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Did You Know… That there were plans to build a pyramid in EPCOT?

Not in World Showcase… but in Future World!

Well… sort of.

The planned 1996 replacement for EPCOT’s Horizons after it closed in Dec. 1994 was this updated pyramid (and Armillary Sphere!).

The existing show building would remain, but the sloping roofs would be extended down to form the shape of a pyramid! The attraction would have been updated to reflect a new focus on space (which is how and why Mission: Space eventually came to be in this location) #Aliens

Of course, this never happened, and after a brief reopening of the closed pavilion (because there were hardly any open attractions on that side of Future World), Horizons permanently closed and was sadly demolished.

The unique, charming, and wonderful attraction that bore the handprints of Disney Legends such as Marty Sklar, George McGinnis, Claude Coates, John Hench and George Wilkins that was a vision and symbol of hope and optimism may be gone, but is not forgotten.

“Horizons is the type of pavilion that I think Walt had in mind when he visualized EPCOT.” – Marty Sklar

If we can dream it, we can do it.

Did you ever ride Horizons?