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WDW Tip of the Week – The Many Uses of Walt Disney World Reusable Bags

Chances are, if you’ve gone to Walt Disney World any time this year, you’ve probably seen, or even purchased, their new reusable bags. These bags, made from 80% recycled materials, come in various sizes (small, medium, and large) and are sold for a very nominal price (under $5).

There are several different custom designs to choose from as well. Each Disney park, Disney-owned-and-operated shops in Disney Springs, Disney Resort Hotels, ESPN Wide World of Sports, and other merchandise locations all have their own bag with signature characters and attractions on each.

Now, for many, the thought of a reusable bag typically conjures up a trip to the grocery store and using them to cart your groceries home. However, there are so many more uses for these awesome bags.

1) They make amazing and creative souvenirs – Because of their extremely low price point, you can collect a bag from each location and gift them to someone you know who could really use them.

2) They make awesome gift bags – Have a really great souvenir from the parks that you plan on giving to someone? Instead of wrapping it, just pop it one of the small bags (or larger bags depending on the size of the gift), stuff it with some tissue paper, and you’re good to go. I even did this at the park. We bought a great souvenir for some friends who we were meeting at Disney Springs, and when we purchased the bag, the cast member even gave us tissue paper to stuff the bag with.

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3) The small bags are the perfect size for a lunch bag – Bring some Disney magic with you to work. If you bring your lunch to work (or school) the small bags fit everything you need for the day. Your lunch, large water bottle, fruit, snacks, and even if you need to brings in full boxes of snacks; you can stuff them in there too!

What creative uses have you come up with for using your reusable bags?

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