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WDW Radio # 664 – Listener Email: History, Tesla, Dining, Overseas Parks, and more!

I open up the inbox and answer your questions about the extinct Frontierland railroad station, electric cars on the Tomorrowland Speedway, picky eaters in WDW, dinner recommendations in each park, parking at the resorts, Oga’s Cantina in Galaxy’s Edge, history of and in Liberty Square, language barriers in the Disney parks around the world, and more!

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[00:00:00] Lou Mongello: it's time. Once again, to open up the inbox and the email bag and answer your questions to help you plan, prepare and answer some of your pressing. About where to go, what to do. And the how, when, where and why about what's new what's next and even do some fun facts and trivia questions about Disney details and history, really anything you like, but mostly about it's a salute to all emails, but mostly those about food.

And joining me once again. It's someone who she really does. You are the magic Becky makin from MEI and mouse, van travel.

[00:00:37] Beci Mahnken: I do bring the magic. Finally. We are back to answer emails.

[00:00:43] Lou Mongello: It's been months. It has been, you know what it's been, it's been too long. It's been months. It's been too long. It has been too long.

We've been

[00:00:52] Beci Mahnken: because I can tell that the email bin is overflowing with questions and we have. A lot

[00:01:00] Lou Mongello: to catch up overflowing in the best possible way. And if you have a question you want us to answer on the show, you can always email me and I promise I will eventually get to them. We're going to try.

And I say this every time, Becky, and we're going to try and do lightning round, or would it go as fast and get as many as. But be as thorough and complete as possible on, by the way, a glorious night here in Disney Springs. Yeah, it is

[00:01:21] Beci Mahnken: beautiful. It is perfect weather. Perfect temperature. There's no humidity.

If it was like this all the time, I've lived

[00:01:29] Lou Mongello: in the only thing that could make it better is if we were sitting between not one but two food trucks. Oh,

[00:01:36] Beci Mahnken: I'm amazed that you're actually sitting still and not running between them. Like a ping pong

[00:01:40] Lou Mongello: ball being, I mean, mentally I'm deciding if it's the four rivers canteen.

Or if it's the hot diggity dog or we just go right to boathouse, whatever. Well, let's move on. Stop Gordon usher asks Gordon, why aren't they running the train station from main street station to the new fantasy land station and wanting a backwards like they have in the past, instead of not just running it all.

I thought they used to run it back and forth when changes were being made in the past. And they all, I thought they used to do that on a regular basis. Why Lou Mongiello. You're my only hope he didn't say that, but I'm sure that's what Gordon is really thinking. Becky Mankin when I say what Gordon says that they used to run the train backwards.

[00:02:24] Beci Mahnken: I'm interested in the answer to this too, because I've never heard of that before. So doing light

[00:02:29] Lou Mongello: so way back when , this is the dream sequence I'm doing the dream sequence fingers, uh, way back when in 19, late fall, 1990. They demolished the original single story, very small actually frontier land train station to make way for.

Splash mountain. Very good. Um, that train station opened eventually in late 1991. Just sort of a little bit north, actually, of where the original station first sat and while construction of splash mountain was going on. Obviously, you know, now the train literally goes through the mountain. Um, they actually temporarily Gordon's not wrongly temporarily.

I don't know if officially or sort of unofficially renamed the Walters. It was called like the, the, the backwards, like the back. No, the backtrack express. It was called, it was called the backtrack express and it literally ran in between main street station and Mickey Starland and then back again. So it was sort of.

Not so round trip, back and forth. Um, I think that they didn't do it to answer your question. What I think they didn't do it this time while the Tron construction is going on, because it also afforded them the opportunity to say, Hey, you know what, between CRA Tron and the COVID closures, we're going to do some major.

We're going to take the time to do some major, um, Upgrades and refurbishments, not just to the trains, but to the track itself. Um, I had actually seen them sort of literally pulling up pieces of track here and there. So I think rather than sort of potentially confusing guests too, like why is my train going backwards?

They decided to wait and I think. I think it's a smart move to have sort of a more ceremonial reground opening of the train as an old Tron light cycle power run. How we cannot wait. We were literally just talking about that just a few minutes ago.

[00:04:32] Beci Mahnken: Yeah. So a return of the ground circle toward that makes complete sense to me.

So I've learned something today,

[00:04:38] Lou Mongello: but you weren't here. You were never here for birthday land Starling. No, Vicky's Toontown

[00:04:43] Beci Mahnken: remember my first visit here was in 1996.

[00:04:47] Lou Mongello: So if you would like to virtual visit to Mickey's, Toontown free, you know, the audio tour to Mickey's Toontown not only, that's still does $10 and available in apple podcasts, but it really is sort of that snapshot in time.

[00:04:59] Beci Mahnken: Let's move it. So they're going to be like encyclopedias later

[00:05:03] Lou Mongello: kids. You can Google what an encyclopedia is. Becky still has hers at all, and that's when she gets all over information. The next email says, Lou. Hi. Hi Lou and Becky at the question, mark is there. Okay. My question is part rumor, but sorry. Part rumor busting part history lesson.

'cause after hearing some news yesterday about Hertz rental cars, putting in an order for 100,000 Teslas to add to its fleet. It got me thinking about Walt Disney world and since the Tomorrowland Speedway is part of tomorrow land. Has there ever been any talk to modernize the fleet of cars to something futuristic like cute little electric Tesla cars.

That's my voice. His words has the fleet ever been upgraded or drastically changed in the past 50 years as an astounded on myself, torn as to how I'd feel if it ever happened. But I was just curious because when Toronto. The Speedway cars we'll have next week. We quite the juxtaposition. Thanks. Redo Christina.

Christina. That is a great multilevel question because it you're talking not just about the overall upgrade of what really the cars have not changed at all. Check the emissions from 19. Uh, 71, although the Speedway has gone through some changes and then what the future might hold. We were actually talking about Teslas earlier today, before we started to record so quick, let's go back a little bit.

Let's do a quick little history lesson. Tomorrowland Speedway opens as the wasn't called the Tomorrowland Speedway. It was called the pre Raceway. Very good. It was the grand Prix Raceway. Um, and when it opened. The track was like over 3,100 feet long. Why is that important? You'll find out in a second. Um, it actually expanded a little bit.

They sort of move the, adjusted the track a little bit in 73. And then in 1974, they shorten the track by about four don't. Look at me like that. It's true. They shorten the track to make way for. Space mountain. Exactly. For space mountain. They shortened it again about 13 years later because of Mickey's birthday land.

Exactly. Because they had to install Mickey's birthday land, which is right behind it. So it was to celebrate Mickey mouse, his 60th birthday, this quote unquote temporary. Was installed literally like in six months, it was, again, I'm using air quotes, like can see me temporary tents, which is why we sort of have that theme there because it was an easy way to build temporary buildings that they could put up and take down after the six month birthday celebration was over, which is by the way, still going on now.

And again, it's storybook circus. Um, so they had to shorten it. Mickey's birthday land was so successful. Going back to the railroad question, they had. Birthday land. They actually rethink themed the Walter Jones railroad to be Mickey's birthday land express. They had characters on whatever separate conversation, listen to the tuned down audio guide, you'll get the whole thing.

Um, and then in 1994, they changed the name from the grand Prix waste Raceway to the tomorrow indie the Speedway. Exactly. It was true. It was changed that tomorrow. Let Andy speeds. Because the sponsor was the Indianapolis motor Speedway. So it was literally sponsored by the Indy 500. And you remember, they actually had the yard of bricks and, um, it was renamed like the, the, the final Pitner has renamed gasoline alley.

And there was in the queue. There were all these little placards that explained some of the history. The Indy 502,008, it was renamed the Tomorrowland Speedway. They dropped Indy and then they shortened it yet again.

[00:08:48] Beci Mahnken: I have no idea. Don't need, don't even try to

[00:08:50] Lou Mongello: look at me. They shorten it yet again when they installed Dumbo back in 2012.

So it literally has shrunk by almost a thousand feet. So over time, it wasn't, now that I can finally drive it, it's a lot shorter than it was when I rode with my. Let's go back to the original question at hand, because it makes sense in 20, 22, like why are we not looking at something like having electric cars

[00:09:17] Beci Mahnken: total sense?

Absolutely. At this point, especially for something like that, to get people used to the idea of electronic vehicles

[00:09:24] Lou Mongello: and it's been rumored for years and years and years. And actually if you go back to like 20. It's around 2017. Tokyo had its own version of the grand Prix racer. I called the grand circuit Raceway.

When that closed, they actually brought some of their cars over here. They were. In the back, you'd be able to ride on the, uh, the people mover and you saw them and I'm like, wait a minute. Something's going on here? So the rumor was, they were going to start converting some of these old, literally gas guzzling, very loud vehicles into electric.

They had the Tokyo ones as backup to sort of fill the gap from taking cars out of service, putting cars into service. And then when Disneyland's, auto-pay got their upgrade, um, they have that, uh, the, uh, the, uh, Osmo robot sort of outside now, and it sort of has the theming. I agree about the juxtaposition of you've got this futuristic tomorrow.

You've got the very, very futuristic Tron that's going to be, sir, literally sort of casting a shadow over the Speedway. It is sort of this weird mix. Now we would think it makes perfect sense. Why wouldn't Tesla come in while I think it would be super cool. No, I think there's really two main reasons. So one GM is sort of.

Quote unquote official car of Walt Disney world, um, Bloomberg, like the official car company of Walt Disney world they have had and will continue to have a contract for test track, which was renewed back in 2012. They usually run about 10 years, 2022. You're wondering if that contract comes to an end. So I think a sponsorship with another car company is very, very unlikely, but here's a trivia question for you.

Tesla sounds like it makes sense. How much money does Tesla spend every year in advertising?

[00:11:19] Beci Mahnken: A a hundred dollars

[00:11:21] Lou Mongello: zero Tesla spend, if you, have you ever seen a Tesla in no. Do you know, how do you know what car company has the strongest organic engagement on social media? Take a guess. Take Tesla. Tesla.

They've paid zero money in advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, but it is one that has the most organic reach. So. Uh, very, very, very long-winded hopefully somewhat interesting. Entergy question is one GMC official card company to the Arnold's sort of plan right now to convert them to electric.

Although I think they eventually will. I don't know. And I highly doubt Tesla would be the sponsor because of just the way. The Tesla car company works, but I do foresee in the next five years that conversion of cars, because it just, not only are they loud, but it is somewhat intrusive and to some of the other attractions, cause that noise does kind of bleed over.

And I think being the environmentally friendly conscious company

[00:12:23] Beci Mahnken: at Disney is better for the environment. Plus GM does have. So, and I realized, I said electronic the other moment, but electronic electric vehicles, there we go. But

[00:12:34] Lou Mongello: she's literally like going through her encyclopedia right now.

[00:12:36] Beci Mahnken: Exactly. In my head, but it's, there's a lot going on up there and there's, there's so much opportunity to get, to get kids.

Um, used to electric vehicles and GM has electric vehicles. That would be the time to do that. 2022 seems to be the year that, that these vehicles are actually kind of making its way into the public side and thinking about that, we all kind of look at the, um, uh, the minivans that came around, man. That would be such a great option for them here on property to run things electric.

So I think it's a great idea.

[00:13:10] Lou Mongello: And actually I'm laughing to myself as you're saying that, cause I'm like, well, if Tesla. Did sponsor it, it would really take a lot of the fun or the attraction because it would be a self-driving car and it would just sit there anyway. There's no gas meter wouldn't really do anything in the car.

We just sort of drive itself while you watch Netflix

[00:13:24] Beci Mahnken: every, every 200. Well, sure. If you like for every, every 200 cars, every 200, they would crash into each other.

[00:13:32] Lou Mongello: Okay. Trivia question for you. Top speed of a car on the Tomorrowland Speedway. Uh, six miles an hour close. Wow. Wouldn't you seven. How many lanes are there

[00:13:45] Beci Mahnken: for

[00:13:47] Lou Mongello: you're only a practically two.

For two. If you get this one, you get a balloon. What is the minimum height requirement to drive by yourself? I know this very well.

[00:13:56] Beci Mahnken: Only if you go over there and take the balloon from the first people that are over there, because I really liked

[00:14:00] Lou Mongello: that, but you literally just wanted me to take a balloon from a child.

The rumors are true. It's

[00:14:04] Beci Mahnken: like mom is holding on to it. That'd be more fun to watch. And what was the

[00:14:08] Lou Mongello: question again? It's 54 inches. Four inches. Go get my wow. Becky, Megan and I'll spend travel oranges. Yeah. That's why I waited. But it wasn't much shorter than you can be shorter if you're not driving, but if you're driving by yourself, you have to be 54.

Look, my newspapers and my shoes are there for a reason. Don't judge a dear Lou and Becky says Becky and Lou, but I'm not going to read it that way. Mark. There's a question mark. Love the show and I've listened to all the episodes multiple times. Wow. That's a model Lou. You're going to wow. I crossed my fingers every week that the new episode will be listener email, because let's be honest.

What did you write this Louis? Good. But Becky's awesome.

[00:14:54] Beci Mahnken: I want to know who this person is because I'm going to take

[00:14:57] Lou Mongello: them to dinner. It said signed by not Becky Mankin. So whatever. Anyway, my family and I have been DVC members since 2006, we've upgraded our points so we can enjoy the magic more recently, we went on a trip the week before Thanksgiving, and now we're headed back for another 10 night.

Stay at the end of February, unlike you. I'm a very fussy eater. Hey, wait a minute. And I say that with love my brother, you too, man. And I'm looking, I'm reading it as it's written and I'm looking for new dining options. Audits is my question throughout the world for my refined palate. We've been to such places as Ohana Morimoto Asia boat house.

Yup. We are guests and so on any and all recommendations would be much appreciated. Anyway. Uh, does Becky have any suggestions for a family who simply loved magical express from MCO? Thanks for all you do to make our love from Disney. So much fun regards Becky Mankin San. Now it says Darren Boynton from Maine.

All right. So two questions. I'll let you answer this one. First families that love magical express from MCO. What is your recommended option? And then we'll talk about some options. For the fussy eater, the fussy eater and the fab, the rest. I'm going to do it fast, fussy eater. I'm going to answer your fussy eater question.


[00:16:10] Beci Mahnken: So there is a new service run by mirrors. Was the ones running magical express and it's called mirror's connect. So it's about the same price, a little bit more, not too bad, but it's the same type of shuttle concept where you arrive at the, uh, you make a reservation beforehand, you pay for it beforehand.

You arrive at the airport and you take the next. So that is always been available. There's also a new one that I haven't tried yet, but I've heard about it. I can't remember the name of it. Oh, flight something flyer. Right?

[00:16:43] Lou Mongello: The, the it's like the Orlando it's like, is that what it looks like a train like it's painted.

[00:16:49] Beci Mahnken: Exactly. So they're doing relatively the same thing. So there are two. Brand new services to replace magical express. But of course now it does cost money. It's not free, uh, but they are very reputable and we'll get you where you need to go. You can also opt depending on how many people you have for a private transfer as well.

There's all kinds of private transfer companies that we use and that we love, which is great about them. They pick you up right at the in baggage claim. They help you with your bags. They take you right to your hotel. So there's a lot of options still for those, even though magical expresses no.

[00:17:23] Lou Mongello: And I've heard really good things about Mears connect.

Like it's a very magical express, like experience, especially coming from the airport to here. I always do like the ease and convenience of, you know, having your own service. We're not having to worry about making multiple stops, but there are options. There are definitely a lot of options and I think probably more coming as well in terms of the, of the fussy eater.

And I know I have friends, especially with. Um, and some parents who are very fussy eaters without watch herring. When Harry met Sally the scene in the sandwich shop, it's Becky. I want a sandwich with the bread on the side. I want the bread toasted, but not to talk about a five on the bread Gale, but whatever it takes 45 minutes for her to order from nor deny if you're correct.

Go on out and order a cocktail with Becky and give yourself a good 17 minutes before you're able to get a word in. I do. Okay. So. I think for, for a fussy eater one, and let's sort of assume overall COVID normalcy. I think buffets are always your best option, right? And this end, especially because they also have some kid-friendly options there as well.

With a lot of times, fussy eaters can have, you know, the chicken nuggets, Mac, and cheese at table service restaurants, most, if not all restaurants, if there's something on the menu that interests you, but you're a picky eater most, if not all will adjust. So you can say. Like dining with Becky. I want the swordfish, but I don't want any fish.

I'd like it really to be a sword fish, but it's the sword. Um, but there are some restaurants, I think too, that have, and I mean this in the best possible sense, just solid, good, simple comfort foods. I'm thinking of places. Liberty tree Tavern, garden grill, Liberty tree Tavern is like Turkey, mashed potatoes, vegetables, Mac, and cheese.

They're served family style. So you can sort of take what you want. You can sauce it as you might. Like. I think for counter service, places like places where you have multiple options, like sunshine, seasons, food fair in the land is a great option. Pizza is always a good staple. I think if you're an opoly has the best pizza on property, um, prime time cafe has, I just want, at this point in time cafe, it's got mom's home cooking.

It's got pot roast. It's got fried chicken. Ooh, fried chicken, go to homecoming, homecoming chicken. They've got great shape. They'll also have

[00:19:53] Beci Mahnken: chef arts place.

[00:19:56] Lou Mongello: That's known as home. It's homecoming.

[00:19:59] Beci Mahnken: Chicken. You just said chicken. All of a sudden I'm thinking chicken and I'm thinking the mimosas. And then I start going down that real pet road.

Well, mashed potatoes and Mac and cheese was so

[00:20:07] Lou Mongello: good. And the other thing too, I think if you have a very picky eater, um, sometimes it's, it's best to sort of let the picky. Eat first, meaning let the picky eater eats from where and what, and when he, or she would like, and then maybe come join you at, you know, come you, you go with them to eat their food.

And then. So you don't have to necessarily change, you know, you don't want, if you want to go to Julio and you have a very picky eater, well maybe let them go get something simple and then come and join you for, you know, a side dish without a doubt. Um, you know, in this wonderful technological age. Every menu, every single menu, including counter service is online.

Look ahead of time. So you can plan. So you're not trying to sort of figure out where in animal kingdom, can we get something that Becky's going to like

[00:21:01] Beci Mahnken: when I think picky eaters, I think usually meat and potatoes places are getting. Good for the picky eater, because the comfort foods typically are the things that picky eaters like, um, another one that you didn't think about when you said buffets, but trails end.

I really love that for just that comfort food, that home warm feeling. And there's something for everybody on that buffet. I'm

[00:21:23] Lou Mongello: not sure. And notice, I didn't say boathouse, although the entire time I was thinking boathouse, cause they have everything and it's my favorite place and it's right over there. Um, okay.

Next question comes from Marguerite from Vermont. It says, Hey Lou and Becky with an exclamation point. So I'm going to read it excitedly. Hey Lou and Becky. I'm so excited to email you. I absolutely love your show. Lou, I've been a listener for years. Let's get down to. Milan song here. She says my mother and I are huge Disney fans.

Don't sing it, stop it. I don't know what that was, but don't do it again. Listen, Margaret and her mom are huge Disney fans, but they haven't been a Walt Disney role and not one, not two but fifth teen years. They're coming for seven nights and they are so happy. We need advice at, oh, we need advice as to where to eat.

And I knew you were the ones to ask. All right, we are going to do this. Lightening round style. Can you recommend, and I'll go first. So you can start thinking, can you recommend a restaurant for dinner in each of the four parks? If the dining plan is back, which Carly is not, we'll also have four or more table service restaurant recommendations would be fantastic.

Thanks so much Marguerite from Lauren and her mom. Um, all right, Margaret and mom, quickly around the horn. I'll give you four table service restaurants per park. Uh, magic kingdom. Skipper canteen is outstanding. I think it's even gotten better Epcot. My favorite restaurant in any of the Disney parks is Takumi stay in Japan.

If that's not open. Wow. Where's the best restaurant in Epcot. If it's not I think via Napoli is really good. And, um, I think any, anywhere, basically anywhere in Japan, it's always. Um, Hollywood studios, brown Derby, which I haven't been doing a long, long time. And the brown Derby lounge outside is lovely. Um,

[00:23:17] Beci Mahnken: great for people watching.

Yeah, I really like that location.

[00:23:20] Lou Mongello: And in Disney's animal kingdom, you get a two for a table services. No question. It's Tiffins and counter service. So Tooley canteen is top or top to counter service locations anywhere in Walt Disney world. Fight me.

[00:23:33] Beci Mahnken: I'm not gonna fight you on that because I completely agree.

And you just, you do eat way too much because you can just like throw those things off the top of your head. And I have to sit there and kind of methodically go through each

[00:23:46] Lou Mongello: part. I am a dedicated researcher, Becky. It comes from my years of training as an attorney, you know?

[00:23:53] Beci Mahnken: Um, I really like, well, so Tula, Cantina, canteen, right?

I love that location. I think that that's one of the best, um, casual dining. Locations on property as a whole. I think it's the number one place I'd like to go to. If you said, Hey, let's go to lunch or dinner right now. That's probably where I would ask to go, because I love that place. It's

[00:24:15] Lou Mongello: so far away.


[00:24:17] Beci Mahnken: true. But they do have the Boba balls in the margarita is, which are amazing. And

[00:24:24] Lou Mongello: like, I love being able to create your own. You pick your base, you pick your protein, you pick your sauce. I love it. I could eat

[00:24:31] Beci Mahnken: there like every day for awhile. I mean, it's that good? If only there

[00:24:35] Lou Mongello: was somebody, anybody who would go

[00:24:37] Beci Mahnken: there and I am sitting right here, I'm bright here.

You know what happens when you do that other show right on Wednesday. And I'm not actually sitting in front of you. I get that. And I'm like screaming.

[00:24:47] Lou Mongello: Okay. That's animal kingdom. Animal kingdom is a tools. Give me. Hollywood

[00:24:51] Beci Mahnken: studios. I have to go brown Derby, but I also like, um, uh, oh, the place over at Galaxy's edge.

Help me.

[00:25:00] Lou Mongello: No, no, it's more fun this way. I know you want to say docking by seven

[00:25:04] Beci Mahnken: document seven. Exactly. Cause I love the dishes out there too. I think that they are inspired. The price point is good. And I really do like the food there. So that's probably a second. However, I do like Holly brown journey during Hollywood brown Derby.

I can't talk because I love the cop salad. You can't turn away from the Cobb salad. So that's definitely. Uh, if you were to say, what, where would you want to go in Epcot tonight? Which I'm waiting for you to say that so we can go to dinner because you know, we're still hungry, even though you've been going back and forth between the two foods,

[00:25:39] Lou Mongello: screaming going I'm right here,

[00:25:41] Beci Mahnken: but they do have the duck, duck rat.

So you do know, but I do. Magic. Well, I know where I'd go now to kingdom, but, um, those, I always go to the counter services there. If I can't go to the place I want to go, but

[00:25:57] Lou Mongello: you like you, and you're not saying club 33, like nobody knows what you're talking about in concrete

[00:26:01] Beci Mahnken: food there. It's amazing. So.

That's where I would go. However,

[00:26:07] Lou Mongello: and I would wave to you from a mice parapet,

[00:26:11] Beci Mahnken: not what I meant. Um,

[00:26:13] Lou Mongello: you know, I'm going to get video of Becky, literally like walking the parapet as she sort of glances over at the fiefdom below God magic. And just give it, this is lightning round. You bad at lightning. Oh, I

[00:26:25] Beci Mahnken: am.

Okay. So what did you say?

[00:26:27] Lou Mongello: There's not a lot of places to eat in magic kingdom. I said, skip.

[00:26:30] Beci Mahnken: And I've never been there. No, you have not taken me there. Another place you haven't taken me. So next time you say, where do you want to go? I'm going to say magic

[00:26:37] Lou Mongello: kingdom. The club is right here. We can just move whatever moderate that was probably not helpful for you at all.

So hopefully it was okay. Moving on because this is lightning round. All right, Kim Lipper. It says, Lou, I was just listening to your art and Walter two old podcast. Number two. When you said you were watching fireworks from a resort, quick question. How do you get to the resorts? We wanted to go to beaches and cream and we're told parking is for resort guests only.

Lumen jello. How, how do you get to a resort? Thank you. You drive

[00:27:11] Beci Mahnken: up, you say hi, I'm Lou Montello. No,

[00:27:14] Lou Mongello: and I actually have this question multiple times. Johnny Pascarella asked it to me, said same thing. I heard you have to have a dining reservation. To visit as a resort to reduce resort hopping. Um, what if you want to visit a lounge or a quick service, how can you visit my, my very succinct lawyerly answer is it really depends.

It depends. And it's ever changing technically by the quote unquote letter of the law. You do need to have a dining reservation or be a guest of, or visiting a guest in order to park at a resort. That's sort of written in jello because depending on who you get, when you go, if you say, Hey, I'm going to eat a peaches and cream, I'm going to, uh, you know, I'm going to go do walk up at this counter service more often than.

You will get turned away. You will get turned to it. Now there's multiple ways to sort of skin that cat because you can very easily park and Epcot walked through Epcot, come out and then walk right over to boardwalk. You can take the Skyliner from Hollywood studios or another resort. There are multiple ways to get to resorts that don't necessitate you driving there.

And I think if you really want to go. And visit a resort. That would be the way that I would do it another way too. And especially if you're staying on property, you can grab an Uber from wherever you are to a resort and they will allow you to be dropped off and it could cost you five bucks to go from one hotel to the other.

I would plan on not necessarily being able to park without a dining reservation, but know that there are other opportunities available and

[00:28:55] Beci Mahnken: taking a bus from one of the. As well. Uh, I see a lot of people do that. They'll go visit the parks in the morning and afternoon and then hop a bus and go to one of the resorts, um, from there to partake in the walkup restaurants, to the casual dining.

[00:29:11] Lou Mongello: I'm quickly scanning through the emails. It's amazing. How many questions I have that are food related? Yeah, it's a little bit of a shocker. How many questions are food-related? Do you, you obviously know who your, okay. Here's a short one and until answer really quickly, excuse me. This comes from Aaron.

Schissler five bucks as Becky says, you never take me there. I'm just wondering if you can get the Ogas Cantina drinks anywhere outside the country. Well, they are not, they're exclusively available, not just on back to, but they're exclusively available in the Contino, which I actually love. Like, I love the fact that you have to go to certain places in order to get certain items because it makes the visit to those places special and gives you a reason to go.

The reason why I don't want to have everything in Disneyland in Walton. So you have a reason

[00:30:04] Beci Mahnken: to go. Yeah. And I totally agree with that. However, I'd like to get in there a little bit more often, and yes, you do not take me that the fuzzy tauntaun is my jam, just so that, you know, when we get there and you order for me,

[00:30:14] Lou Mongello: you just like it.

Cause it makes your like face all like,

[00:30:17] Beci Mahnken: like makes it, makes it numb. It makes your lips and your tongue numb. And it's really odd. It's a good drink.

[00:30:22] Lou Mongello: I think you're just like saying fuzzy tauntaun so, uh, Hey Hailu and of course, Becky, I heard a story about Liberty square and I'm not trusting the wild west.

That is the internet smart choice. I wanted to fact check it with you. I heard the liberties. Yeah. Everything on the internet is a hundred percent true. I heard that Liberty square moves forward in time from the hundred mansion to the side by frontier. And that the numbers over the doors reflect a year.

If you place an 18 in front of them, additionally, it was reported that the hinders on the window shutters are different on each building. According to the time period, it represents wouldn't surprise me for Disney to, to go this deep with its storytelling, but it also could just be internet folklore, like the frozen head of Walt Disney world.

Also not true. So what's the real scope helped me. Luby wan Kenobi. You are my only hope. Allie, Allie, you are correct. And not, well you're correct. The Walt's head is not frozen anywhere. You are also correct about the progression of time. There is actually an overarching and I won't go too deep into this because, and this is not meant to be a sales pluggy, but my audio tours to Walt Disney world, we'll take you through the story that really sort of begins not in Liberty square, but in fantasy land.

It takes you through. Don't look at me like that, that you've never heard this before. It takes you through it. It takes you from the old world to the new world, from Fenn at the old world and in medieval fantasy land to the new world. As you land in the north Eastern seaboard seaside town by Columbia Harbor house, and then make your way forward through time through Liberty square does is when you pass through frontier land, there are a number of, sort of not so hidden markers that help you.

Not only. Not only determined the progression of time, but the growth of the United States from east to west Becky, you looked so fascinated. If you actually listen to the audio tours, this would all have been, you would have known this already. I held this, nevermind. I just I'm exasperate sits

[00:32:26] Beci Mahnken: on, on the coaster.

I said, wow.

[00:32:31] Lou Mongello: Now span traveling and you are right. Uh, if you look at the shutters, you will notice that one of the, one of the things I love specifically about Liberty square, which I think is sort of the overlooked land in magic kingdom is the attention to detail. I learned so much about real American history by researching.

The Liberty square audio tour. And you're right. The design, the material that's used to fashion hinges on the shutters, including the ones that are sort of hanging off to the side. Why are they hanging off? Why are they hanging like that? I have, because you know that in colonial times, The colonists were preparing for the American revolution they needed to, there was a shortage of, of metal.

They literally had to take the metal hinges, knelt them down into musket balls and use leather straps and belts to hang the shutter over time. They started to sort of stretch and hang, which is why the shutters hanging that way. Again, this is you can find them on Spotify. You can find them on apple music.

You can also find my dot com. The audio tours. There are a treasure trove of information and Walt Disney world history. Thank you so much, Becky, for that ringing. And they're just, they're just tempting.

[00:33:39] Beci Mahnken: What's kind of awesome. Is it, you know, when you're, when you feel guilty about taking your kids out of school, you March him right down Liberty square to, I need some notice

[00:33:47] Lou Mongello: that Becky says you marched your kids down.

I just, you know, I'm, I'm so happy that I am the one who registered the domain name, domain name, Becky, somebody, please design a Becky's babysitting service. T-shirt I will put it up on a T public.

And Becky period, no exclamation point. You're going to like this one. Okay. Because there were three words that stuck out to me. That's making me read it. I know it's two tone. Tone is one word. Wow. I want to visit all the Disney parks worldwide. And I want to know if the language barrier is an issue or if it affects the attraction experience while riding I'm laughing.

Okay. Hearing the story of my head. Also, if you and your Becky had to choose what would be your most favorite attractions, most favorite attraction among all the parks worldwide, or if you prefer your favorite ride at each park across the world. Thank you. I love the show. Been a listener since 2015. Can't wait for the meat of the month.

Thank you for all the history, detailed secrets and stories you share, and I'd love to share them with others. And that's Anthony Anthony man, I dig this question because I have strong feelings about the Disney parks worldwide, first things first, the entire show it could be, and it has been I'll go back and listen to our shows where we reviewed Hong Kong Disneyland, as well as both.

Shanghai. Right. So the quick answer is, uh, this may come as a shock to you. I do not speak Mandarin Cantonese or Japanese. I would love, I would love to speak Japanese ramen noodles, all your emails, go to becky@mei-travel.com. So I don't. Wow. Here's like a bad Dodger. I know some Japanese words, karate, whatever the language barrier is not, especially in.

Uh, brilliant. We didn't really find it anywhere because especially in places like Japan, many cast members speak English or will do their best to understand you. We sort of, you develop this sort of international sign language. I'm just pointing. I want to eat this. This is the thing I want to eat. Um, different, different, like I think, I think Hong Kong, there were probably more people that spoke English, um, than maybe we found in Shanghai.

But most of the signs and menus have English as well. So you're able to make it through without having to any, uh, any sort of knowledge of the language itself.

[00:36:19] Beci Mahnken: At first I've thought before we left that we would have, it would be more difficult in China than it would be in Japan. And I found it reverse.

Cause remember when we checked into the hotel for the very first. Nobody at the hotel spoke English, but the great news is when you do book a hotel, you can get somebody that picks you up from the airport and takes you to the hotel. And they will speak both languages and help you check in, which is what we needed at the time.

But you're right. Uh, the signage is pretty much in English and other languages. And one of the questions he asked too was if we found it difficult with all the different languages in it, I found it really entertaining actually. And. Formative and educational to listen to the different languages. And there were some rides that we went on and there was no English to be found, but it didn't really, um, spoil the experience.

I thought that it really was kind of cool because it told the story itself

[00:37:15] Lou Mongello: visually. So I'm thinking of Sinbad and Disney sea, which may be one of, and we'll get to the second part. It may be one of the most Disney. Beautiful. I think it's, this is a separate conversation and I'm going to throw this out the song, maybe my favorite Disney parks song, period, anywhere.

That's a big

[00:37:37] Beci Mahnken: statement. It was very

[00:37:38] Lou Mongello: cool. If you listen and you can find it on the aforementioned interwebs, you find Alan. Singing compass of your heart in English to D 23 D in Japan. If you don't cry, don't call me again. It is gorgeous. It is gorgeous. I love, love, love that song. That being said, when you asked me the overall best attraction, any park, anywhere around the world.

You can make an argument for Shanghai pirates, but mystic manner, mystic Manor, mystic matter.

[00:38:15] Beci Mahnken: And those would be the two that I would select, but I got to go with pirates. Um, Mr. Sanders close second. Very close second. But I, well, mystic Manor had me in awe because the trackless system was the first time I've ever written a trackless system before.

And the story was very cool. Pirates had me in awe. My chin was on the ground and I couldn't believe the visuals around me. And. I think I'd have

[00:38:40] Lou Mongello: from a tech, an overall technological wow. Moment perspective, no Shanghai pirates wins, but I think the, the attraction that ticks every single box is mystic matter from story SCA, original IP, with the characters, the music.

The visuals, the effect. There's a wow factor. There's a fun factor. It, it is. It's the perfect attraction.

[00:39:11] Beci Mahnken: It is pretty good. It is pretty good. And yeah, I can see the

[00:39:16] Lou Mongello: song and the song. And again, you don't need to know the. To understand exactly what's going on in mystic map. This is

[00:39:22] Beci Mahnken: true. But then again, right, my number three though, I can't believe I'm going to say this and you will totally believe that.

I would say this it's still the Marvel walkthrough in Hong Kong. It really is. And I don't know if it's still there or not, but that really is one of the ones that stood out to me. And by the way, we did it in English one time and in Mandarin, another time, which the vendors battling in Mandarin is a whole nother situation, but that was probably my third.

And if you're talking Paris, which you haven't been yet, Believe it or not, I've only

[00:39:54] Lou Mongello: somebody would take me to Paris. I'll take, I will take you to the Tooley canteen. When you take me to Paris. I don't think it's completely fair.

[00:40:02] Beci Mahnken: We were, we were almost there. We were on, we were so close, but we'll, we'll put that back on there.

We can add that to list. We've have a list today. So we'll have that back to the list we do as about 20, 27. Here we come. Um, I, I love haunted mansion. And it's because it is not what you expect whatsoever because it's a Western theme, haunted mansion, and it takes you a little off guard. And, uh, from the haunted mansion that, you know, when love, it's a whole different type of story, it really is a unique experience.

[00:40:38] Lou Mongello: And I think that's part of the reason going back to something we talked about before. It's why I love the fact that all of the parks worldwide are unique and there are attractions that are unique to each. I love mystic matter. Shanghai pirates. I love shocker. I love web singers. Do I want them all to come to Walt Disney world?

No, because I want to have a reason to go. And I love like following the Disney parks blog and seeing like updates to some of the attractions and the look, I think that mystic point in Hong Kong Disney land, maybe the, one of the overall best cohesive the national. The cohesive storytelling that winds its way through that entire land in every single element from the shops to the restaurants, to the decor outside is, is absolutely remarkable.

And if you go back and listen to my interview with Joel and Cicero, we talked a lot about, uh, Hong Kong. I have to get him back on. I have a lot more questions about mystic matter. But I do think that mystic point and Mr. And I just love even the building, like just the, the exterior detail. Um, and, and the architecture of that building is unlike anything anywhere because it pirates.

I'll sort of, I'm gonna, I'm gonna back up my argument pirates inside the attraction. Outside of it's relatively a black box, which, you know, I mean, it's, it's themed a little bit, but I think, I think the overall,

[00:42:13] Beci Mahnken: yeah. And you know, the other one that comes to mind that I always remember, no matter what the Pooh ride, remember when everybody said you've got to go on poo and we're like, what of all the things you've got to do?

You've got to go on the Pooh ride and we didn't understand why. Necessary. But when you get on the Pooh ride, you've got to go on the Pooh ride and you can't really explain it to people. It is just so different and unique and surprising.

[00:42:38] Lou Mongello: Well, it's the ride system to the right system there. You know, we've seen the trackless ride system in, in runaway railway and some other attractions, but the ride system for the, the.

And listen to, and I share a lot in common. We, we we're short, fat and proud of that. We have a lot of the same things going on, but it's

[00:42:56] Beci Mahnken: one of the reasons you did grab a Pooh bear and like tugged him uncomfortably for at least 20 minutes. Yeah.

[00:43:02] Lou Mongello: We laughed and we giggled and we smiled and it's reason why we needed to go.

I'm giving you a look. We need to go back to Tokyo as we've been, we've been scheming and planning for the next couple of years in terms of events. And, uh, Japan is going to have to be back on that list, uh, at some point in the future. But I think this is a great point to end because I want to ask you our friend, who's been sitting with us.

What do you think? And you can define this, however you like, what is to enter the question, the overall best attraction worldwide. And I know maybe you haven't been to every parks, you can sort of speak to the attractions you've been to, but I want you to also make your argument and defend your position as to what you think the best attraction is.

Why? So I'll post this question in the clubhouse. That's the discussion. That's our group over on Facebook at WW radio.com/clubhouse. But more importantly, I'd love for you to call the voicemail. I will play it on the air. Tell me your favorite attraction worldwide and why it's. Nine hundred and nine three nine one that's 4 0 7, 900 WDW one.

We'll also talk about it on our next www live show this coming Wednesday at seven 30. We'll we'll talk about, uh, our favorite attractions worldwide. And did you know Becky man? Did you know that not only can we talk about these attraction worldwide, but you can go and visit them by contacting your MEI mouse van travel agent for all.

Cause you are the magic as we come full circle, bring

[00:44:33] Beci Mahnken: the magic. We always bring, no,

[00:44:35] Lou Mongello: I'm going to forever say you are the magic because there's a little bit of a backstory, a little bit of zing in there too. Well, yeah, it's an affectionate. Well, thank you. Are you are the man. You are the magic and it's true.

Like, especially traveling overseas. And I'm not saying this because you're here. I would never do it without the assistance. The assurance and insurance of having a travel.

[00:44:56] Beci Mahnken: Yeah, yeah, absolutely. Especially right now, because protocols are changing. Test requirements are changing risks about travel, especially overseas right now are changing and they are changing on a daily basis.

So we do have access to tools that we can plug in where you're going, and it will tell us exactly what to expect for any of your destination. So anytime. There's no time, like right now to have an advocate for you and to have somebody holding your back, what are you doing? You little look at that. Look on your face when you're traveling right now.

So yes, my team is available to help you for any travel anywhere, not just Disney destinations, all cruise lines, all destinations and yeah, the world is open. You just have to make good choices and you need to be prepared with your plans. A, B, C, and D. When you travel right now.

[00:45:45] Lou Mongello: All right, Becky, leaving your Oso, super secret, special gloves out of the equation.

If you could eat at any one location around the world, in any Disney park, where do you go? Oh my gosh,

[00:45:56] Beci Mahnken: anywhere around the world.

[00:45:59] Lou Mongello: I said not club 33.

[00:46:02] Beci Mahnken: I'm thinking, you're saying high club 33, but that's okay. Um, that was, come on. That was a good, it

[00:46:07] Lou Mongello: was you're Becky. You're missing the point of the question.

Listen, outro music is playing right now.

[00:46:14] Beci Mahnken: Um, any w you know what, I would take that makeup dinner at the place that you love. And in Japan, Japan here at NASCAR

[00:46:27] Lou Mongello: makeup dinner, yes. The one that you missed, where it was, um, Becky, let it go. Let it go. I think I was like sick or like rescuing a kitten or something like that.

The night that I could go, it opens up. We're going back there. Actually the Explorer's restaurant in Hong Kong, it just changed. Did you see the Disney parks blog? It just recently changed, like, it's sort of like a semi buffet style, but I would actually go remember how good the menu was there. And it was sort of this hybrid.

Counter service and the different themed rooms has almost a little bit of like an adventurous clubby type vibe.

[00:47:03] Beci Mahnken: What about the place in Tokyo? The volcano,

[00:47:06] Lou Mongello: the bug we eat there 17 times now. That was so good. That's where I would go back there right now. And Becky saying that, and it's a counter service

[00:47:13] Beci Mahnken: restaurant.

Exactly. All that, but all the choices. Remember you walk through and you choose

[00:47:17] Lou Mongello: all the stuff. It was sort of like. And I kept, we were going to say this words were pecking, man, but it was almost sort of like cafeteria style because you, it was like being imagined like the coolest lunch room in the world.

Cause you went and he told them what you want and they sort of plated it for you and then, and then gave it to you. And then you brought it back to, and the news, if you sit outside. And the miraculously themed restaurant, and you've got the, um, the mountain erupting and the 20,000 leaks subs and then journey to the center of the earth train going by

[00:47:48] Beci Mahnken: it's fun.

And the food was so good and the company was fantastic obviously, but the, it was really just sit there and all of a sudden you feel your table shake. And

[00:47:57] Lou Mongello: all of a sudden that was me that had nothing to do with the website. Sorry, Baltimore

[00:48:00] Beci Mahnken: food. I need more food. The volcano would go off and it just is it's the perfect combination of sights and smells and tastes.

[00:48:09] Lou Mongello: great to quote Jack from the all time, best show ever on television. I'll never let go Jack... Jack, Jack! There's enough room on the door. You could both fit martyr from Jack, from lost. We have to go back. We have to go back. Becky's never seen lost. Um, look across the water, the boat houses right there.

Stop with the fuzzy Taun Tauns... you're making it weird.

The first step is admitting you have a problem.

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