make a wheelchair get sweaty and hot. The Cast Members were very friendly and there is a Registered Nurse at each of the four First Aid Centers.

First Aid Center locations at Walt Disney World Resort

Per the Walt Disney World website “Theme park First Aid locations have facilities with additional space and privacy for individuals who may need assistance from a member of their party with their personal care needs.”

So if you are like me and would like to get out of your wheelchair while visiting WDW, or need some privacy, head over to a First Aid Center!

Map screenshots copyright Disney, all other photos are from the authors personal collection.

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