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WDW Radio # 688 – Review of Amare Restaurant at the Swan Reserve

Join me at the table this week as we review one of Walt Disney World’s newest restaurants, Amare at the Walt Disney World Swan Reserve. This casual, table-service restaurant serves fresh Mediterranean cuisine for breakfast and dinner. Pull up a chair with us and see if it lives up to its name, which means “to love.”

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Lou Mongello: In November, 2021. The Walt Disney new world Swan and dolphin. Welcome the newest addition to their. With the opening of the Wal world Swan reserve, a new 14 story hotel featuring about 350 guestrooms, including 151 suites with incredible floor to ceiling views of the resort, Epcot Disney disease, Hollywood studio, and Disney's boardwalk check my Instagram stories and reels for some photos and to videos.

And as part of the opening of the. It includes multiple experiences inside in terms of dining, there is a quick service coffee bar, an outdoor pool bar, which we had lunch in earlier today. There is a bar inside the lobby and Amari is the new sort of signature dining experience that we're about to experience for the first time.

And for my son's pre birthday. Uh, so I am joined once again by my family, including the birthday boy himself. Nicholas he's dumpling. This look really good. Marion. Hello and Deanna. Good evening. So first things first, uh, quick thoughts on the Swan reserve. This is your first time visiting. We are staying here as guests of the Swan reserve tonight.

What were your first impressions when you, when you first came in, saw the rooms, saw the lobby and saw the pool. It's very, very pretty, it's different than the other two Swan and dolphin hotels, but it's very elegant. It's very nice minimalistic. I really enjoy the DEC.

Marion Mongello: I thought it was super cool, very modern.

Even the rooms you could see. Um, there's just a lot of new renovations and new touches that they've added that have made, you know, that modern feel. They have super interesting decor in the rooms and there's there's these like abstract bird swimmer vibe going on. Very cool. I was completely wowed. [00:02:00] Uh, the room is absolutely beautiful.

The color palette is very calming and of course they have the amazing, comfortable beds. So I'm looking so forward to sleep in those tonight. So it it's really,

Lou Mongello: really pretty. This is my first time back before, since the media preview, when the resort hadn't quite opened yet, I really, really, really love the vibe in this resort.

Uh, everything the lobby is on the third floor. I love the color scheme. The, um, the light blues and the light woods stop them. It's very bright and it's open. I love the, the floor to ceiling windows throughout the pool area. It's nice and it's small and it's intimate, but there's still a lot of space.

There's cabanas, there's water features and the pool bar next door had amazing food this afternoon. But again, tonight we are going to experience ma for the first time, I will take you through the menu. I'll also. Photos of the menu in the show notes, there is about seven different appetizers, including hearth, Frid tiger, prawns char grill peppered C fried calamari P Petti, which are, uh, tomato bra lamb and beef meatballs, chard, octopus, and NIWA salad with tuna and Mediterranean dips, which are highlighted not just on the menu, but I think that was the first thing you all gravitated towards.

There were three different salads. There's a Tarpon Springs, Greek salad. Tover a salad and an Amari salad. The salads come in between 13 and $15. The appetizers range from about 13 to $19. There's seven different entrees, a sea bass Al Cario with two file. So sustainable striped sea bass in a parchment paper pouch with time garlic, winter wiled greens, tomatoes, and heirloom potatoes, or Armco chicken grilled Maji mahi ISA fi.

Which is a grilled and roasted Angus beef porterhouse with Pearl onions, carrots, Rosemary potatoes, and [00:04:00] Vijo a to roll all. Vanoli a house made to pasta with steam, baby clams, roasted tomato sauce, collo and chilies, and GU Chile, uh, handmade Monti dumplings, which are Barack spice, landfill dumplings from a beloved family recipe, a Rosemary grilled beef Tenderloin and grilled souf Locke.

Your choice of two grilled tender chicken. IUs beef skewers with crisp potatoes, tabula, pesto, hummus, and warm Peter bread. These all ranged from about $27 with the, uh, Rosemary grilled beef tender one coming in at 65. There's also four different flat breads. We actually had flat breads today at lunch out by the pool, which I have to imagine are the same cuz the three of these four are offered outside.

There's NA ma with Lee potatoes, LAR roasted black peppers and C cheese, a Margarite. A vegetable and a super soda pizza with super so red onion, uh, Ella cheese and Sam Marzano tomatoes. These come in between 17 and $19. I know you are all hungry cause you are my family. And, uh, ladies first, is there anything that sort of jumped out at you on the menu?

Appetizer salads, entre flatbreads.

Marion Mongello: So one of my favorite fishes is sea bass. So whenever I see that on the menu, I have to definitely try it. It sounds delicious. Um, as Lou said, it's in a parchment paper and it has time in garlic. So I'm excited. I'm gonna try that. Um, I've been looking at the salads cause I'm honestly still a little bit full from lunch, but I also think the grilled, so Lockie looks really yummy thinking.

Nicolas Mongello: I was gonna

Lou Mongello: also say the grill too lock looks really, really good, but those handmade dumplings look really, really good as well. Yeah. I went right to the dumplings as well. So we'll have to sort of mix things up a little bit and maybe start off with the dips and, and maybe the bra lemon, meatball and beef meatballs as well.

Um, this way we can try a little bit of everything on the. And [00:06:00] Kathleen is our server. This evening. Her passion is travel. I love the fact that the Swan and dolphin has that on all of your name tags. Kathleen, can you tell us maybe a couple of your favorite or chef recommended or most popular dishes?

Server: Absolutely. We'll start with appetizers. The char octopus is outrageous. It is cook. Sovi slowly versed in its own juices. So it's incredibly tender, um, and flavorful, and then they char it. People rave about this dish. Everyone asked chip for the, uh, recipe. So two thumbs up on that. Um, I love the pop PETI as well.

They're, um, meatballs, but lamb and beef. They're served over top of, um, some dice potatoes with the marinara sauce. They are delicious as well. Um, over to the entrees. The most popular. What we're definitely known for are the grilled Sava they're skewers of marinated beef or chicken. They're served with house made PETA, um, some Tabo, uh, hummus that has har in it.

So it has a nice kick to it. Uh, cucumbers with a yogurt sauce, really flavorful and delicious. Now you can get chicken beef or a combination of both, but my absolute favorite and people just go nuts once they have it is the. It's striped fast. It's two, five ounce filets, and it's served with kale D potatoes.

There's um, olives, tomatoes, white wines, sliced lemon, all wrapped up in parchment, paper and baked. So it steam beautifully together. It is a phenomenal dish. Um, and to round that out, flat red, our flat bread. Are becoming legendary people from New York are saying that they like them better than their pizzas back home.

We have a brick oven. Um, they are a thin crust, hand tossed, homemade dough. Um, that is just phenomenal. And

Lou Mongello: so we had a margarita pizza outside, a Tangerine for lunch. Is it from the same

Server: oven? [00:08:00] Um, our kitchen. Cooks for both Tangerine stir in room dining and our restaurant. So yes, it is absolutely amazing.

So those are my recommendations off the menu. Do you have any

Lou Mongello: questions, ladies? Are you ready? I think I already know what she was. Deanna was nodding, as you were saying it, cuz you confirmed what I know she was gonna get she's going with the C bass with the C bass. Maram oh, Marion's not true yet.

Nicholas. I know what you want. Nicholas, you want the dumplings? I don't know. Get the dumplings. Oh, Nicholas wants the dumplings. I'm the

Server: dumplings. They are delicious. Um, there's nine to 11 dumplings. They're about the size of a quarter. They're more like ravioli than a dumpling. Um, per se, uh, the eggplant is a moose.

There's a little yogurt sauce on the dish, a sprinkling of, um, multicolored cauliflower. It is an extremely flavorful dish. Um, it's rather small. That

Lou Mongello: sounds

Nicolas Mongello: perfect. Okay. That's

Lou Mongello: fine. So that sounds great. I got ahead of myself. We're also gonna start with the Meran and dips please. And the pulp pet and to give Mar a second or two I'm, since you're gonna get the dumplings, you're gonna see bass.

I'm hoping Marion's gonna get the SW lock. Sure. Mar yes. Okay. Manage. Got this lucky chicken again. Chicken,

Server: or you can have a combination. Chicken's perfect. Thank you.

Lou Mongello: And. I'm gonna have and all share the super soda. Yeah. That's

Server: my favorite. Absolutely. My favorite, um, here is my one question for you though.

The, um, pop PETI. There's three meatballs. Do you want me to add a meatball? So you each get one? Yes, please.

Lou Mongello: Perfect. Great. Thank you. You so much. Absolutely. So we just practically inhaled our appetizer. Start with the, with the Mediterranean dips. There's a red pepper. Dip a garlic yoga dip and a mint Chim dip with strips of PETA, which are all delicious.

But those meatballs, those little pu PETI [00:10:00] are outstanding. You decide you're not a lamb person cuz it's made with Lamon beef. You very much taste the laminate. but the consistency. And she said, it's actually the head chef's grandmother's recipe. So you love the fact that there's a little bit of, um, heritage and sort of family in there.

What I love too. There's um, little bits of potatoes and there's like Pines in the sauce as well. So the, so.

Marion Mongello: Kind of sore because sauce, sorry, sorry, because I like a really good sauce and it's not overpowering. The there's a, there's a lot of basal in it. And that as, as Lou said, the lamb is not heavy in the meatballs.

It actually isn't over overpowering at all. And this, the sauce compliments it so

Lou Mongello: much more importantly, you take some of this crusty, thinly sliced bread. That's on the table, dip it and you dip it in the sauce. That's really good. I really, really like that.

Marion Mongello: And I also enjoy a sauce that you can pick up with a fork

Lou Mongello: and it's actually thick.

Jesus sauce, conno, sore kids, just in case he didn't put that on your side. no, I am. All right, so let's do a little quick dish by dish recap. I'll start first. I have the super pizza, which has about eight slices in it. I really like it cause it's that nice thin crust. Just like the margarita pizza you had outside and.

Those little pieces of superstar, almost sort of quarter size sliced pieces, along with red onions, the torn Mo cheese and the sandbars on the tomatoes. So it's a more, um, sort of richer sort of tomato, but really, really nice, super shareable. We only ate really about half of it. So it's a nice thing to sort of take back up to your room, which has a microwave, by the way, Nicholas, you had the Monte dumplings, the spiced landfill dumplings, uh, again from a family recipe with cauliflower roast [00:12:00] egg plant and the yogurt sauce.

Again, she, like she said, it's less like a traditional, like Chinese dumpling as it is like a very small fried ravioli. It is very much just like a ravioli. It all the dump, all the dumplings, a really intense lamb flavor, which a lot of people may like. And I'm just like, not the biggest fan of, but I feel like a lot of people would like this dish and the roasted eggplant and the little bit of yogurt sauce compliments.

The Rav is well, but if you're not a big lamb person, Not for you. Yeah. Uh, so I like lamb, so I really enjoy those. Um, they're small. You get maybe about a dozen or so in there. I like, I really enjoyed that. And again, I, I know like lamb, like certain other things is not for everybody. Marin, you had the two grilled chicken.

Soloki with the crispy potatoes, tabula, Pesa, the hummus, the hummus, and what you were claiming to be is some of the best PETA that you've ever had. Yeah.

Marion Mongello: So the chicken was super tender. It came on these skewers with this, um, like green sauce, kind of similar to the one that comes in the dip, the Mediterranean dips.

Um, it was super juicy, super tender, really good. And I don't, I don't eat meat all that often. Um, but I still really, you know, I really enjoyed it. It comes with hummus, which is spicy. Um, and then. This cucumber yogurt situation, which, which. Cooled that down a little. Um, and the Koose was really good. It was like also served underneath the skewers.

But in my opinion, the star of the show was the PETA. They give you three really nice size pieces of this fresh PETA. And it was amazing. I almost all of it. Um, and that's a lot of petita. And then on top there's this like crispy shoestring potato situation. Um, those were also really

Lou Mongello: good. And it seems like the star of the show really was what our server highly suggested, which was a sea bass Al Cario, [00:14:00] which are two filets of sustainable striped sea bass served in parchment paper with time, garlic, willed, greens, tomatoes, and heirloom potatoes.

And the presentation was beautiful because it does come wrapped in this departure paper, almost looking like a very large umbling that took up half the plate. She cut it. And inside was this incredibly moist, incredibly FLA. I mean, I was able to smell it from here. Uh, two very large pieces of CVAs.

Marion Mongello: So the presentation was just amazing when she did cut it open.

Um, it actually looks like a large, it looks like a cow zone and this steam was, um, it was very an extremely flavorful dish. It had purple potatoes, onions, kale, olive. Um, roasted tomatoes on top, but the sea bass was, was cooked perfectly. It wasn't over hooked at all. Very light, very flaky, and it was seasoned.

Lou Mongello: Amazing. And what's nice about sea bass is it is not a very fishy fish at all. So Nicholas had some Marion had some, we all green. We really enjoyed it. Um, really, really impressed. Obviously you can tell just by us going with these. Very heavily Mediterranean inspired menu, but nothing in here was really heavy at all.

Everything that we had was really light. Like we ate a lot and I feel very full, but I don't feel like I've overindulged. Although, you know, I'm not a sweet guy, but we of course have to see what's on the dessert menu course. Before we get to dessert. I wanna quickly mention that there is a very extensive wine bar and cocktail menu.

It's about nine pages. It also includes five, four different wine flights, including a tour of the Mediterranean, a white wine Mediterranean excursion, a red wine voyage, and a journey through Greece. There's also a pride of Mediterranean section wines by the glass old world, whites, new world, whites, old world, and new world reds and a number of different specialty cocktails as well.

And moving on to dessert menu, there are [00:16:00] five different desserts as well as a number of dessert wines and ports and cognacs and et. There's there's an Amor flavored. So Latina, which is a layered flowerless chocolate sponge cake with dark chocolate moose and a chocolate sauce. A handmade can only pistachio coral, which is a baked crispy sweetened filo dough, which is Sian pistachio, organic gallberry honey syrup and sour marina cherries, a Greek yogurt cheesecake, and a collaborate Walnut cake.

The first thing that popped into your guy's. And soon to be mouses is the, can anything else tickling your fancy? I'm interested in trying something the different, maybe the pistachio or the collaborative Walnut cake or what goodness is.

Nicolas Mongello: Oh

Lou Mongello: goodness. My Lord. Oh my God. Is this the most beautiful cake I've ever?

It is the most real cake I've ever seen. Absolutely. Wow. I brought a candle so we can put it on the frontage. wait like you take pictures. Thank you. Oh my goodness. So wait a minute. This is obviously clearly a Nicholas's speechless. This is, they just brought over. I'll take a. They brought over. I can't call it a th thing it's it's but no, it is probably a eight inch tall, a cynical layer cake covered in black fondant with a red fondant cake.

And a storm breaker it's store with a storm breaker on top. I am I, this, I will take extent of this is jaw dropping.

Nicolas Mongello: Uh, this is

Lou Mongello: saved down here by this is done by your patient chef here.

Server: It's done here. This is done by our [00:18:00] pastry.

Nicolas Mongello: Wow. It

Marion Mongello: doesn't say goodness,

Nicolas Mongello: we need to

Lou Mongello: meet. So let's just explain what happened.

We were going to the dessert menu about to order dessert and our server walks over with this eight inch tall fondant covered Thor themed cake. With what, as we have come to find a dark chocolate storm breaker stuck in the top. I wish I could say that I planned this and I ordered it. I didn't, I had happened to mention that it was Nicholas's birthday tomorrow.

However, we did find out that they do have a pastry chef and team, and they will actually be able to custom make cakes for any guests, not just for weddings. So if you say that your son, your husband, your daughter is a Marvel fan, a princess fan, a theme. They will custom design and make, this is incredible.

Nicholas, you were blown away. You were speechless. The center of the cake is filled with Reese, peanut butter, our cups it's really good. So it doesn't only look good, but it tastes good as well. Mm-hmm yeah.

Nicolas Mongello: Wow.

Lou Mongello: So we might not end up ordering dessert because this cake could feed probably eight people, easily, eight people.

It's huge. So what, you know, it's one thing when a cake looks good, like oftentimes wedding cakes will look really beautiful or themed cakes. This doesn't just did the

Marion Mongello: wood. They even did the wood to like, look like

Nicolas Mongello: wood.

Lou Mongello: The cake is delicious, delicious. Like it's a rich chocolate with peanut butter and peanut butter cups inside this kid gets out, you know, of course.

I'm not a sweet guy, but right.

Marion Mongello: There's actually something like a crisp bit, like, almost like a, yeah. It's like a, almost similar to like the Carvell crispy yeah's crispy chocolate chocolate pieces. That's like what it is.

Nicolas Mongello: You're beast,

Lou Mongello: peanut butter cup [00:20:00] inside. Yeah. This is delicious. This is absolutely delicious.

So I'll have to come back just to try the desserts, Adam. But you want to talk about doing something special for a birthday or an anniversary? I mean, you literally heard the surprise hasn't happened. This is really, really an impressive way. The cake is delicious. The cake is really, really good. And you know what the finding is even delicious.

Marion Mongello: I don't know if you've tasted fondant on a beautiful cake, usually the

Nicolas Mongello: flavor

Lou Mongello: and the texture. I just got some of that peanut butter. Wow. That's really goods are like in the filling.

Nicolas Mongello: Yeah. That's nice. Yeah, we got

Lou Mongello: so after an overwhelmingly delicious and surprising dessert, it's an amazing way to end a wonderfully unexpected and delicious meal. Just very quickly around the horn. Quick thoughts on Amari, the atmosphere, the open kitchen, the food, our amazing server. Everything was outstanding tonight. Every single aspect from like the decor inside the restaurant to the food, to the amazing ending.

Everything was great.

Marion Mongello: Yeah, I have to say one word I would use to describe it is like very unexpected. Um, when we came, there were not honestly a lot of people. We were the only people. I mean, granted, we did come very early, um, but everything was great. The, the service was amazing. The food was really, really tasty and the cake was obviously super unexpected, but super, you know, it was insane.

It was probably one of the best cakes I've ever had visually and it tasted amazing. on top of the food and the service being amazing. The atmosphere was great, but most importantly, the people, so thank you. It was a

Lou Mongello: great night. Yeah. I'm really, really, really impressed with the quality of food, the variety of food.

I love the Mediterranean flavors again, having the open kitchen, you know, everything is super fresh. The service has been [00:22:00] outstanding, which is really in keeping with what you find in everywhere in the Swan and dolphin resorts. Is am ma a destination dining experience, even if you're not staying here. I think so.

I think you'll be very, very pleasantly surprised and hopefully you'll want to come and stay for a night, a staycation or on your next trip to Walt Disney world. So. Thank you guys so very much. Thank you very much. Your outstanding. We really appreciate it. This was wonderful.

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Nicolas Mongello: Hey, this is Danny in MEFA Arizona. And I just listen to, well, I should say re-listen to on the top 10 countries that should be added to the world showcase. [00:32:00] And I. Had an idea last, when I was at food and wine festival last year, that there should be at least a booth for Genovia where everything's like Genovia and pair, um, kinda like the popcorn that they had in the second princess diaries.

And I don't know, pair little. Flushy cocktails something, cause those are the best movies ever. And also today I just realized is the 21st anniversary of the first movie. So I feel like at least at food and wine festival, there should be something to, uh, honor Genovia cuz that would also be something only found in Disney.

Um, but thanks so much also just listen to that. So released this week about the wish. And really makes me want a book ticket tomorrow. Uh, hope you're well and hope the rest of the w D w nation is doing great. Take care. Bye. Hey Lou, it's Joe from orange park, Florida. I just got done listening to episode 4 42 of extinct Disney things.

And before I give you my two S I just wanna point out two awesome things in the show. Uh, one the illuminations parade. My favorite. I'm sorry. The, um, tapestry parade was my absolute favorite. I had the quote they have from Wal Disney memorized. Walt Disney. One said the era we're living in is most extraordinary of the world has ever seen.

The human species is still reaching for the stars. Today. We have the shapers of the world of tomorrow and often we can't explain what we see, but the age, the era we were living in today is a dream coming. True. I love that quote. And then second was the, uh, Oh, gosh, what was it? You just mentioned it. All right.

We'll skip it. Uh, but my 2 cents was I'll satisfy your spot for food. And how could you guys forget the burgers from Pico's bills? Uh, they changed a menu some years back, and I was very shocked cuz this was my first time back after a couple years, that was honestly heartbroken growing up. That was our lunch spot.

When we visited [00:34:00] magic canyon, we go to Pico bills, get the burgers and then we'd use their awesome fixing bar. I mean, if I remember correctly had mushrooms and onions and oh, I miss it so much. And now it's, uh, Almost like, um, Southwestern, I think that has like tacos or, uh, uh, taco salads and stuff. So, yep.

That was mine. Uh, I there's your food for you and, uh, keep up the awesome shows. I love listening to 'em you have a good one.