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Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser Guests Now Have Access to Datapad with Full Itinerary and More!

Guests of the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser in Walt Disney World now have access to their Datapad on the Play Disney Parks app, including the FULL itinerary, onboard and Galaxy’s Edge maps, messages, customizable profile, and more!

The app includes tabs with events, comms (messaging), tools, map, and profile.

When “out of range” of the starcruiser, guests who have an existing reservation can view and interact with the Events, Comm, Map, Profile, and can use the Translation Tool.

It feels very much like a Disney Cruise Line app, but with many more features, theming, etc.

Each item on the full, 3-day itinerary has complete details of the experience, including time, location (on board the ship as well as in Galaxy’s Edge), and full description. Some events are marked in green, indicating that they may be scheduled, but are not on your personal itinerary as yet (they may be scheduled by the guest, or automatically scheduled 30 days prior to your embarkation).

The Comms section is very interesting, as in addition to messaging features, it includes Voyage Information, as well as interactive questions and answers, including “Tell me about the shopping,” What is the food like?”, “I’d like to learn more about my planet excursion,” “Can you teach me some phrases,” etc. The app also keeps a running record of all conversations for easy reference.

The interactive map includes some interesting locations, including the “Climate Simulator.”

Your profile is completely customizable, and also includes a number of sections which show you items you have earned, including equipment, star maps, schematics, droid data, transmissions, and titles.

I have screen recorded a full video walkthrough (which may include possible spoilers).

What do you think now that you see the full itinerary? Are you planning on visiting?

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