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The WDW Radio Food Power Rankings – #1 (August 2019)

It’s the first-ever WDW Radio Food Power Rankings.  We’re tracking what you should be eating, and we’ll keep it updated with new items and, with your feedback on what should be on the list, what should be off the list.

The rankings were determined by the WDW Radio Blog Team, who unfortunately had 4 laptops short out due to uncontrollable drooling as we wrote this article.   We’ll be updating these regularly, so you’ll always be up to date on what you just can’t miss.

Dole Whip
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#1 – Dole Whip

This one isn’t a surprise, as the dessert has gained cult status. However, this summer in the suburbs of Chicagoland, we’ve had 4 places add Dole Whip to their menu. If this becomes available all around the nation, will it still be a “must-have” in Disney?

Weeks on the list:  1
Weeks at #1:  1


#2 – Tonga Toast, Cinnamon Roll at Gaston’s Tavern

A tie! Both dishes feature cinnamon, sugar, and pastry. Some flocked to the sourdough, complemented with strawberry compote and bananas. Other flocked to more sugar.

Weeks on the list:  1 (for both)


#4 – The Filet Mignon Sliders at The BOATHOUSE®

Not only are these amazing, but these are also amazingly affordable as well. The key to success at Disney Springs – get these sliders, and you will still have room for dessert. Remember, get a bit of everything!

P.S.  Ben didn’t eat the slider; we just thought it’d be a fun photo.  He loves his fries, though.  

Weeks on the list:  1

#5 – Sanaa’s Indian-style Bread Service
Remember, walking into Sanaa and yelling, “NAAAAAN!” is frowned upon. Plus, some may not get the Star Trek reference – it’s rights are owned by Viacom and not Disney. The bread service gives you the choice of five breads and nine accompaniments.

Weeks on the list:  1

#6 – The Famous Cobb Salad at The Hollywood Brown Derby
When the restaurant that you’ve been recreated after invents a salad, you better make sure you can nail it. According to stories, the Cobb salad was first created in 1937 and named after the restaurant’s owner, Robert Howard Cobb.

Weeks on the list:  1

#7 – Pongu Pongu’s Pongu Lumpia
A great little snack that snuck onto the Power Rankings. If you haven’t had it, it’s a pineapple, cream cheese spring roll. Our advice? Get two.

Weeks on the list:  1

#8 – Woody’s Lunch Box Grilled Cheese
This is no ordinary grilled cheese. Melted provolone and cheddar cheese with a cheddar cream cheese spread, served on garlic-buttered grilled artisan French bread. Make sure to get your kids something else and keep this goody all to yourself.

Weeks on the list:  1

#9 – Backlot Express’ Honey Mustard
Yes, a condiment made the list.  And, not only is it perfect, it also has its own Twitter parody account.  I’m just as surprised as you on that one.

Weeks on the list:  1

#10 – Carciofi Pizza at Via Napoli
Epcot just makes the list at the 10-slot. This pizza is a tasty one!  It’s a white pizza – artichoke, fontina, mozzarella, truffle oil.  Remember, if it’s got truffle oil, it’s a winner!

Weeks on the list:  1

Agree with the list?  Anything missing?  

Here’s your chance to provide feedback.  Let us know your thoughts on the comments on this page, or in the comments on the Facebook post.  Your feedback matters and can truly effect what shows up on the list!

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