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WDW Tip of the Week: Use Hand Sanitizer!

This is probably a good week to share a simple Tip of the Week for visiting any Disney Park or cruise ship – use hand sanitizer my friends! This is not only a tip for during flu season, but for every trip you take to Walt Disney World and beyond.  If you do not like the smell or feel of the sanitizer gel, hand sanitizing wipes are just as effective.

As you may already know there are visitors of all ages and from all over the world at the Disney Parks and with that comes germs.  I am not a germ-a-phobe, but I do like to take precautions.  So here are a few things you can practice while visiting the Most Magical Place on Earth.

Limit how much you touch!

This may be a challenge for all of us. It’s amazing how many things we touch that we are not even aware of; from the handrails on buses and stairways, finger scanners, door knobs, maps, merchandise, etc. Plus, the Imagineers have made such amazing interactive queues, who doesn’t want to touch everything while standing in line?  Touching things is basically unavoidable, but do practice trying not to touch your face or eyes before you have a chance to clean your hands.

Use hand sanitizer or wipes

It is good practice to “wash” your hands with some type of sanitizer after riding an attraction and of course before and after eating. You can even use the disinfecting wipes to clean off a table at a quick service restaurant to make sure it is clean. The small sanitizer bottles are easy to carry in your backpack, and some have a loop to attach to your belt for ease of use.

Wash your hands!

Wash your hands and wash them as often as you can. Most people already practice this tip, but you would be surprised at how many people do not wash after using a restroom and then touch the door handle.  For this reason I also recommend that after you have washed your hands that you use a paper towel to open the restroom exit door and then toss the paper towel in the nearest waste receptacle outside. 

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