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WDW Radio # 684 – Top Ten All-American Foods in Walt Disney World

This week, we’ll continue our patriotic journey through the parks with our list of the Top Ten All-American Foods in Walt Disney World. From individual items to specific locations, we’ll look at some of the delicious ways you can literally get a “taste of America” in the parks and resorts.

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Thanks to Tim Foster from Celebrations Magazine for joining me this week.

What is your favorite All-American food or location in Walt Disney World?

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Lou Mongello: [00:00:00]Last week, we looked at some of the many ways the Disney parks, not just in America, but around the world have celebrated the United States in attractions shows pavilions and complete lands. But what we didn't discuss is one of the most important aspects of our great nation, because in many ways, Food built America and the many dev diverse cultures, backgrounds and flavors made us Americans a new culinary celebration rooted in all races.

That's my really bad Benjamin Franklin interpretation of the beginning of the American adventure. And so as I have jokingly, I'm so sorry, Ben. As I alluded to on last week's show, the 10 ways that Disney parks have celebrated America. This week, we're gonna go and look at the top 10, all American foods in Walt Disney world.

And joining me once again is a man like Walt who loves America. And like Walt has a pretty plain palette and doesn't stray much from the basics. Even Walt's chili might be a stretch form, but he is Tim. Meat and potatoes foster from celebrations, magazine, and guide to the magic.com. I,

Tim Foster: I have so much to unpack there with what you just said.

I mean, some of my entries might surprise you with my gentle palette accusation. You threw at me. Second of all, Benjamin Franklin would be very proud of you. That was well done. Third of all, I'm most excited about this list, cuz I think if nothing else it's gonna add at least five or six more places you will take me to, to eat at Walt

Lou Mongello: Disney world.

I agree. And that has me. Yes. I'm giddy with excitement for so many reasons because it's combined all the things I love America food, top tens and Tim foster.

Tim Foster: Clearly not [00:02:00] in that order either.

Lou Mongello: Well, it's again, the list is, is, is very Mallory . But look, I I've been saying for years that that Walt Disney world is so much more than hot dogs and burgers, and really can take you on a culinary adventure.

But it has all American foods, like hot dogs and burgers, and so many more meats and sweets and treats that really are like the staples of the American menu. And I'm gonna be very curious to sort of go down this list with you because for me. There were some of the very easy ones, but I also remembered that America is a melting pot, literally and figuratively, like a giant fondue pot of cultures and flavors and tastes.

And, uh, look, I, I think. You know, just from a, a, a grander view at the outset, Tim, you know, going to America, I'm sorry. Going to Amer, going to Walt Disney, going to America, coming to America in America, three, right. Going to Walt Disney world is for many Americans. Like it it's sort of like an American right.

Of passage. Yeah.

That's tri thank you. Thank you for that defense right. Get right. This is gonna be so interesting. Strap in, um, get, give me your, the first item on your list of top 10, all American foods in Walt Disney world.

Tim Foster: All right. I was struggling what to pick? Do I pick the obvious one? Let's get it out of the way or one that I have.

I hope you don't take. I'm gonna go for the obvious out of the way. And I got a little scared when you said hotdogs and hamburgers, cuz I thought you were gonna dismiss that whole category. It's so obvious. We don't need to talk about it, but I mean, let's talk about hotdogs. I'm gonna start right there.

That was the first thing that immediately popped to mind. When you said this and of course Casey's corner it's, it's not, we, we all know Casey's corner. We all know hot dogs and it's not just. The all American hot dog and yes, I [00:04:00] go for waltz, chili, cheese, all beef foot long. That's me. I do, I do do that, but the whole Casey's corner, uh, themeing and the main street and the baseball and everything.

I remember when the, the bleachers were there when the pinball machine was there. Yeah. Um, great, uh, uh, great, uh, little thing. I always love to point out and share to P or share with people, but, um, So much fun. So yeah, uh, just everything about it, not just the food, but the DEC core and the themeing and it being on main street, just screams America.

And, um, I'm sure you have a lot to add about hot tubs and the offerings and so forth. I, I did wanna throw in there. This isn't a 4th of July thing necessarily, but when, uh, we talk about hotdogs in this family, we talk about something we got at Casey's corner. But it was at the, uh, villains after hours night, which was more of a Halloween vibe than a 4th of July, but we got it to Casey and I would be remiss if they did not mention the Hades hotdog.

And I don't know if I've talked about it on this show and I don't know if you Luman, Angelo have had a had hotdog.

Lou Mongello: I don't think I have.

Tim Foster: Oh, wow. Let, let me paint a picture for you. So it's, it's the hot dog. And again, say Casey's um, has Buffalo chicken on the. DED celery, spicy ranch. And fight a fiery cheese dust as they describe it.

But best of all, it's in a black bun, not a black end bun, not a toaster bun, a black, honest to goodness bun. And, um, it was, it was actually a treat. We, my daughter was aware of it when we went to the villains after hours, we weren't quite sure where it was. We spent half the evening, uh, Uh, tracking this item down, found it, and it was fantastic.

So like I said, when we talk about getting a hot dog Disney in our family, we actually end up talking about the Haitis hot dog, but Hey Casey's is where we go for hot dogs. I know there's so many other places you can go to get them in Disney and I figure you've got. [00:06:00] Stuff to say on this topic. So

Lou Mongello: very little other than great mind, really dude think, oh, look, Casey's was very, very high on my list because it is, it is the it's, it's everything, America, it's baseball and hot dogs and Coca-Cola and Walt Disney, I think, you know, refreshment corner in Disneyland.

I I'd love hotdo dogs. Like I, I do just sort of, and, and. You know, sort of just that plain all beef foot, long hotdog, but what I've always loved about Casey's and it's changed and sort of it went away and came back a little bit. I I've always loved the toppings bar and that fake disc cheese that we know and love so very much.

And actually here's the play. You take some of that fake Disney cheese and you dip in some of those corn dog nuggets in there. Oh yeah. That's that is the way to do it. I'm liken it. Yeah. I'm liking it. And you know, like many places in Disney, I wanna make sure we mention too. There are plant-based, uh, slaw dogs and plant-based hot dogs in there too.

So there is now a little something for everyone, but it is it's, it's a great first entry because it is really Tim that sort of all American location, as well as all American food item. Take me out to the ball game I did. Oh yeah. Um, I'm going first on my list. Would've been first on my list, even more so based on this past week, because on June 23rd, just a few days ago as the day we are recording us, uh, I was fortunate enough to attend the grand very grand on so many levels reopening.

Of an Amer truly, not just a Walt Disney world, but an American institution. One of, if not, the longest running dinner shows in America. The hoop de do musical re review. Oh, this almost too should be not just the American, but the Walt Disney world, right. Of [00:08:00] passage. Because everything about this screams America from the food, with the cornbread and the pork ribs and the fried chicken and Mac and cheese and mashed potatoes and ma famous strawberry shortcake.

Like it is, it is, it is the quintessential sort of American backyard barbecue. And we won't get too far into the details of the show itself, but it is like the hoop de two is sort of all things, you know, a America, um, from the red and white checker napkins to the wonderfully. Cheesy entertainment and how it is something that the family like Walt wanted, could enjoy together.

It hasn't really changed much in almost 50 years. And there's a reason for that, Tim, like, because the classics like this still continue. To speak to people. It still continues to entertain people and maybe, you know, the apple pie is now strawberry shortcake and you know, maybe a song might have changed, but for all intents and purposes, that script, that show that menu has remained a favorite for five decades.


Tim Foster: now, admittedly, next time I come down, you need to take me there. It's been forever since I've been there, actually. So now you're painting a picture and I need to go and I'm all in for strawberry shortcake. That's fine

Lou Mongello: with me. And the food is delicious. I would put that front chicken. Up against some of the best fried chicken.

And for some people, it is the best fried chicken and everything's sort of it's family style and brought out in these big cast iron. These used to be buckets. Now it's cast iron skillets. They have an entirely new allergy friendly platter, which is vegan and gluten free with Jack fruit. And the green beans are delicious by the way, I had to try 'em and cauliflower and potatoes.

And you ate your [00:10:00] veggies. Good for you. I ate, I always eat my veggie. Um, and we'll get to the importance of eating veggies on a future entry on my list as well. But hopefully, and actually we have been planning to do. A WW R O night at the hoop to do review. Um, we actually had a date in mind and the response was so great.

How great was it? It was so great. Um, they couldn't accommodate us. So stay tuned. We were to do a www Rio night at the hoop to do later on this year. And hopefully, maybe we'll even get Timmy foster to come down and join us. Yeah. Oh

Tim Foster: yeah. That would be swell. We'll share. Well, you know what, next to my, I was hoping for the next one on my list, I was gambling.

You weren't gonna take it. And, and you didn't, but it is , it's, it's kind of on the same thing of a place. It's, it's just as much about the food as it is about the themeing and the, and the, the, the, the vibe of the place. And, um, maybe this wasn't I thought of right away, but as soon as I recalled, I don't want, of course we have to put this on the list, and this is over.

At Hollywood studios in the fifties, proud fifties prime time cafe. And I see I was gambling cause I figured you might snag this one early. So let me, let me get this one in and. I mean, of course the whole place is, you know, it's retro America, the fifties to sixties, you're sitting at those, the four Micah tables.

I remember like at my grandma's house and, uh, watching the old TVs and, uh, yeah. And actually last time we were there, cuz I only got a, I, I don't, if I should admit this out loud, I had a salad. That's all I

Lou Mongello: got. Wait, wait, wait. And I got.

Tim Foster: Well, cuz I know, I mean,

Lou Mongello: there's so much I'm but you about, I'm gonna judge just a little bit.


Tim Foster: I mean, there's so much to choose from. As you know, speaking of fried chicken, they have fried chicken and uh, meatloaf and pot [00:12:00] roast. And my thing was if I, this was lunch. And I'm at the point in my life where I know if I eat this, I, I, I want cousin Megan's traditional meatloaf. I want aunt Liz's golden fried chicken.

Mom's old fashioned pot roast. I would love this. If I ate it though, I would be a slug the rest of the day for forget, I forget rock and roller coaster. I even star tours is out of the question at this point. And I, I am at that point in my life. So I did play it a little. Conservative with the salad, but, but nothing will ever stop me from getting, I mean, all those menu items are wonderful and so America, and especially how they're named and I mean, the portions are huge.

That's part of the problem for me. Um, But I, I cannot leave the prime time cafe without indulging and whether there's other great American traditions, the milkshake, and by far, and I think I, to me, this is one of the best desserts in all of all Disney world, the peanut butter and jelly milkshake. First time I had it, my niece, my niece, literally.

Buckled outside as I was walking around, someone had to hold me up. It, it was, it was so good. But, um, but again, it's, it's more like you were talking about with hoop. Do, do review it's it's not just the food, it's the whole themeing and the vibe and get your elbows off the table. I will tell you Lou though, when we ate there, I put my elbows on the table so many times throughout my meal, cuz I wanted to get yelled at, but either I have a nice face where they were distracted.

It's it must be the, the ladder cuz I didn't get yelled at. I was, I was mildly disappointed but I tried my best to misbehave, but I didn't get yelled at. So,

Lou Mongello: you know, it sounds like dining with Tim foster is such a unique experience because of, of such visceral and outward reactions that you have to things.

Primetime cafe. Absolutely super high on my list, because [00:14:00] again, the menu is that comfort food, the chicken and the pot roast and the meatloaf and other favorites from our childhood. And, and it's called comfort food for a reason. And that's what. Fifties primetime cafe for me, Tim, it was almost more about the place than it was the menu itself.

Mm-hmm because it is that slice of Americana and day's gone by, and you know, that I am very much a nostalgic and that. You know, mid fifties, home that from, you know, look when you first walk in, you're sort of in dad's den that sort of waiting area there with the TVs and all this stuff and that the, the decor of the cookie jar and the teapots and those weird ceramic figurines that your grandmother had all of the, her house.

To dad's basement bar. Right? Sort of like dad's liquor cabinet to mom's kitchen. You mentioned the for Micah tables and the TVs with, I love Lucy and father knows best. Yeah. And Mickey mouse club. The environment and the atmosphere here is really almost why you go, like, I love, I love getting the, um, like the sampler platter and then, but other things like deviled eggs, like, you know, deviled eggs is, is one of the things on the appetizer menu that you get, because it reminds you of those nostalgic times at home.

I love the fact that it's also. Akin to hoop you do is almost theater as much it as it is just a dining experience because minding your manners and having your cousins, serving you, and even the way that you're called to your table and the costumes that they wear, it is very much a performance. They are cast members.

As much, if not more so than servers and S and, and hosts, et cetera, because of the show that is put on there. And I think all those things combined is why this is such a wonderful, [00:16:00] welcome, and yeah. Comforting slice of Americana.

Tim Foster: I feel better. See, I have my elbows on the desk right now and I feel good if better, if you, you yelled at me to get my elbows off the

Lou Mongello: table, I, you know what I think, I don't know that I've ever done nothing.

I don't know that I've ever done a live I'm thinking. I don't think I've ever done a live dining review of fifties prime time. Oh, if only there was somebody, anybody who would come and review, uh, whatever. I'm sure I can find somebody. Hmm.

Tim Foster: Well, makes your. Try your best to get yelled at though. Cause

Lou Mongello: that's that's it's right.

Listen much like being at my grandmother's house, it was easy to get yelled at. Um, yeah, I'm going to go slightly off because I want to sort of mix things up a little bit, but also call attention to. Possibly an area. Not only that you may never not have thought about, but you may have necessarily been consciously aware of what it is and why it is there.

It is not about the items on the menu then it necessarily is. And yes, the items on the menu are, are very patriotic because it's same thing. It's burgers, it's hot dogs. It's fried chicken nuggets, but I want you to come with me. To Rosie's all American cafe. And it's, again, it's not because of the menu.

It's because of where you are. So Rosie's is part of the sunset ranch market over near tower of terror on sunset Boulevard. And I love this area because if you, it sort of hearkens back to that, that world war II time period, the victory effort that was made. Here in America and, and Rosie the ROR. But if you look carefully, you'll see Rosie's victory garden.

So to the right rear [00:18:00] of the building is this garden. You probably have walked by, but never necessarily had noticed. And during the, during wartime people would plant their own victory gardens, which. In which it would plant their own fruits and vegetables and herbs to help free up supplies so that more of these items would be available to be sent to troops.

It's estimated that like 20 million Americans had victory gardens during world war II and produced almost 40% of all the vegetables produced in the country. And I love that because there's a piece of. Important American history grounded. In reality, here, there's an educational opportunity. It fits into this area, this time period of the, you know, the thirties and the forties and the fifties, et cetera.

And, and even looking at some of the things that are grown there. Rosie's uses the produce for some of the food that is used in the restaurant. You'll see that there's, um, like peppers and beans and, and cabbage and, and whatnot. And that that are rotated through throughout the different times of the year.

You could also see there's a scarecrow dressed as an airman. There's like a wind spinner, like, um, uh, dressed like, uh, uncle Sam. There's a weather van made to look like a battleship. Yes, the food is fine. Again, the hot dogs and the cheeseburgers and, and all that stuff, but it really is about the American history.

The story that's being told there of a very important, very patriotic time in American history. I. You

Tim Foster: know, one, what, one of the things that I love the most about Disney and you Luman John, is there's never, you can never know everything. You're always learning something new. I didn't know about all of what you just said.

And that [00:20:00] is so cool. And I'm gonna, well, next time, next time I go, I got checked

Lou Mongello: in out. I wasn't aware I had a, when you go to the pickup counter and even like to the, the common session. Yeah. There's a ton of, of authentic period memorabilia up on the walls. Um, uh, embedded into the counter stuff too. I mean, there's a, there really is a treasure trove of little, again, authentic, um, pieces of America Americana.

And I was

Tim Foster: just there. I had a that's where you get hot dogs, right? This particular one, you can get hot dogs. No. Well, of the many stands there. Cause I wasn't sure I ended up actually

Lou Mongello: yeah. Hot dogs. No, I was there. Hot dogs, cheeseburgers, all that. I think even I got one, have a plant based lobster role, like a plant based main lobster.

There you go. There it's I think it's made a hearts of Palm.

Tim Foster: There you go. Well, I mean, I went for chili, cheese hotdog or whatever during Christmas and I just at night and I was watching a tower tear in my little corner, but I was unaware of all of this other stuff we talked about. So fit. Oh, I know where I'm going to at least learn some history.

Let's see for my next one. Well, Hey mine. Next one. So this is a place we actually. We pretty much go here. Every time we go to Walt Disney world, it's, I'm heading out to the resorts. Now we're getting outta the parks for a little bit. Um, I, you know, it's hard for me to say which resort is my favorite, but absolutely at the top of the list to be considered is the wilderness lodge.

And not a trip goes by when we don't make it a point to go to the whispering canyon. Mm-hmm for lunch. So, and again, it's not just the food, it's the experience. And I have gotten yelled at there many, a time and, uh, We've done. We've done all the things like, uh, my daughter asked for ketchup. Once we ended up with 12 bottles of ketchup, I asked for the large iced tea and got a whole Mason jar of iced tea, all of [00:22:00] that stuff.

But, but you know, at the end of the day, it kind of is about the food and we've gotten all kinds of stuff, but of course the signature. Dish at, at whisper canyon are the skillets. And I, I did, we've had 'em a few times. I still can't get over. They call one the pig, which is fantastic, I think, but I, you know, if you're not familiar with these skillets, it's just, it's literally skillet, but it's just.

It's overflowing with all kinds of, uh, Americana, good food, uh, ribs and, uh, beef brisket pulled pork, chicken, uh, potatoes, veggies. You got your buttered corn and green beans, but, um, There, there is landed C one with salmon and chicken and sausage muffin. But, but these are so, I mean, it's just something you share with everybody.

It's such an Americana thing. Um, there's so much there talking about, I can't list all the foods that are in there, but, um, um, yeah, it's, it's. It's a good time. I was gonna say something else about the whispering canyon, how they yelled at me. Oh, I remember what I was gonna say. Sounds like it sounds like you get

Lou Mongello: a lot.

I remember during your meals.

Tim Foster: No, I remember. Well, the whispering canyon is fun cuz they kind yelled to do anything. They just yell at you on purpose. I don't know if they do this anymore. I found, I did find years ago. One fantastic way to get yelled at was to in, in all instance, ask your server. Do you know how to get to universal studios?

Oh, you will get yelled at, you deserve to, you deserve it, which, and you deserve it, which is great. I think we actually did that once just for the reaction, but, uh, I do remember once, uh, who was I with? I can't remember. I had to stand up in front of everybody and act out I'm a little teapot. Well, Uh,

Lou Mongello: well, if you were at fifties prime time, then something's wrong, cuz that's probably the only place that that should happen.

So if you're singing, I'm a little [00:24:00] teapot at, you know, Yaman steakhouse, then, then something is, is Amis.

Tim Foster: No, it's a whispering canyon. I did this. You don't remember this, do you? Because it was

Lou Mongello: you, you know, Tim, there's a lot of experiences we've had together that I've really don't remember that one walk out of my mind.

Tim Foster: No, you and I, and I think there's there's video. We had to sing I'm a little te no, we haven't sing. We had acted out. I think we

were joined by other dads in the audience, but, uh, I, I will never forget the experience. Clearly it made no impression on you, but that's, that's okay. I'm not hurt.

Lou Mongello: again. I'd like to thank my therapist. Um, I'm going, I'm going to piggyback on yours and then the interest of time I'm gonna double up and I'm gonna double down because they all are sort of connected when you said.

Wilderness lodge. And look, obviously I agree with you a thousand percent because that sort of cowboy Americana and the skillet, et cetera, for whispering canyon belongs on my list, but I don't have it on my list. Per se. What I do have in terms of wilderness lodge is a, is a, is a two from I'm gonna combine these two.

When I thought of wilderness lodge, the first thing that I put on my list. Was not a place, but an a men, a specific menu item. It's at Geer 0.1 of my favorite places in Wal Disney world. Ooh. And it's a burger, but it's the bison burger now. Calm your face. Cause I can hear it from here. What this bison burger.

Is served with bacon sweet, crispy onion straws, this Marion Berry sauce and a garlic aioli. I think it's $19 somewhere around there. Little Timmy foster, is this the best burger in all of Walt [00:26:00] Disney world?

Tim Foster: You know, I knew this question was

Lou Mongello: gonna come up, right? He says this and pauses for dramatic effect.

We'll see for my, when I do the top 10 burgers in Walt Disneyworld, but I will tell you, wait, that's up there because it is, you would never, if, if you weren't told it's bison, you almost wouldn't know because it's not gamey at all, but it's incredibly juicy and salty and garlicy, and believe it or not, Timmy foster in the interest of wanting to hopefully bison.

Is actually a healthier alternative to beef because it's lower in fat. It's lower in calories. It's full of micronutrients and minerals, and it's a much leaner burger than beef. And. You can actually get this both in sort of the sit down lounge area, as well as from the quick service. So you've got this sort of cross between counter service and sit down, you can get, get it at both, but the B the bison burger.

Absolutely. Without question falls on the list, because bison two sort of this very sort of American American animal, well, that's an American animal to be sure. And forgive me if I'm taking yours, but it might even be able to, to segue into, uh, you cannot, you cannot like de facto have a conversation about all American foods without, including the singular definitive, all American dessert, which is apple pie.

It is again, that. Comfort true slice of home. I've actually done the research, Tim, supposedly according to the American pie council, one out of five Americans, name it as their favorite and [00:28:00] over at the whispering canyon cafe of which you just may mention. They have a granny Smith, apple pie. It's big and it's flaky.

And it's served by the slice olive mode, obviously. And it's layered with these tart and sweet granny Smith apples, and has almost like this flaky cakey top crust, which is. Delicious and offers so many different sort of textures when you, it is fantastic. And because of the list, it is truly the all American dessert

Tim Foster: that I've had.

And totally agree. I'm with you on that one. And if, uh, your discussion of, of the burger, if that was an invitation that you're gonna take me to go have one I'm all in it is always, I don't know if that's what you meant,

Lou Mongello: but I'm going, we invited to me.

Tim Foster: oh, let's see. I ha so our next one it's this is actually on my list for sort of another reason, but this is also home to, when you talk about what's your favorite burger, isn't the best burger.

I'm not gonna like claim that this is the best burger in all, all about Disney world, but it's one of my favorites. And I don't even know if this would even crack your list, cuz it's kind of an out there one, but this is over. The Accenture on my list is the grand Floridian cafe and the burger entry.

Although I have a better reason why this is on the list, but the burger entry, it's one of my favorite things. I seem to always find myself getting this is the lobster Thermidor burger. Hmm. Which, you know, I, when you're talking, uh, picnics and barbecues and fireworks and hamburgers and hot dogs and baseball in the field, I'm not sure lobster Thermador burger is something you're [00:30:00] putting in the picnic basket necessarily, but.

It is. Oh, so good. It's literally, it's a lobster tail or lobster. These days used to be a whole lobster tail, but you know, on the burger with, um, Thermidor sauce and it's, it's so good again, I don't know if that cracks your top 10 of burgers in the park, but that's one of my favorites, but the actual reason I have the grand Floridian cafe on my list is one of the other entries that I get quite frequently.

And to me, this says Americana stamped all over it. And that's the shrimp and grits, which, uh, at the grant at the grand Floridian cafe, it's jumbo ship with chorizo and fennel served on, uh, cheese grits, and the fun thing about cheese grits, one they're awesome. And they're oh, so good. And they do fill you up.

Um, I didn't know if I was gonna cheat and go for two for one on this century, but this dish is served in a few other restaurants, but with slightly different variations on it. Um, but you know what? You did a two for one, I'm gonna go two for one . So the other place you can get this. And I just had this on the last trip, not a place you might think of to go get this kind of dish, but it was over at the coral reef at Epcot, which also has this trip in.

Shrimp and grits entree. Um, this time it's cheddar grits with the corn Sach, Andy sausage and Creole spice motion. Oh, so good. And yeah, it's shrimp. So that's close enough for seafood. So I didn't violate the, uh, the, uh, go to coral reef and you got chicken or something, you know, which seems to be, seems to be, uh, against the rules, I think, but you can do it anyway.

So, um, but both of these PLA both of those dishes, So filling, but so full, so Hardy and, um, you know, and these aren't the only two places you can get it, but those are two of my favorites. And, uh, you know, for like you mentioned, apple pie, whispering canyon [00:32:00] desserts, the plenty key lime, uh, tart key lime pie.

To me, that's, that's the Florida keys that screams fun America refreshing stuff. That's one of my favorite. Key lime, um, delight is to be found at the coral reef with the key lime tart, which is, uh, it's, fun to eat, but also beautiful to look at, but eat it anyway. Cause it's. So, and you and I shared a lobster, uh, not, not one, but a pair of lobster, Thermador burgers once at the cafe.

I don't know if you remember that. I'm curious if you, do, you seem to

Lou Mongello: forget so much of I do, and I thank you for clarifying how we exactly shared the burger. Not

Tim Foster: yeah, not the same one. Yeah. I wanted to make clear. That was, yeah, that was a, that was a, so

Lou Mongello: I wanna show you what I'm gonna do here in terms of sneaking one.

That wouldn't necessarily on my list. Cause you said shrimp and grits, and then it started thinking about sort of Southern cooking. Right? What, what sort of Southern foods again, we talked about the, the diversity of, of the cultures and, and the, uh, parts of the country. So the shrimp and grits got me thinking about the south, got me thinking about things like biscuits and gravy and, um, hush puppies and deviled eggs and all those things.

Art Smith's homecoming is a slice of Southern Americana, those biscuits and gravy, and maybe some con fritters, sorry, some, uh, hush puppies and some deviled eggs. And they've got catfish and country fried steak and short ribs like this is, and given you've never had hummingbird cake, like it's a it's.

Southern thing and pecan pie, art Smiths is a true slice of Americana for any and all of those reasons. And Tim, if you've ever been there for brunch, I, I gotta take you there for that too. Mm-hmm but that wasn't on my list. That's not where I was going. No,

Tim Foster: I'll tell you. Yes, you need to take me. I haven't been the only thing I'll say come down for a [00:34:00] week and

Lou Mongello: all we just do.

I know,

Tim Foster: I know. But remember if it's at lunch and if we're going on tower terror, I'm just getting salad. So just keep that in mind. We have to time it,

Lou Mongello: right? Well, we'll, we'll talk about, I'm gonna order four. Well, we're, we'll, that's the deal. Wherever you go, you have to order for you. I think that if I'm buying at least let me order for you and help introduce you.

So you could, at least you. My feeling has always been try something once. And then if you say don't like, it, that's fine. You, you shouldn't say it's not a matter of

Tim Foster: me not liking it. It's a matter if you wanna wheel me around the park to the rest of the day, all in, but that's fine. You know, it's funny.

Cause I went, I'm aware of the hummingbird pie. I've never had it, but well, I'll take that back locally here. I went to a store. Food. And I decided I needed a dessert cuz I deserved it. I had a rough day and uh, I got what I thought was carrot cake only to get home and realize, ah, no, I got hummingbird cake, which was so good.

So, and I I'm aware of it in Disney. I have not had it yet. And it just reinforced the idea. I gotta get down there and have this. Yeah at Disney cuz uh, it is, it is so

Lou Mongello: good. And chef arts is yes, the best I've ever. And if you've ever had hummingbird cake, it is this pineapple banana cake. Mm-hmm with cream trees, frosting, frosting, um, it's it's at fantastic.

And they serve it like with little fruit, like gas streak and it's delicious. It's absolutely delicious. Delicious. All right. Quickly going back to the last few on my menu. Thinking about foods once again, and we've sort of touched on these a little bit on, on some of the other places we've mentioned one of the foods, I think that is inherently American, but is not singular in definition.

In fact, when you talk about this food item, you have to talk about it in context of where it comes from because this one food item. Is basically [00:36:00] like four different types of food because you can't say barbecue. Oh, without talking about where it's from. I chose the barbecue at the Regal Eagle, not the Regal beagle from three's company with Jack DIPP, but seventies reference, but the reg Eagle at the American adventure.

Pavilion. And when you talk about barbecue, what I meant when I was referring to is while it is inherently American, it's very, very different, depending on what style, what region of the country, you get it from Texas, Memphis, Carolina, Kansas city. Each will argue that they are the true definition of what barbecue is.

Right. Right. Memphis is a dry rub, Texas, like, like a, might be a, a barbecue beef brisket or Kansas city chicken. So inside. The Regal Eagle, which I have only like tasted something once I've never done a full review there yet. Maybe now is the time now is the best time to do it. There is also something that is very, very American and it's the Muppets because it's, Sam's Centennial.

Cookoff, it's a salute to all cook-offs, but mostly barbecue inside it. Designed to look like Sam is hosting this barbecue restaurant and the four different American barbecue traditions each have different Muppet, you know, Pitmaster serving each. So there's the blue ribbon brisket society. Headed by Bobo, the bear who has Texas brisket with that spicy mop sauce, I literally sort of take like a mopping and slop on that tangy delicious sauce, sizzling pit dry rub coalition.

It's headed by Ralph that has Memphis style. Barbecue. The blue Ridge vinegar [00:38:00] league headed by Janice. Again, the, the Carolina barbecue is very it's heavily, uh, vinegar based sauces and the old glory mustard Guild headed by Gozo who has that Carolina gold sort of more mustardy based sauce from the food that served inside where it is served the decor.

The tradition, the Muppets, the Regal Eagle, barbecue is it is like everything. Americana sort of rolled into a single place.

Tim Foster: Another place you're gonna have to take,

Lou Mongello: I will, by the way, I'm famished I should have had a, yeah. Yeah. Never listened to this show hungry, especially when we're doing top 10, all American foods at, um, Walt Disney world.

But yeah, the, the Regal Eagle smokehouse has a, a, a pretty. Extensive menu, ribs, burgers, brisket, chicken cheeseburgers, there's salads. Again, there's a plant based jackfruit burger, which is also barbecued. Um, but I need to go and do a, a full review if only there was somebody oh, anybody who would come with me only

Tim Foster: if only, no you say, but it's funny when you say barbecue at Disney, the two things that come to mind are the whispering canyon.

We talked. And something else. We recently talked about the burning room scene as space shipper. That's the first thing I

Lou Mongello: oh, too soon. I maintained

Tim Foster: too soon. I main too

Lou Mongello: soon. What? I mean, first of all, I maintained the burning of the library. It wasn't the burning of barbecue, but okay. Well, no, but

Tim Foster: no, you, we all know which we just talked about it and I maintain if they put like a little barbecue stand outside of spaceship, birthday with cleanup, they would clean up

But, uh, alright, I'm gonna go. I think we're at the last ones on our list, so I'm, I'm gonna do one. I'll let you do the 57 honorable mentions . But, uh, [00:40:00] I, I don't think, I don't think the origins of this are strictly American, but. I think when you think of, uh, picnics and carnivals and 4th of July and all that kind of stuff, one thing that comes to mind and surprised it took us this long to get here is ice cream.

Of course. And, um, and actually I was thinking of, like you said, with barbecue, there's so many places you can, you can talk about or some other things like hot dogs, you can get 'em in so many places. I was like, where do I go for ice cream? And I'm sure you have a couple others on your list, but. I think hands down, the one number one spot would be beaches and cream, not just for the ice cream, but for the themeing and the decor of this place.

Like we've talked about with so many of these other venues, this is like your, your classic, you know, on the shore boardwalk, uh, uh, shake ice cream, stand with the, again, I don't know what it is about. The four Micah tables and the tile floors and all that. But. It just screams, uh, fun-filled summers dare I say, 4th of July is at the shore of which I've spent a many a year at the, at, at old Jersey shore up in this neck of the woods.

And it always reminds me of that. I mean, you can go, you can get burgers in your Ruben and all that kind of stuff, but she didn't go there for the, for the lunch. You went there for the ice cream and we all know about the kitchen sink and we've had ours. And, uh, I, I won't, unless Lou, you wanna go through the whole, everything that's on there, including that can of whipped cream, how much, you know, if you wanna do that, that's.

But the only thing funny about the, the kitchen thing that do warn people is it's great when you start and don't get me wrong, get it. Cuz it's like those who for the few who don't know, it's just every flavor of ice cream, every topping in the place, all put together. A whole, yes, a whole can of whipped cream.

It's, it's fun [00:42:00] when it starts and you pick out your favorites. I do. I do kind of run into the wall when you get to the bottom and it, it, by this time it's just a murky lop of cherry chocolate snicker gummy it's. Kind of a mess when you get to the bottom there, but it's still a good time. I personally though, I'm a no way.

Jose kind of guy with the peanut butter and hot fudge on my chocolate, vanilla ice cream. I'm that? Um, or, Hey, you can't go on. If you're talking about good old fashioned Americana dessert, you talk about apple pie. I'll counter with a classic banana split. If you wanna go that way. That's always a good thing.

Uh, get stuff on the, go get that milkshake. Get those three scoops of ice cream. Uh, it's good stuff. Like I said, I'm a no, Hey, no way. Jose, a lot of people go for the kitchen sink. That's an experience. Onto itself. Um, but just, just even going for the DEC core and the vibe of the place. And some of that nostalgic boardwalk feel is, uh, to me, that's classic 4th of July to me.


Lou Mongello: I dig it deserves its place on the list. I agree that the, uh, kitchen sink is not the best item on the menu. I'm again, not a sweet sky, but I like to know what Jose, but again, Americana the, the root beer float, right? The Coke floats. Yeah. Yeah. Um, things that you've, it, it's lost a little bit of the counter service soda shop feel once it was expanded a couple of years ago, but it does have that Jersey boardwalk, thirties, and forties vibe to it.

If we're getting to the end of our lists, there is one that is not an honorable mention. That has to be on this list. Many would say what took you guys so long? Why wasn't it first because the Liberty tree Tavern, yeah. Is the, the quintessential all American. I won't go too deep into it, but this is like, it's the OG Wal Disney zero [00:44:00] world restaurant.

Right. And that has not changed. Like hoop de do going full circle to my first entry. It has not changed much since 1971. Yes. They had character dining at one point, but it's classic. It's nostalgic. It is all, you can enjoy very American comfort food. It's like Thanksgiving every day, but more importantly.

It is representative and I, and I love the details inside. It is modeled after an 18th century colonial American home. And when you walk in, I sort of love this feature. It what seems like there's almost cavernous lobby sort of waiting area. You're really gathering around the fireplace, right? It, it is sort of this living room of a family home and from the seed glass on the windows to each of the six unique themed dining areas that has a fireplace and artifacts appropriate for the person that they are dedicated to.

Like John Paul Jones, silver Smith tools in Paul Revere's room, Benjamin Franklin's, kite and keys. Betsy Ross, Thomas Jefferson, Paul Revere, George worth. Like I love the rich American history that's here. And I, I, I, I pay attention to the minute details and then sort of take a wider view out. Look at the, the small brick Porto, look at the Oak floors and the curtains hung from these cloth loops and the textures and the materials that are used to create.

The blinds and the pewter mugs and the hope chest and the copper pots and the iron kettles. [00:46:00] You feel like you have stepped back in time in every single aspect of it. And, you know, while yes, the, the menu itself. And again, there's, it's only open for lunch and dinner, but the menu itself is this all to care.

All you care for American flat fair it's Turkey, pot, roast, pork, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and Mac and cheese. You know, it is sort of that Thanksgiving feast and they also have this amazing Johnny apple seed, warm apple cake with caramel topping on top, which is delicious. But. This is, I think for a lot of people, not just a Disney Rite of passage, it's, it's so quintessential, um, Americana.

And I know for a lot of people, Tim, like this is where they go. Around the holidays. And I, when I say the holidays, I mean, like from Thanksgiving to post new, year's like, they'll come here for Thanksgiving and they'll come here for Christmas. They'll come here for new year's because it is this sort of family getting together, gathering around arguably the most important place in a home, not just in colonial times, but now, which is the dining table.

And it's one of the things that, that I love so much about. And. I think dinner is still, it's only like $39, which it sounds like a lot, but it's not a lot. Remember, it's all you can eat. Um, compared to some other, all you can eat, um, oh, sorry. All you care to enjoy locations. It is, it is not, um, overly expensive.

I think kids are like, $20 somewhere around there, but Liberty, tree Tavern, Liberty square, all of that without a doubt. Um, arguably is the should, could be, should be depending on how you define it. The number one, all American location and [00:48:00] food in Wal Disney world.

Tim Foster: Uh, Agree agree. Totally. The only pro see for me, it's that problem again, if I got an evening of big thunder mound space mound ahead of me all I care to eat mushy or mashed potatoes and stuffing might not be the best choice, but it is you're right.

It's so, so good. I'm gonna throw one little honorable mention because I I'm sure you got a zillion of them. Um, I, this is actually, I think Casey's corner was the first thing I thought of the second thing I thought of. And I feel like people out there are screaming. What about, what about this? It reminds me of those nights when you would be staking out your spot illuminations an hour ahead of time, an hour and a half, whatever it was.

You're at the center of world showcase. You're sitting there, you're waiting, you're waiting and you're staring and you're looking. At the funnel cake stand at the American adventure. Do I dare do I dare? I'll send the kids go over and get me some funnel cake. And then, cause I've seen so many people due to that.

Um, but yeah, the, the it's a simple, it's a simple thing, but the, the funnel cake, which you can get in several places of Disney, but. Uh, it starts and stops at the American adventure kiosk there, but, and it just reminds me of those, uh, that carnivals that come to town and they set up and you get the, the rickety Ferris wheel and the, uh, you know, the little fish pond, you get your prizes out of, and the stand with the snacks.

And today it's like fried Oreos and fried everything else. But. Absolutely. There's always final cake there. And it just reminds me of those days, uh, which again, go with summers and 4th of July. And, and I said those traveling carnivals and that sort of thing. So that was my one honorable mention. I was gonna put on the list.

So I will sit back, relax and listen to your 73. Oh however, no,

Lou Mongello: I did that because it does, it, it, again, I'm very much, you know, a sentimental kind of guy I'm going through some sort of weird yeah. Change of life things. so everything is I'm in a very, very, very [00:50:00] nostalgic mood. And it got me thinking of. As a kid growing up in New Jersey and having funnel cake at the boardwalk, or, you know, my school or church's carnivals and then taking my kids.

Yeah. As they were going up to their school's carnival, uh, as well, I don't have a lot of honorable mentions, but I have a few that certainly bear mentioning, because I think if you think of what else are all American foods, what else? Screams America and Walt Disney world, nothing says Walt Disney world.

And this is not about the flavors. It's not about the buckets, but it's about the popcorn on main street specifically what I'm waiting for you to bring this up? Yeah. There's something about the, the simplicity, the nostalgia, the idea of just grabbing that little cardboard popcorn bucket, you know, and walking down the street with your child, with your spouse, with your friends, with your parents, whatever it is, um, I, I, I don't know.

Like if, you know, you know, if you agree, you agree if not that's okay. But popcorn specifically on main street bears mentioning on the list. I also was like, what else is truly like an American institution? Ordering Chinese food. Yes. But what else is it is a record institution. It's pizza. And this was a tough one for me.

Um, because where is the best pizza in Wal world is a separate conversation for a, a separate day, but you have to, I think put pizza on the list. The only place I think would sort of at this point, bear mentioning in terms of where I would go for the best pizza would be monopoly. In, uh, Epcot and in the Italy pavilion or pizza Ponte in dizzy Springs, right outside of, um, uh, Marin Enzos.

I will also say just because I dig it's another place I think has. A wonderful spectrum of all American foods. If you know [00:52:00] me, you know, me is the boathouse. Like the boathouse has steak and main lobster and key west shrimp and crab cakes and tacos and New York steak and hamburgers. It is sort of this, you know, salute to all things America in, as you know me is, is a favorite place of mine.

And I will quickly point out depending on. You listen to this, uh, as Disney sometimes want to do, they will have themed food offerings. And, and right now, again, around 4th of July, there is an entire patriotic food guide and patriotic themed foods throughout the parks. So. Columbia Harbor house has strawberry shortcake.

Casey's corner has a special hot dog cause there's a red velvet cookie ice cream sandwich at, um, Plaza ice cream parlor. There's an apple pie cupcake at BA on express. Lot of red, white, and blue themed items through the parks through the resorts, you can find it on the Disney parks blog, the patriotic food offerings, um, in Walt Disney world.

I wanna know though. From you, our friend who is listening, probably starving. Where or what is your favorite? All American meal? It could be a singular item. It could be a place. It could be a combination of either or, or both. Let me know by one I'll post this question in the clubhouse. It is our group over on Facebook at WW radio.com/clubhouse.

You can also call the voicemail. I'll play your answer on the air at 4 0 7 909 3 9 1. Or you can email me Lou WW, and I will hopefully read it on a future episode. And do you know who else celebrates America and all of the countries on our big blue PLA and it is of course, celebrations, magazine, [00:54:00] and guide to the magic.com.

Tim Foster: Thanks. Hey, before I Frank end this, there, there is one glaring emission. I was sure you were gonna honorable mention it. But I don't think you did. And I just wanna say, cause everybody's probably screaming right now. You mentioned Turkey and passing, but I think you gotta mention, not only this American thing, but this very quintessential Disney snack, the Turkey leg.

How did we, we not mention

Lou Mongello: the

Tim Foster: Turkey leg. I, I see people are screaming out there. How could you not say now? I will confess. I've never, I can never bring myself to get one. Cuz they look so big and, and, and, and messy and, and all that. So I have them. Like I said not, that's not just an American thing that is right up there in like top three Disney snacks of all time.

So there we it's out there. so I know, have you had a Turkey

Lou Mongello: leg loop? I have. I it's been years. Oh, there you go. They're big and meaty and salty, but yeah. It's a lot. We'll have to do that too. We'll uh, leg

Tim Foster: when we done that. Oh yeah. There's celebrations magazine. Um, Hey, but I just wanted to mention so very soon.

And Luke, you are gonna be the first to know we're about to officially announce and put up for presale. We have a new book coming out to go at our 50th anniversary book. We did last year, and this is another, uh, hard cover coffee table book, celebrating EPCOS 40th year. We go through, uh, all 40 years, all the attractions, uh, the origins of Epcot, how it was dreamed up, uh, what it could have been, what it became and, and everything.

And that's. Coming in the fall. And like I said, we're gonna announce an official big pre-sale, uh, celebration very shortly. And, and Lou, like I said, you will be the first to know I already set aside copy for

Lou Mongello: you. So I can't wait. Uh, I love what you do. And again, people can find it a celebration and I'll link to this in oh,

Tim Foster: celebrations, press.com com.

Yes. I forgot to say. Yes.

Lou Mongello: So, [00:56:00] um, yeah, I hope you, um, enjoyed what really is sort of like our two parts again, last week we talked about celebrating America in the Disney parks and this week, our top 10, all American foods in Walt Disney world. Um, I, again, I'm I'm I love this country. I AMRI very patriotic. Um, and.

You know, like they said, like captain America said, you might be saying to yourself, Lou, aren't the stars and stripes, a little old fashioned agent, Phil Colson said in his infinite wisdom with everything that's happening. People might just need a little bit of old fashioned. I think we could all use a little bit of simpler, delicious, uh, times once again.

So Timmy foster. Thank you so very much. Yep. My friend, your friend sitting here with us starving in your car or at your desk or at home. Thank you for being here again. And don't forget to share your favorite all American meal. In the clubhouse and, uh, Tim, I look forward to doing this with you. And again, adding to our, oh, you know what we should do.

Oh, what we should, when you come down, we're gonna have a contest and we're gonna give away a live dining review with me and you at one of the places on our list. Oh, I'm in, I just came, bring on the hot dogs or wherever you're taking. I was gonna say, wow, you're a cheap date, hot dogs. Alright, that's fine.


Tim Foster: hot. I want the bison burger. You sold me on the bison burger!