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My Impressions of the Disney Wish

I love the Disney Wish! On July 14, I was fortunate to set sail on the Maiden Voyage of Disney Cruise Line’s newest ship – The Disney Wish! The Disney Wish is truly a ‘Castle on the Sea’. From the moment we entered the Grand Hall we were whisked away to another world of enchantment and wonder. This ship is like no other in the fleet and it was a refreshing change to sailing. I may have had quite a few teary-eyed moments during our cruise. Everywhere I looked there was something new to discover. I also sailed again on August 1st on the WDW Radio group cruise. So, after nine nights on board the Disney Wish, I have a pretty good amount of knowledge of the ship.

There are so many blog posts and videos out there covering the Disney Wish and most of the areas, so I wanted to take a different approach. Instead of going into great detail about all the new spaces, pools, lounges, the AquaMouse, etc. I want to give you my top five favorite things that I enjoyed on the Disney Wish.

1. Details

This may sound like a very ambiguous point when it comes to Disney Cruise Line or Disney in general, but hear me out on this. I was really swept off my feet from the moment we entered the Grand Hall on deck 3 and heard our name announced by the crew member. I didn’t know what to look at first. And this happened in every space on board the ship. 

Light Fixtures

The light fixtures are gorgeous and have incredible details. In the stateroom hallways there are round lights in a square “box”, if you look up you will notice that the filigree on the light creates a beautiful pattern within the box. And on top of that, each deck had a different theme for the light fixtures! So be sure to look up as you explore.

On the three decks encompassing the Grand Hall you will notice three different chandeliers and wall sconces, all themed to Cinderella, and they flicker like real candles. On deck 3 there is a beautiful pumpkin that to me signifies her enchanting journey is about to begin, before the Fairy Godmother turns the pumpkin into a carriage, just like when guests first enter the ship for every voyage. Deck 4 has simple spools of thread which reminded me of Cinderella’s mice friends and how they helped her sew her dress. And deck 5 had a pretty ribbon effect on a sphere which to me looked like her first dress that the mice helped her with.

Hidden nods to movies we love

One of my favorite things I discovered was a tiny Jiminy Cricket golden figurine sitting on the corner of the Wishing Star Café bar. And over his shoulder on the mirror was a saying “You deserve to have your wish come true” – Jiminy Cricket. And if that didn’t make you feel like wishes will come true above the stage in the Grand Hall is “if you keep believing the dream that you wish will come true”. There are even quotes in the two movie theaters and at the doorway before you walk in, but I’ll let you discover those on your own. 


This may sound like a strange thing to notice and who walks around looking down while they are on a cruise ship? Well, I did, and I was amazed at the details in the carpets. 

The Grand Hall – My favorite one is the blue carpeting on the decks surrounding the Grand Hall. At first glance it just looks like a white swirled pattern on navy carpet. But if you look closely, you will discover several hidden items from Cinderella

Stateroom Hallways – While the other four ships in the fleet have the nautical carpets with stars and a compass with the four ships on it, the Disney Wish has a more elegant feel to the hallways. There are four carpet colors and designs that coordinate with the theming of the staterooms on each deck: Concierge has a purple and gold Rapunzel theme; Fairytale Castle is purple and coordinates with the Cinderella and Frozen staterooms; Forests & Animals is green and yellow and is themed for the Princess and the Frog and Sleeping Beauty staterooms; and last there is the Spirit of the Sea aqua carpet that hints at The Little Mermaid and Moana staterooms. And don’t forget to look up at the light fixtures in these hallways. 

Tip: Like the other ships there is a secret to knowing which way you are walking down a hallway. If you look at the stars and Mickey heads in the carpets, they both point forward or to the front of the ship!

2. The Grand Hall

The Grand Hall is very large compared to the Atrium Lobby on the other four ships. Like the other vessels, it encompasses three decks and has a large sweeping staircase with a statue of Cinderella and Lucifer at the base of the stairway.  You feel like you are in a grand hall of a castle with tall plaster columns that arch above you on deck five. And keep an eye on the columns and ceiling as they have a little Pixie Dust magic. One night before and after dinner the two village characters were out walking around in the Grand Hall and occasionally performing “Fairytale in a Minute” skits on the stage – be sure to listen in because they are super fun. And don’t forget to look up on the balcony as you never know who will be waving back at you!        

3. Keg & Compass

The more I think about this pub-style lounge, the more I need to return to explore the Keg & Compass more. This pub has a Norwegian shipbuilding vibe and some of the cleverest details in all the lounges. As you enter, your eyes go up to the Seafarer’s Map of the World on the ceiling, which is an illustrated atlas with references to Disney characters, history, and folklore. Surrounding the portholes are beautifully carved frames of octopus tentacles holding onto nautical items and some snacks from the parks. In keeping with the shipbuilding theme, the details on the bar reference map drawers and vintage leather luggage. And don’t forget to wander around the pub and look at all the wood carvings, paintings, beer tap handles, and maps. And in case you are wondering about the map coordinates on one of the walls, it’s the geographical location of Port Canaveral! Have fun exploring this great little pub!

4. Marceline Market

Tucked in the aft of deck 11 is Marceline Market: a quick serve, buffet style dining option. The theme is of an industrial loft with Disney characters as the proprietors. There are ten food stations on each side of the market serving international favorites, comfort foods, seafood, salads, desserts, and more. I love the lowered counter at the kid’s food station, plus the chicken tenders and kid-favorite items are yummy too. I love the theming, and everywhere you look there is something interesting to look at: be it big or small there are little vignettes everywhere. There are a lot of tables, even elevated ones with stools that have stunning views of the ocean. My favorite place is in the forward most part of the market, I refer to them as the “back wings”, and are behind where you wash your hands. They may seem out of the way, but that is what I liked about those areas. The tables all have a view of the ocean, and there’s even a beverage station nearby to save on long trips to the back of the market. Both sides have their own unique theme, and again, don’t forget to look up at all the light fixtures. 

5. Staterooms

The staterooms on the Disney Wish are amazing! Each deck has its own theme, and the staterooms are princess inspired. Being the Maiden Voyage, we had no idea how the staterooms were going to be decorated when we booked back in 2021. I had yet another teary-eyed moment when we walked into our room to discover we scored a Cinderella stateroom! The little details are exceptional throughout, including labeled light switches, a nightlight in the bathroom, a hidden Mickey, lots of USB ports, and more!

And the stateroom lights are dimmable! – you read that right! (Maybe they do that on the Dream class, but I never tried as the lights were set just right in those staterooms). The overhead stateroom lights are dimmable at the switch near the door, at the desk, and next to the bed. Just hold down on the switch to either make the lights dimmer or brighter. And the spotlight over the bed is dimmable too, just hold down on the switch next to the bed to change the levels. Also next to each side of the bed is a mounted lamp (with a hidden Mickey on the shade) and a moveable reading light. And yes, both lights are dimmable as well! Just turn the respective knob to the degree of light you prefer. 

Extra things I loved on the Disney Wish!

Seas the Adventure – The Disney Wish exclusive stage show Seas the Adventure is fabulous. The show is on the first night of your cruise in the Walt Disney Theatre and should not be missed. Join Goofy and Captain Minnie on a journey as Goofy discovers that our dreams can come true if we just believe in them.

Disney Wish Screen Saver – When nothing is playing on the Funnel Vision (the large video screen on the forward funnel) or on any of the screens in the lounges, there is a very interesting screen saver. At first it looks like the inside of a clock, but if you look closely, you will see there are inspirational quotes and information specific to the Disney Wish. I found myself sitting and staring at it one day on deck 11. One of my favorite quotes is “Every Adventure Requires a First Step”. Also shown is the keel number of the Disney Wish – S. 705,  Papenburg Germany, and 26o 5’ 12.9984” N is Castaway Cay! I don’t want to give too much away, so have a seat and see what you can find!

A Kiss Goodnight – Head to the Grand Hall at 10:00 pm and midnight, sit or lay on the floor and look up at the Wishing Star. The Grand Hall chandelier comes to life to wish you a Kiss Goodnight! And check it out on Pirate Night too!

Pirate Night – Don’t miss the Pirate’s Rockin’ Parlay Party on pirate night! This brand-new show is exclusive to the Disney Wish and features a live band playing your favorite songs from the 80’s. Feel free to sing along, clap, and dance the night away with the swashbuckling pirates – I did! And look to the starboard side for the double funnel fireworks show – it’s set to live music and is spectacular! And just added is Mickey and Minnie’s Pirates in the Caribbean! This new deck show can be seen between the two dinner times and features your favorite Disney friends decked out in pirate gear. – Tip: Deck 12, starboard side is excellent for watching the fireworks.

AquaMouse – As you enter the AquaMouse tunnel, be sure to look to your right and find the old radio, notice the station numbers on the radio? Those are the keel numbers of the Triton class ships: 705, 706, 718.

Crew Member Pins – Look at the gold pins on the crew member’s vests. Guest Services and Bar Servers have cute pins that correspond to where they work! Cinderella’s carriage for Guest Services, Frog footprint/crown for The Bayou, A Rose for The Rose lounge, etc. And there are others for you to discover.

The Cafés – There are so many venues that serve coffee on the Disney Wish! The Bayou even serves beignets with your coffee of choice (needs a little more powdered sugar, but they are yummy as you sip your coffee under the magnolia branches). The Enchanted Sword and Wishing Star Café also have a nice selection. And don’t forget about the Marceline Market Café and Cove Café. Theses venues also serve non-alcoholic and adult beverages through-out the day – so be sure to stop, order, and look around at the details!

Nine nights was not long enough to explore this ship and all she has to offer, there are still so many magical secrets to discover.

Is sailing on the Disney Wish in your cruise plans? Leave a comment below.

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