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WDW Tip of the Week: Wheelchair Accessory for a Disney Vacation

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Have you ever had too many things in your backpack and find it hard to find a phone, water bottle, or Chapstick®? That’s the issue we have had when we go to the parks or on a cruise. My mom and I found this handy stroller organizer that works great on my manual wheelchair. The organizer attaches easily with VELCRO® onto my chairs’ back handles, making it easy for my mom to grab items we frequently use.

We gave this a test run while at Disneyland this summer. It was not an issue with security as she just unzipped the little wristlet for inspection and did not have to take the entire organizer off the chair. We were able to keep our water bottles within easy reach, and they stayed cold in the insulated drink holders. We kept our phone, camera, and straws in the center pouch which made grabbing a phone for a quick photo opp was a breeze. We even used the organizer to hold Mickey pretzels while we walked around. The wristlet was handy for small items and we kept our Disneyland tickets inside for when we needed them for MaxPass entry. When we went on an attraction, we simply took our phones and unzipped the wristlet and put them in my backpack, which we took on the attractions.

We find it to be so handy that we have kept it on my chair even when we are not on a Disney vacation. Can’t wait to try it at Walt Disney World on my upcoming trip!

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(All photos from the personal collection. of Andrew Prince.)