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WDW Radio # 720 – Little-Known Extras in Walt Disney World

If you think you have seen, done, and eaten it all in Walt Disney World, this week we uncover and share a number of our favorite little-known “extras” in Walt Disney World that will make your experience a little (or a lot) more magical. Whether you are a seasoned Annual Passholder, or planning your first visit, we have not just tips, but the when, where, how, and why you should experience some of these enchanting extras that will take your Walt Disney World experience to the next level!

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Lou Mongello: So if you think that you've seen done, and yes even eaten it all in Walt Disney World this week, we uncover and share a number of our favorite little known extras in Walt Disney World that will make your experience a little or a lot more magical.

Whether you're a seasoned Walt Disney World Annual Passholder or planning your first visit, we haven't just tips, but the when, where, how, and why you should experience some of these enchanting extras that will take your Walt Disney World experience to the next level. Then stay tuned for our dizzy trivia question of the week and more updates and your voicemails at the end of the show.

And if you like what you hear, please subscribe, share the show, and tell a friend. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this week's episode of the WW Radio Show.

Try as we might. It is impossible to see and do it all in Walt Disney World. And if you look at a map or guide or your Disney Parks app, it's almost wonderfully overwhelming how much there is to do. And just when you think that you've seen and done and eaten it all, we bring you a few fun free, sometimes delicious, little known extras in Walt Disney World.

From off the beaten path to Hidden Gems and enchanting extras. These are some ways to enhance your enjoyment of your time in the parks and resorts. And another little known extra, it's weird when I say it that way, is Jason Canap from here with the magic.com. Well, thank you so

Jason Canapp: much. Extra, extra. Here we go.

I'm excited about this topic. This is a, this is a fun one because it's, it's all the little like undiscovered gems here in Walt Disney World

Lou Mongello: that we're gonna be able to, and we literally just finished doing one, which I'm sure is going to be, I hope it's on your list cuz we had a lovely time. Today. We're actually sitting in Steakhouse 71 in the lounge after an overlooked experience here at the Contemporary, which we will talk about, but there really is, right?

And so you like me, like we're both locals. We are some of the, I'm not the only crazy person that's moved here from the Northeast. Um, There is so much to do. You still, you, you, you know, when Walter's world first opened, it was the vacation kingdom of the world. Like five days was enough to really do everything.

Now, I really don't think that you can do it all. And it's a place that no matter how many times we come and come back, it's a place that you could never be bored. Right? It's never boring. And part of the idea of of doing these sort of little known extras, working title, um, is looking for some of the things that are different and out of the, or out of the ordinary.

Uh, maybe something that doesn't require a park ticket. It could be for adults, it could be for kids. It could. For families. And I think sometimes they're often fun little surprises. Dare I say, damn dare secrets. That's exactly

Jason Canapp: right. And it's, it's, it just amazes me how much there is to do. And when you start to really actually look into it, like, wow, there's even more than I thought.

And people come back here again and again and again and there's so much that they miss, I think. And we're gonna

Lou Mongello: talk about that. And timing being everything. Here's one of my, it's not, it's, it's not a secret, it's not a surprise at all. We're sitting here at Steak House, 71. I mean, we're, we're here. We might as well.

It's lunchtime. We might as well eat. Did you know you don't need a reservation to stay cast 71? You can come and sit here at the bar in a lounge or. In these two semicircular rooms on these big comfortable, um, sort of retro future modern couches and order off the menu. This is, it's a

Jason Canapp: great, and this is, this has to be, it doesn't count.

This doesn't count towards our top, but this, this is a hidden gem for sure, because you can just stumble in here from the Magic Kingdom even and have a wonderful meal and then go right back to whatever you needed to do. And

Lou Mongello: stumble is not the operative word. It's not like we were out doing something.

Let's making Jason stumble in. I mean, we

Jason Canapp: did have to regain our sea legs. Oh, well

Lou Mongello: now you're giving it away. Let's, um, I of course, um, because I ordered the right thing, I got the, uh, the stack orderer. You are a, uh, Marilyn, Maryland person and you got the crab cake. I like

Jason Canapp: the crab cakes here because the chef is from Maryland and he knows what he's doing.

And it's, it's, it's a, it's the one place in Walt Disney World where I confidently order crabcakes. Those

Lou Mongello: aren't, those look like some tasty crab cakes, by the way.

Jason Canapp: They're, they're, they're gonna be good. They're not, they. It doesn't look as good as your burger, but it's gonna be good.

Lou Mongello: I'm eating this burger purely for health and research reasons, so.

Alright, let's take a quick bite and, and then we'll come back so we just, inhaled is the right word. We inhaled our lunch. The stack burger is, it is a top five, top three burger. Yes. There has to be a top 10. I'm still doing the research for the top 10 burgers in the Walter world that's

Jason Canapp: up there. It's, it's, it's one of the best burgers.

I didn't get the burger. I got the crab cakes because they're, they're actually really good here, but it's the best burger on property. I think

Lou Mongello: that is a tasty burger. Mm-hmm. And I'm sure it's not the only mention of food that we're gonna have, at least for me on our list today. I am, I've been doing this long enough to know to not call this a top 10 list cuz I have about 102 things on my list.

Um, we're not gonna get that far. We're gonna try and somewhat narrow it down to the best of the best or some of our. Favorites with 101 Honorable mentions, but oh, we just had a great experience. This was, this was sort of your idea to sort of do this and, and you are my friend and you are my guest. So I still believe in, in Ladies First.


Jason Canapp: I was waiting first. Well, I thank you. I, I, I think I'm gonna, I'm gonna lead off with the thing that we did today, which was, is one of my favorite things to do here. And that is to take the pontoon boats out, which you can still do. It's back. You can do it at the Contemporary Resort, which is where we went from.

You can also go out on the, uh, from the Grand Floridian Marina. And it is just, um, an amazing experience. It's relatively affordable in terms of the extra, like doing something extra. You can sail around Bay Lake, you can go across the water bridge under the monorail tracks into Seven Seas, lagoon. You have to avoid the fairies of course, and everything.

Um, but you get these, you get this unique perspective at a leisurely pace, um, at that. I, I don't know. I, I think it's one of the best experiences that you can have that's like a little extra thing to do here

Lou Mongello: and you get great photos, great videos, right? We went early in the morning, it was beautiful out, right?

Beautiful blue skies. But imagine doing something like that, like at golden hour, you can bring food with you. So if you wanna sort of have a little picnic on the water, you can do that as well. You captain your own boat. But it's easy. Like it's, it's easier than driving a car. And other than the islands and the ferries, there's not a lot you can crash

Jason Canapp: into.

No. And, and there are plenty of, as we know, there are plenty of, uh, security patrol folks out there on the water to make sure you're steering in the right direction and not lingering in the wrong spot and out of the channel, the lanes for the ferries. Um, and they're very friendly and very helpful. Um, and some, and from time to time they point out interesting things about resorts that we're seeing.

So, uh, it, it was, it's a lovely experience. Um, It's, we're currently currently priced at $90 per 60 minutes. You can also do $45 for 30 minutes. I don't see anyone doing a 30 minute tour. Cause once you're out there, you're just gonna wanna stay out there. Um, they're, they do accept DVC and passholder discounts.

Uh, so we ended up clocking in at, it was about nine, it was 1 0 4 accounting tax, and everything was like $104 for 70 minutes. Wow. So it was good. I think it was a good deal considering how much you would spend, I know how much I would spend just eating my way around Epcot. It's a good way to, to, to, to spend, uh, an hour or something.

Lou Mongello: And it's a great thing, like I said at the intro, like you could do it as a couple. You do it with a bunch of friends, you do it for a romantic morning or like, and it's a, what I like too is it's like, it's, it's a surprise sort of thing that you might not think about, but it's also a cool surprise if you want to surprise somebody.

Right. Come on, let's go out to the pool. Next thing you're walking out to the marina. And you've got, and there's a, there was a ton of pontoon boats. They teach you how to use 'em. It, it's very, very simple. I agree with you. It's one of, I don't, I haven't done it a lot of times, but I really, really enjoyed our time

Jason Canapp: together.

And it's one of the Well, thank you. And it's one of the most relaxing things I think you can do in Walt Disney World as an extra. So if you have spent it a few days in the parks and you're just looking for a nice day to relax, or even just a couple hours to relax and you want to get away from the resort still, this is a great way to do it.

You also don't have to be staying at the resort where you're renting the boat from. Um, they also have boat rentals over on, uh, Crescent Lake as well. So you can rent posts from there and, and then take that little waterway down to the, the, uh, Hollywood Studios area and then back up. So I think it's a must do.

Lou Mongello: Must. And the boats are like, they're brand new, like they're completely new boats. You can probably fit 10, 12 people on there. There's, there's shade and covering. I don't know what the limit is, but there's a limit. I don't know if it said that there was limit

Jason Canapp: 10 10, 10 guest maximum. Okay. So, so think about that.

If it's $90 per 60 minutes and you have a 10 guest maximum, I'm

Lou Mongello: not gonna, I need to, I was gonna say, I need to pull up my AIST to this. You don't need,

Jason Canapp: you don't need an AIST to know that's a good deal if you're dividing it up among the people. I mean, what else can you do here for that, that's not affordable?

That's, I mean, that's really a good deal.

Lou Mongello: No, I love it and I think everybody should do it once and, and like I said, if you're not comfortable driving, they'll teach you. And, and it's, it's very, very simple to do. Uh, I'm gonna go from the water. Um, this is not gonna come as a shock. It is a foodish related little extra, but it's a fun food related thing that really combines two of my favorite things.

Selfies and coffee. Okay. I don't know where this is going, but neither do I. You look wildly confused. Which is, which is the point. Uh, did you know, so I know that, you know, so the sort of quote unquote, official coffee of, of Walt Disney World is Joffrey's Coffee. You can find it throughout the parks and resorts, but do you know that there is a, a coffee experience that you can create?

So some restaurants and some of the c the John's locations, you can go in and when you order your, and I'm not smart enough to order coffee at any of these places, your mocha latte, frappuccino two pump, whatever, two pumps or something, they'll put a little character design on top of it and you can go and choose from.

There's probably 15 to 20, I think it's actually Disney and Marvel and Star Wars characters. But the, the little hidden thing is, did you know that you can download something called Ripples? It's an app called Ripples. Don't look at me that way. No, not ripples. Not ripples, okay. And in that it has preloaded characters.

I'm gonna show you Stop. It has preloaded characters when you fire up the app and it'll show you the, um, it, it loads your uses geolocation to, to find the local location. So I can pick Joffrey's Coffee in Disney Springs and it loads all the different designs that are available. There's a Disney Springs logo.

He's literally

Jason Canapp: showing me the app in, in play. And, and he, the, I, I'm, I'm without words guys. This is incredible.

Lou Mongello: Thank you. But wait, it gets better. I, okay. Because it's not just Mickey and Minnie and, uh, Canto characters and the Joffrey's logo. And what does it say? Oh, how I missed my Joffrey. But wait, this is the part that gets even better.

You can add your own designs. You can upload, this can go wrong. It's not gonna go wrong. Cause I actually you can, did you do this? I did, I did it this morning. But you can pre, you did it this morning. You can, like, I just picked something Oh my goodness. From our boating excursion. So I just, here's just a, an example, a, a selfie from our boating excursion.

I look horrible, but that's not, and it has sort of three different, it, it sort of gives you three different, um, sort of preloaded filters that is best for logos, best for selfies, et cetera. You pick it, you click next, and then you go, you confirm it, or you can save it for later. So like, I meant to click save for later, but so

Jason Canapp: I, and and now you're gonna tell me that they're

Lou Mongello: gonna, now they're gonna go and they're gonna put that on your coffee.

I know it sounds unbelievable, but it's true. It's technology. Is this like, it only, I think it only costs like 50 cents more to do this under coffee. That's

Jason Canapp: just so much fun. I would, how many coffees am I gonna order now? I'm

Lou Mongello: going to like, I want to go just have like six different coffees and I'm probably have to do a video to show this, but Yeah, you, you go, you order your coffee, you show the barista your number and.

Like it magically appears

Jason Canapp: technology. It's wonderful. These newfangled, these newfangled creations. That's really cool. That is one of the coolest, the coolest

Lou Mongello: 50th century you're

Jason Canapp: gonna spend. That's amazing. And I love that tonight, everybody. That's it to go. The app will tell you where to go too. We'll tell you what's like, where, what's eligible, right?

Right. Is it every Joffrey

Lou Mongello: or is it Yeah, so it has LaCava, Riviera, LaCava, Disney Springs.

Jason Canapp: Can I get, I can't get my image and printed like in a margarita. Right? I can't. I I, I don't

Lou Mongello: think we're there yet. Okay.

Jason Canapp: Quite this is, I, I know that this is in my future. This is amazing.

Lou Mongello: And you're like a big te like I, you're, you're li like legit.

Wow. So that's really goodnight everybody. This is it. It's, it's the shortest show ever.

Jason Canapp: That's fantastic. That's fantastic. I, and I wouldn't even do the selfie, I wouldn't come up with some like, really cool design. You could go, you could go into the ai, you could do one of those like dolly things and come up with like an original image and then upload it.

Lou Mongello: But I haven't uploaded like, you know, a choose the Good logo and a WW radio logo and I have to go there tonight obviously in. See how they play

Jason Canapp: out. That's, that's brilliant. That's really cool. Yeah. That's really cool. Ugh. Okay, well then, you know, I guess, I mean, I'm

Lou Mongello: supposed to go next, he'st, scrolling through his list, I was like, now what do I do?


Jason Canapp: do I, what do I, what do I got I'm gonna do, okay, I'll do something somewhat active. Um, I say somewhat because it's, it's barely active, but, but this is something I never did until I was a local, and it's because I was like everyone else always caught up in the rat race. You get to Walt Disney World and you just do, it was whatever you want to, you know as much as you possibly can, but I never got off the beaten path and, and went to play mini golf.

And, and I've done that now a few times with friends and it's actually. A lot of fun and it's, I wouldn't go in the middle of a hot day. I just, just,

Lou Mongello: you know, or the middle of August. Right. Or

Jason Canapp: July. Right. But, um, but you know, in the evening, or on weekday is actually a weekday week. E weekday evening is a wonderful time to go to, you can go to Fantasia Gardens, you can also go to, uh, winter Summerland, which is, they're kind of close to one another.

Uh, winter Summerland is over next to Blizzard Beach. And, I dunno, how do we describe the Fantasia Gardens on the corner? Uh, next to the Swan? It's by the Swan Reserve. Exactly. No, it's next to Swan Reserve and across from Swan Dolphin. Um, and it's relatively, again, relatively affordable. It's fun to do with the entire family.

Um, there's cool music playing. It's just a nice little way to, you can even walk for a Fantasia garden. You can walk there from Epcot or from any of those Epcot resort hotels and just, just get away from everything else. That's kind of, you know, that's in the parks and it's.

Lou Mongello: Like I said, it, it's something fun to do.

You don't need a park ticket, I think, depending on when you go. And I also think dvc and I think it's like $12.

Jason Canapp: Like per person. Yeah, exactly. Right. And you, they do accept DVC and annual passholder uh, discounts as well so that it's a, and it's fun and, and you know, and you, you play for an hour or so and then you get back to the park hopping.

Lou Mongello: I'm more of a winter Summerland kind of guy cause it's fun. Yeah, fun. Which

Jason Canapp: side? Which side? The, the, the winter or the Summerland.

Lou Mongello: I sort of dig the winter side cuz we don't get snow down here anymore. So it's sort of makes me feel the closest I can get to Snow and Santa in the middle of the

Jason Canapp: summer. Yeah.

And the soundtrack's a lot of fun and, and and, and you know, the Santa snoring and the, it's, it's a, it's a

Lou Mongello: hoot. It's a lot, yeah. There's a lot of cool Easter eggs through there as well. And I think you're right it, and you can also do it. So for example, say you do go to Blizzard. You wanna go there for a couple hours, you wanna get outta the water, you go play mini golf, get something to eat, and then head back in, make a full day of it again outside

Jason Canapp: the parks.

Yeah, absolutely. And, and, um, really Anya, I mean, as long as your kid can Yeah. Put the ball, then you, it's good for the whole family. And

Lou Mongello: you've inspired me, Jason. Oh yeah. Because, yeah, so I, you would never guess by looking at me. I'm not really an athlete. You're built for golf, you're built for mini golf, but mini golf is very much like the far reaches of the spectrum of my quote unquote athletic prowess.

But you've inspired me to, to get up, get away from the food from for a little bit, and do something that at least on paper can be somewhat considered re relatively sporty. And actually, no. You know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna combine one, I'm, wait, this is, I'm gonna combine not one, not two, five into one.

And I hope I don't steal four of yours in the process because when I thought of this, it brought me to a specific location. Oh no. That you have to work to get to, okay. You have to work to get there, Uhhuh. And I think while you are there, you can mix and match any or all these activities to make for a really, really fun day.

Plus it calls back to very, very old school, like opening day Walt Disney World type of experience, vacation Kingdom of the world. You know where I'm going? This is the,

Jason Canapp: this was the first place I stayed when I was three years old, was visiting Walt Disney World for the first time. I at the Howard

Lou Mongello: Johnson on 1 92.

Exactly. Now you're, you're talking about Fort Wilderness. I am Fort Will's Resort and the campground. And I think Fort Wilderness is a treasure trove of incredible experiences. And, and I've done a show a long, long time ago about sort of, I think I call it like everything you need to know about Fort Wilderness, but there's some things that have.

Come and gone and some things that have changed. I wanna relatively quick, quickly introduce or reintroduce some of the little things you can do there that you might not have known. When I said sport ish horseback riding from some people's a sport. For me, it's a, it's a very occasional, I can't even call it a hobby, but you can do horseback riding at the Tri Circle D Ranch for ages nine and up 45 minute ride on the trails.

$55 per person. Um, it's beautiful, right? They teach you everything you need to know. There's guides there to help you along. You go through this beautifully wooded area with all kinds of Florida wildlife. Uh, if you have younger kids like two and two and older that are under 80 pounds, that are less than four feet tall, there's $8 petite pony rides.

So even if you have little kids, they can participate in that too. Mm-hmm. But wait, there's more. Oh, I know.

If that isn't exciting enough. Do you know that there's a Fort Wilderness archery experience? I

Jason Canapp: do. I do. I haven't done this yet because no one has been willing to go with me. Dude,

Lou Mongello: I'm sitting right here. I am sitting right here. I will stand behind you when you're doing this. Yeah, I,

Jason Canapp: I would love to, I would, I wanna do this.

Lou Mongello: You dress like mea. I'll dress like Hawkeye. We will go in and do it, but you can, there's a, they have a 75 minute session, um, that, again, you are taught by a professional instructor. There's a range of, um, different targets and you're tr you are instructed by trained academy guide. So you go over to the bike barn and I think you have to be seven years of age or older.

You're taught how to use a compound bow and then given plenty of time to do target practice. And what I really like about this, Jason, is the class sizes are really small. It's only limited in to just. 10 people. Uh, you can do Walkups, but I very much suggest booking it in advance. And if you have, you know, family members or friends or whatever who want to participate, and you don't, there is a viewing area so you can go and watch and, and pick from a safe distance.

Very, very safe. I was gonna say, I would wear protective armor if, if Jason was doing it. Wills are we doing

Jason Canapp: while we're in Fort Wilderness?

Lou Mongello: Am I stealing, am I stealing lots of, no, it's all good. Paybacks.

Jason Canapp: Paybacks. It's all

Lou Mongello: good. I, I'll bet you, you, this is not on your list. Okay. Go. Did you know? Mm-hmm. I'm looking at you deeply into your eyes.

Do you know, and this, and remember like Fort Wilderness ties into this whole feeling of frontier land. Like a lot of these, all these resorts have a connection to their Magic Kingdom counterparts. And we talk about Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and the mining that goes on there. Do you know that you can go mining for gems at Don't nod your head Yes.

Pretend that you've never

Jason Canapp: heard this before. What is this you're talking about? Is there an app for it? There's.

Lou Mongello: It's like Candy Crush. I know the l and b gem mining experience over at the bike barn, which is open every day from nine to five, uh, has three different mining alternatives. There's a painter for about $10. The Emerald Strike for $16 and the mother load for $32. It basically determined the size of the bag that you get.

Once you make your selection, you're given a mining bag and a sorting screen, and then you're brought over to the essay station, which is the little like waterfall, like fountain. Yeah, it's very, um, and then you sort of pour somebody Porsche of your bag onto your screen. You run it under the water to reveal the gems.

And then you get this huge variety depending on the size bag that you get of gems and fossils. Like it is a super cool experience for kids, for parents and kids to do together. And you wanna talk about a unique souvenir to walk away from the parks from other than, you know, a shirt, a hat, a postcard. I think it's really neat.

I think it's

Jason Canapp: fun. I think I would feel a little odd doing it just myself, probably, Hey kids, what did you

Lou Mongello: get? But people like Billy Madison standing

Jason Canapp: Right. But it is, it's kind of cold. It's like, so if you have a kid, take him to do this. Yeah.

Lou Mongello: And while you're at fun, while we're at the bike, I mean, I Do you want me to not steal it?

Am I steal? No, it's all good. It's all good. There's so much on my list. It's not good because I, I, the reason why I'm clumping these all together is cause I really do think, oh, I was joking around. You sort of have to make an effort to get the Fort Wilderness. You do. You have to sort of take a bus and then, you know, to get over there or take the boat for Magic Kingdoms.

Great way. But once you're there, I think you can and shouldn't make a full day. So you can do some of these activities. You can't, have you ever done the wilderness back trail adventure?

Jason Canapp: The wilderness back trail adventure? Is this on? Is this color

Lou Mongello: you stumped? Is this the segue? It is the segue. It's the Segueway X two insert dramatic music.

Music here. I did this years ago. I mean, it's probably been seven to 10 years since it first, um, came about. And you, the, the Seg X two is this like outback high, like fat tire, off-road segway. You're given about 30 minutes of training end a helmet, thankfully. And then you are brought out through these wooded trails, through Fort Wilderness.

You want to talk about unique views of, uh, magic Kingdom and the contemporary. And I'm not sure if it's still there. But you will see a piece of Walt Disney World history that is not on any map. It was here before they bought the property, and is very much part of the history and provenance of the property that was purchased by Disney and is really one of, if not the, if it's still there.

Last remaining element. What?

Jason Canapp: Well, don't leave me hanging. What is

Lou Mongello: it? What's, I'm not saying it's a cabin. Oh. But it what, what'd you think it was?

Jason Canapp: I don't know. I didn't, I didn't, I literally had no idea. It's a cab. Is it a cabin? It's a cabin.

Lou Mongello: It's a cabin. I, I'm, I know, I'm pretty sure I've talked about this on a podcast.

Just listen to the past 715. It's in there somewhere. Um, yeah, there's, um, wow. From the guy who originally owned the, the property, the, what was the remnants of the cabinet was still standing there. I'm

Jason Canapp: just now imagining Jacob's Cabin and Lost. That's,

Lou Mongello: that is, it's basically what, it's okay. That smoke, there's an ash circle all around it.

Um, and this, and obviously, You know, if you want to finish out your day, there's the campfire sing along, which is so much fun. The Chippendale Campfire sing Along is a hidden gem. It's free, right? Like some of the things we're talking about, um, a lot of the, the resorts have campfires, uh, at night and you can make schmos and things like that, but here you have a character experience without having to buy a park ticket or pay any amount of money.

Chippendale are there, there's mo music, there's movies. You can bring your own s'mores ingredients or you can purchase stuff while you're there. It's very inexpensive. But this is what I mean, Jason, like I, I, that's why I want sort of loop, hoop loop. Um, Fort Wilders into one because there's the playground and the snack bar and Hoopty Do and Crocketts Tavern and the sing along and fishing and canoes.

Like you can make a,

Jason Canapp: the kayaking and the canoes. I love kayak. It is the most wonderful thing. You have so many things to add in our list. You can channel your little, your, your inner impressions to France in some of the spots and like kind of drift under the branches. It's, it's really a lot of fun. It's a lot of fun and it's all really inexpensive.

I mean, like, I don't even just mean Disney, inexpensive, I mean by any standard of recreational activities, inexpensive and fun to do with the family. Yeah. It's really, I mean, most of these things you can do with just about any age. Some things have like nine and up and so forth, but it's, it's, you didn't talk about, I mean, you touched upon the Tri Circle D Ranch thing, right?

I didn't

Lou Mongello: talk about the buffet.

Jason Canapp: I'm sorry. Well, there's the, there's the ranch, there's the, the ranch up front where you can, where you do the horseback riding from. Then there's the ranch that, that houses the working horses of Walt Disney World. And you can go and see some of them, meet some of them. There are pony rides that you can do right there with the gis.

And I, I think I'm saying I don't, I think this is what this is called, the Kalia, the old Kalia is there as well. And there's a certain special song that it will play when you push the button. And I won't say what it is, gotta leave that as a surprise. Um, but it's that, it's a brand new building, relatively speaking, and it is a lovely place to visit.

And it's completely free.

Lou Mongello: Completely free. And there's Walt history, a lot of like Walt history and photos in there too. Yeah,

Jason Canapp: yeah. A lot. And, but when else can you get up close and personal with these beautiful, beautiful horses and ponies that are used? I mean, in wedding, you know, for weddings or used on Main Street?

It's, it's, it's a lot of fun.

Lou Mongello: Yeah. You and you, like you said, you don't need to stay, you don't need to sleep in a tent under the stars in order to. Enjoy Fort Wilderness.

Jason Canapp: No, and and I, and I will say, look, I, I agree. I totally agree with the idea of spending an entire day there. I think absolutely you can and you should.

There's the beach and so forth. And while we're down at the beach in that area, we might as well stay into the evening, not just for the sing along, but also to see the electric water pageant as it drifts. As it drifts by Yeah. You like how I did that? And, and which of course you, you can do from also the Wilderness Lodge or the Grand Floridian or the Polynesian or Contemporary, any of those, um, any of the resorts, the Magic Kingdom resorts.

Uh, you can see that every night. This is, this is an original. Yeah, this is, this is the, this is o this is og. I, I can't even get away with saying that. My kids like that. Don't even try. Um, but this is, this is original, classic Walt Disney World, that electric water pageant and, and, um, and the Baroque Ho down and everything else.

Just, just fantastic.

Lou Mongello: That's a nice way to sort of book a No, that's a nice way to sort of punctuate a a a really nice day.

Jason Canapp: It's a one. Yeah. I love it. I love it. And, um, it is, it's a, it is totally worth the journey to get over there.

Lou Mongello: Yeah. Is that, was that, is that next on your list or you just No, I, I'm just, I

Jason Canapp: was just kind of shoehorning that in, if you don't mind.

Lou Mongello: Okay. Because you were looking at me like, I I have nothing left on my list. No, no, no. I

Jason Canapp: told you pe I told you about paybacks. And so, um, we're going to go to an area, another resort area that's on a body of water as well. But we're not gonna, we're gonna go from Bay Lake over to the Epcot resort area and we're gonna go to the boardwalk in, on Crescent Lake because at the boardwalk in there is street performers In the evening, there's, you know, jugglers and magicians and people who can tort their bodies and.

Shapes and things. Um,

Lou Mongello: I thought you said cantor their bodies. I'm like, no, I think he said contort his bodies. Thankfully,

Jason Canapp: yes, of course there's shopping and dining and everything else. Um, but there's also, there's also the Surry bike rentals that you can do from there. You can do 'em from a lot of places and we, we'll talk about that more.

But, but I would, I would argue that, The boardwalk is just a really nice sort of center, uh, of, of, of entertainment and other activities. Um, I won't, I won't say all of them because I, I could really, you can believe, well, I mean, I did. I mean, there's jelly rolls, there's the Atlantic Dance Hall there. Of course, there's the movies on the lawn that they have there.

They have 'em over the yacht beach club as well. Um, and if you're feeling, I don't know, maybe, uh, like you need a little bit of a lift in your life in your day, you can walk over to the Skyliner right there at Epcot International Gateway entrance and hop on the Skyliner and take a wonderful journey through the sky, over to the Riviera, over to pop century, to to uh, to Caribbean beach resort.

You can go and just come back and it's free. It's completely.

Lou Mongello: I absolutely love the sky. I think the skyline, I mean, it's not a hidden gem, so it didn't make the list, but it's one of my favorite sort of out off property things to do if you just want sort of a chill, like I remember one night I went on, on a Wednesday night going live, but we all,

Jason Canapp: we all remember this.

We all remember this.

Lou Mongello: Oh, you do? Because my car, yeah, because I, oh yeah. Remember this? My battery died. And,

Jason Canapp: and, and the and you. And you, and you went at the worst possible time. There is a time to avoid, and that is when the parks are closing because Yeah. You do have to wait. You have to cue It's not, actually don't have to, it doesn't, it looks a lot worse than it is in terms of the weight, but there's a bit of a wait.

Yeah. And when you're only, when you're on live. Yeah.

Lou Mongello: It's, it's a little bit of downtime. It's fine. It all worked out well and everybody, it was great.

Jason Canapp: It's, people are afraid in the summer. They're afraid it's gonna be hot. They're, it's not, it's breezy. It's, it's really nice. Um, it's, it, it, I mean, it's not an, it's not overstating it to say these are some of the most unique views you will see in Wal Disney World.

It's, it's incredible. Um,

Lou Mongello: and can you get off at Riviera and get a little

Jason Canapp: nosh? Yes. That's a great way to resort hop as well. And, and, um, and if you wanna do the full loop and you have the full experience, you can also, I would say take the skyliner over to over to Hollywood Studios, get off there, and then you can take one of the friendship boats up the waterway, back up to the boardwalk in

Lou Mongello: area.

Yeah, it's a good time right there. That's a good time. That has a good time right there. Um, I'm gonna go from, um, and, and I like the Surrey bikes by the way. Yeah. We, um, and I, I, I,

Jason Canapp: we owe that more, we owe that more attention as well. I, I do

Lou Mongello: like to and I like them actually. Um, they're really nice. The, I really like that they're fort will, uh, Fort Wilderness at, at French Quarter.

Yes. Um, there's something wonderfully charming and intimate and. And there's not as big a hills as around the, the Crescent

Jason Canapp: Lakeland. Well, yeah. And also over at Port Orlene Riverside as well. And, um, the one thing to know is that you are, when, when you have a Sury, you're not allowed to take the sury from port's French Quarter to Riverside like you are.

If you have like a standard bike. I think you can with a standard bite, take them to both. But if you're on a sur you can't do that. Um, but, but man, that is a lot of fun. Is it? Is, it is affordable. Um, you can, uh, Saratoga Springs Old Key West. Great. Some great resorts to just kind of, you know, put around and you can get to these resort resorts.

Again, if you're not staying there, you can go to Disney Springs and take one of the boats to those resorts. So you could, if you could take the bus also to one of the resorts and, and access, uh, these, all of these activities we're talking about.

Lou Mongello: Yeah. Everything is easy to get to and you don't need, like I said, need to be staying anywhere to do it.

Um, I'm also going to take you out of the parks Okay. To a resort. Mm-hmm. Uh, this is gonna combine. One, two, no, three. Wait, four of my favorite words. It's gonna com combine, uh, tours, right? Where we sort of get into some of the details and history and, and some of the, the magic behind the magic, um, food.

Mm-hmm. Free and air conditioning. Oh, yes. Oh, now you got, now, now you got my, this is intrigued. Uh, have you ever done or heard of not one, not two, but any of the three Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge restaurant tours?

Jason Canapp: I have participated in, uh, a couple of, well, there's, there's the one where, okay, I haven't done 'em for a long time, so I don't know if this is how they do it anymore, but the one that these do, one, like around four o'clock or four 30, uh, it's free, completely free.

And they would take us over, over to, I think we, I think we did BMA second. I think we did BMA second. I'm not not mistaken, but they take you to, um, the Oh my gosh. What? Thank you. Oh, my, the cooking place, which is what? Um, and, and they show you, you know, the kitchen area, open kitchen area, and I think we used to be able to get a little taste of something.

Mm-hmm. Some of the breads and stuff, and then they would take you over to Boma, um, and show you that area as well. It, it's lovely. It was Do they still do it?

Lou Mongello: They do. I believe, I believe they are back. I, I don't as, as, as of the day we are recording this, I believe they're back check before you make the, the, the trek out there.

Animal kingdom so far away. Um, and they're, they're completely free. You do not need to be staying there. They're available even to offsite guests and they are half hour culinary tours that take place every day. Mm-hmm. And they cover the architecture and the decor and the meaning and the cultural significance behind what you see.

And yes, what you taste. You do get a little bit of a, uh, sample of some food, but the cultural representatives from a number of different culture countries, They take you on this fascinating, informative, um, tradition focused journey through, uh, BOMA and Chico. And then, uh, Sina, I Thinksa, I think Sonata takes place at, maybe they all take place at like four o'clock or so.


Jason Canapp: rule. That's just mean if they're not, if they're overlapping, they need to let, allow us

Lou Mongello: time to, yeah, or, or maybe I think the Bowman Chico one might be like at one 30 and Sina at four o'clock. Um, the website when I had checked was not, was not clear. Um, so just, um, double check. Same thing, Jason. You could make, you know, a half day or an afternoon at an evening.

You go to the tours, go into the lobby and either do a self-guided tour or find one of the cultural representatives to, and I won't try and pronounce any of the names, but to show you the significance and the meaning behind the masks and the artwork that are authentic. Um, and, and come from. So many different places throughout Africa.

It is a fascinating educational opportunity, all of which is free. And then you stay and go get


Jason Canapp: bread service. It's an, it's an incredible experience. We're talking about in, I assume we're talking about in Jambo house, um, in the lobby area. It is. And, and there's also the little, is that the Sunset room that's off the, sort of, off to the side?

It, it is a museum. It, there, it's a lobby. Yes. It's a great place to relax, to charge your phone, your devices, um, have nice conversation and a cocktail. But it is also a museum and you can spend a long time just walking around and reading and, and learning all about the, the various, um, cultural elements that have been brought, you know, into this space.

And what's really cool is that, you know, some things are behind glass and, and you know, sort of. Kind of, you know, partitioned off so you can't touch them, but some things actually you're encouraged and invited to, to touch and, and and, and feel them and it's real. And that sounds weird, but, um, but in a lot of museums you can't, you, it's, they keep everything behind glass.

And, and there are some things that I say it's really cool for kids too. I think they, they invite you to get up close and personal with these, um, cultural elements. And I mean, I dunno if you were going here, but you should go outside as well. Yeah. Into the Savannah and the over the overlook there where there are additional cultural, uh, representatives out there.

And sometimes there are some of the zookeepers as well out there feeding animals and, and, and leading conversations about the various animals that you can see. And it's all free

Lou Mongello: and go at night and they give you the night vision goggles Awesome. Which is

Jason Canapp: it used to be. And I assume it's still free. I think it's still free.

You just have to know it's there and go and look for it. And it's, um, it's, it is incredible that it's just, it Disney. Disney gets such a pad rap sometimes about the nickel and diamond and like, oh, they're charging for this and charging for that, and, you know, okay, whatever. But it's incredible, and I don't wanna say too loud, but it's incredible.

Like how much stuff is still just either free or really

Lou Mongello: affordable and it's why we're doing this, right? And it's why I wanted to make sure I, in addition to some of the things that are paid, I wanted to highlight some of the things that you can do that are free.

Jason Canapp: Absolutely. And, and, and I, you know, I think it's okay to, I'm not cheating too much to say this isn't just an animal Kingdom Lodge experience.

I think if you were at the boardwalk, if you're at the yacht club, the board, I mean the Boardwalk in particular has some really cool, uh, paintings and murals, and they have the little, the little, what is that? The cinemascope or thing where you, the old time, like movie player thing, which they still function, they still work.

And you can learn so much about like what these resorts time and the places that these resorts represent. In the real world that's been brought to you here, that

Lou Mongello: Wilderness lodge is another great place. And, and, and also, and I mean though they used to, I'm not sure if if they're back yet used to do free tours as

Jason Canapp: well.

They are back. They are doing them, and they are free still, and they're incredible. And they'll take you into places that you can't get to otherwise. And, and it's like the Wilderness Lodge tour is a couple hours long sometimes, like, depending on who your tour guide is and how in depth they get, because they also take you down to, uh, the Kellwood Pacific room and those areas, uh, in the DVC buildings.

It's, I mean, it's incredible. And you had a great, and you've had at least one podcast episode about this, uh, I think with, with Jim Corki. Mm-hmm. Um, which was incredible. Um, you've probably done more Wilderness Lodge. I feel like you could spend an entire day there just learning. Yeah. I mean, it's that, it's that and dining

Lou Mongello: learning and dining.

It's a Yeah. Yeah.

Jason Canapp: Why? Of course. Of course. I don't even, who, whose turn are we

Lou Mongello: on? I think it's your, I think it's your turn, unless I've stolen everything on your list. No, no. There's

Jason Canapp: still plenty of stuff to do. All right. Um, I'm trying to think what's, what would balance things out nicely. Right. Uh, well, okay.

May, maybe this is mean to do for you. Well, one of the, the cool things that you do, um, for members of the nation is that you have this scavenger hunt that you send out monthly. And, and, and while I have never actually completed one myself because I'm just not that ambitious, um, there are also scavenger hunts that you can participate around the resorts as well.

And they have the little hidden mickey hunts that wilderness lodge and pirate adventure, uh, things that, it's just really, it's a fun activity to do on the fly. You don't have to do it all at once. You can kind of make it like if you're staying at a resort, you can make it an activity that you do throughout the, the period that you're there.

Um, But yeah, I would say check with, check with, um, you know, the concierge or check with the, the resort desk and ask them if they have a scavenger hunt guide. And they, I think they all do. Uh, and it's, that's a nice little, like, fun little freebie thing.

Lou Mongello: And a lot of the resorts have that. If you just go to the front desk or go to the concierge.

And I don't just mean in deluxe resorts, right? I'm talking about in moderates and even in value resorts too. Then I'll get to one of the ones you can find at a value resort, but they have scavenger hunt, they have weekend activities. Um, sometimes they have, this is not in my wheelhouse, but they've got like little 5k fun runs that you can do.

Again, not really for me. I'll, I'll be waving to you with my, with Benet and hand, but you can do these little fun. But we, they're, they're called resorts, not hotels for reason, because there is so much to do. You don't necessarily have to feel like you've gotta go commando style into the parks from rope drop until close.


Jason Canapp: And you also don't feel like you have to be staying at the resort to do a lot of these things. The resorts want you to come visit. They want you to see, uh, you know, what they've done that's special for that particular resort. For example, during the holidays, you may want to visit, I don't know, maybe the Grand Floridian can see the gingerbread house, or during Easter you can be at the Grand Floridian.

See the Easter eggs that are made of, they're all made of chocolate somehow. I don't, I don't know if I believe it, but that's

Lou Mongello: what they say. There's one right out front. Did you see the golden egg? No. There's the, it's the golden looser glazing on the edge. I want it now. I'm probably gonna see this so much.

Um, she was a bad egg.

Jason Canapp: Yeah. Oh, lupa. Um, so, so

Lou Mongello: there, there's, I'm working

Jason Canapp: on it. I'm like, I'm, I'm the problem right now is that as, as you're, you're opening this can of worms here, because I, there's so much stuff to do at these resorts. Um, that are like, again, it's free. They want you to come here. Look, you can buy some stuff too while you're there.

That's encouraged. You wanna buy like a gingerbread, like shingle and so and so forth. Um, but it's just, I, I think that it really is a surprise to a lot of people in my experience, when they learn that they can go to these resorts even when they're not staying there. It's something you can do. You can take the bus, you can take the ferry, you can make an ADR and have a nice dinner at these resorts that's themed around the resort, um, and get out there and get outside the parks and explore.

Lou Mongello: But sometimes, and this, and I, I actually had this on my list. Yeah, it, it happened to us today, just a little while ago. It's something that I think a lot of people don't know about. We're super busy when we're here, we're on the go esp and sometimes, you know, you may have never seen this before. Meltdowns happen.

I don't just mean the kids meltdown, mom and dad meltdown. It's a long day. Mm-hmm. Maybe you know what, you can't get an ADR or make your ADR for dinner at night and then going back to the room when you just maybe don't want to get food from the, you know, the, the little, um, merchandise shop. And, you know, not that Doritos is a bad meal or counter service is a bad meal, but I think what a lot of people don't know is that you can get your food to go.

And I don't mean going to a counter service location and getting your food to go and sit and eat, but did you know that some table service restaurants and Walt is a role offer, a mobile order option that lets you take your items to go? Yeah, you do now, because we just saw Zach do it. We're at Steak Cast 70.

And he got his lunch to

Jason Canapp: go. I, I've, I've been known to do it from time to time. I tend to like just sit and just, but it's, it's actually, if you want to, I mean, you could literally have the Steakhouse 71 Food Experience waterside. Yeah. You could take it down to the, down to the marina there in here at, at the Contemporary Resort, and sit there and listen to the Nice, you know, eighties, seventies, eighties style music and have your burger and just watch or in your

Lou Mongello: room, right.

You can, you can do it in your room too. Okay. So places like we just mentioned it, Sina Tro Ano Steakhouse, 71 3 Bridges, Olivia's Kona Cafe. Imagine getting your nice noodles or your, uh, your rice with the duck and taking it outside, eating it by the, the pool or the beach Geyer Point Ale encompass. You can either walk up and order it or you can mobile order it.

So using mobile order, you can order it and then just go with your, with your app to a designated area and pick up your food. It is such an an, it's a simple, easy, but often overlooked opportunity for people who maybe for one reason other you can't or don't want to go and do the full sit down thing, but still have the food from one of those

Jason Canapp: restaurants.

I, so, so the one, the one, this is an ambitious one and it takes, takes some doing, but to go tosa, you do a mobile order for Sina to go and then you can take that with you over to, this is what I've done over to Jambo house and go and sit outside in that little, like in that area, sort of, it's outside the pool area, but it's that it has a nice sort of tropical feel and there's outlets over there you can plug in and it's just really nice.

And now by, by Mara, right? By, yes, exactly by Mara And you, so you have this, this, you can have this Sonal experience, the bread service and everything at your own pace, which kind, it's kind of nice to have this table service, food experience, but at your own pace where you know no one's rushing you through the bread service.

Lou Mongello: The only thing we're missing is like a Luber Eats or I could just order these thing and have it delivered to my house. I would be, I would pay whatever premium was necessary. If I could get Sina, oh my god, bread service. How many Wednesday night Live shows? I'm like, if only there was somebody, anybody who would bring, or I forget, go with me.

Just bring Mesina bread service. But yeah, over ordering table service food to go, uh, is I think a great overlooked, easy but wonderful hidden gem. And if you

Jason Canapp: have a kid, look for the most of us, I mean, my kids are older now, but I, there was a time where I wouldn't feel comfortable taking them to a restaurant because they're boys and they were always, you know, the best behaved.

And sometimes they're like, oh, I don't wanna eat that. They don't have anything. And I wanted to have a nice meal experience. You can actually do this. You can, you can, you can get that food to go and go somewhere where your kids aren't gonna embarrass you.

Lou Mongello: I mean, they can embarrass you in the privacy of

Jason Canapp: your own room.

Right? That's true. That's true. So, I, I think, I think that was yours. I don't, I don't, I think that was me. I don't really know. I'm okay. So we talked about, oh, well, I mean, I know you talked about the s'mores and you talked about, and we talked about the campfires and, and so forth, but we didn't, one thing we missed talking about, I think, which happens at the, uh, Chippendales Sing Along is the movies.

The movies that are, we didn't talk about the movies. The movies that are, that are just about every resort, at least all the, all the, I think all the deluxe resorts have them, I think.

Lou Mongello: I think all the resorts, I think all because I remember standardized. Right, because I remember. I remember actually being at Animal Kingdom Lodge and watching from the pool, but I also remember being at Pop, uh, art of Animation.

Jason Canapp: Yeah. And, and Grand Dino Tower had like on the lawn out in front, in front of the lake there. They have, they have them there as well. And, and it's just a lot of fun too. And it's free and, um, especially around Crescent Lake, you can kind of get your pick movies because they, they'll they'll do a movie at Boardwalk and then they'll do a movie over at the Beach Club Beach.

Um, so you can kind of choose like,

Lou Mongello: it's like the drive-in theater experience, but

Jason Canapp: Right. Well you pull your Surry bike, park it and listen. Yeah,

Lou Mongello: exactly. Listen, if I'm paying for the Surry bike, I'm gonna make my son like pedal that Surry

Jason Canapp: bike. Absolutely. Cuz that one hill that's like, yeah. It's a killer.

Yeah, absolutely. It's leg day all over again. Um, so that, that'll, I mean, I think that, I think that counts as mine. I mean, that counts.

Lou Mongello: I'll do a quick one. I'll do a quick one in return while you look. Okay. Um, I've mentioned this before. I, I, I'm serious, super serious when I say this, that I think every person.

Needs to seize at least once. Mm-hmm. And I, and I would even say if you can once every trip, uh, especially if you are American, um, the flag retreat ceremony at five o'clock in the, um, magic Kingdom Town Square is a wonderful, beautiful, important ceremonial and actually moving experience. Um, they have a veteran participate with the, with the, uh, flag guard mm-hmm.

To take down the flag at five o'clock. The star Spangle bander plays, uh, I talked about this a little bit more. We're back on show 1 0 8 where we talk about Walt Disney World. From a military perspective, it happens every single day as it should, and it's maybe 15 minutes, but it, it is maybe something that you've missed, but absolutely something you should see.

I, I

Jason Canapp: ab it and it, it's one of those things that gives you chills and. Tears. And it is, it's an emotional, and it's something, it's, yes, it's a patriotic experience, but it's also an emotional experience. Cause you see the people who are involved in doing it and how serious it is. Like it's, it's something everyone should, should see at least once.

And while they're there, while they're there, they can head over to, uh, what's it called? Crystal arts. Mm-hmm. And see the glass. That that happened. I don't know if there's a schedule to the glass blower, but I, they seem to be doing whenever I like pop in. But that's, I it's one of those things that's not well known that you could just right off of Main Street and it's been here


Lou Mongello: 50 years.

Jason Canapp: Yeah. But, and it's still happening. It's like they haven't told anybody. It's still happening, but it's still, it's

Lou Mongello: still happening. The Aribas brothers are, they're they are, they're a fixture. Well, and in Disney Springs

Jason Canapp: too. Abso yeah. And do they do the Glass Pine in Disney Springs too? Oh, oh, look at that.

Look at it. Yeah. So, and

Lou Mongello: that's another just, we're just cooler magic Kingdom cuz of, of where they do it and the room that they do it

Jason Canapp: in and the history. Yeah. And it feels right. It's a magic kingdom. And you feel, and it feels like this little secret thing that you're doing that Oh, oh, all these people don't know about this is, this is my little secret.

It's, it's a, it's a nice experience. Yeah.

Lou Mongello: Yeah. And even if you don't, even if you don't buy anything, just watching how they do it and talking to these masterful artisans and craftspeople, creating this thing that, that is such a, a long time tradition. Um, and I know for some people like that's. They're sort of family souvenir, right?

Some people get, uh, Mickey ear, some people get ornaments, some people like they get their a Reba's brother every time.

Jason Canapp: Absolutely. And also around the corner. And I don't know, maybe this, maybe this is a cheat. I don't think it is. Um,

Lou Mongello: Starbucks. I hope Starbucks is not on your list.

Jason Canapp: No. Cuz they don't do the fun app thing with the No, but the, is that center street is this thing still called that is in and of itself this, this, this space, this little oasis In the midst of this sort of chaos of the, of the magic kingdom that where you can go and just sort of get off the beaten path and, and sit at a table at the end of the street.

And, and if it's quiet, not even if it's real quiet, you can hear, you can hear the, the singing lessons happening above you. You can hear the, the chatter. Um, it, and I would include that in, in, or maybe this was on your list, I don't know, but like, Reading all of the names along Main Street and the Windows and, and learning about the history and, and you know, you can do that through a tour, like an official tour or, or I've been told that a certain person has these recordings that are still available somewhere.


Lou Mongello: I think they're on, they're still on Spotify. And are they on Spotify? Yeah, they're on Spotify and Apple Music. And are they free now then? I mean, I bought, I bought

Jason Canapp: mine. I, I, I, anyway, um, yeah, Lu Manillo happens to have some wonderful

Lou Mongello: reasons asking for a refund now that No,

Jason Canapp: no. They have, they're, they're, they're still fantastic.

They still, they still hold up and, um, and it's a great way to kinda learn about that space and to do it almost for free or maybe, possibly,

Lou Mongello: possibly

Jason Canapp: for free. Um, to tend to spend time on Main Street and on Center Street and kind of, you know, and, and, and listen. You can listen and then you can stop it and listen to the real sounds.

It's, it's a wonderful experience to have in the park. Don't just do it at home. You can do it. In the park as well.

Lou Mongello: So I'm going to go, we went from my non-athletic prowess at flat places like, uh, Fort Wilderness to, I'm not only non-athletic, but I also don't have a creative artistic bone in my body. Okay.

Where my daughter got it. If she didn't look like me, I'd start to wonder cuz she's incredibly talented and creative. I, I, I'm not, I'm not very good. My stick figures have not really evolved much from third grade to the age I am now, despite my best efforts. If only there were free drawing classes at Walt Disney World.

It, there are, and there's not one, but there's two places you can go get 'em. And I think one of the thing that put it on the list for me first was the version that takes place over at Disney's Animal Kingdom. That is the animation experience at Conservation Station, which, Ken and almost should be on the list by itself.

Cause I think a lot of people just don't go out there.

Jason Canapp: I, I'm glad you put it cuz it wasn't on my list and it should have been on the list. And you're right. I it's, it's like this again, this, it's an, it's a set of attractions. Um, there's a train ride involved in getting there. Uh, and it's, it is, you know, when you get off and you, when you first arrive it, there's this, you can feel the stress just kind of just melt off.

It's this

Lou Mongello: the same meandering path that you do when you enter animal kingdom. Yeah. To get where you, and you have that reveal of conservation station, but less people.

Jason Canapp: Less people and, and, and, and, and there's something tear conditioned. Well, eventually, yeah. Well, but there's also the veterinary side. You can see the, through the window and the veterinarians working and, uh, taking care of the animals there.

There's the petting zoo right out there. That right. I'm close. I totally forgot. It is, uh, absolutely worth, worth doing. I haven't, I've seen the, um, the, uh, drawing lessons happening. I've never actually participated in it. And so now, I need to go back and do that. You

Lou Mongello: should, because one, it's free any age can participate.

It takes about 25 minutes. And what I like specifically about this one is the Disney animators sort of share the secrets about how they bring their characters to life, but using real world animals as inspiration. So it doesn't matter your skill level or in my case, lack of skill levels, but an animator gives you step by step instructions on how to, you know, mimic what they're doing and follow their lead to create your own version of a, of a character and it to take away souvenir.

They also do it at, uh, art of Animation Resort, a little more intimate over there. It takes place in the lobby again by an animator. Uh, usually it takes place like three times a day, like 11, two and five. Check with the front desk. Same thing. It doesn't matter if while you're checking in or waiting to go and eat, um, You or your kids can sit there and learn and talk to an animator.

And I, what I like about that one is because it's a smaller setting, it's a lot little more conversation that can happen. I think it's a great experience. It's a great opportunity, especially for kids. And you also get to take away a free souvenir. I I, that is uniquely you.

Jason Canapp: I, I had heard about the one at Art of Animation.

I've never seen it happening. So that's, that's really, that's a great idea. That's a great idea. And I think we have to also talk about, and this can count, was one of my, um, in the parks and in the parks experience that you can have that I think is just, it's like, it's like steering you in the face, but it's, and it's hiding in plain sight a lot of times.

And that is the conversations and you know, whether it's, whether it's the kid co uh, you know, I dunno if they still call 'em the kid Co Fun Stops. Did they still call 'em that? Where you, but you're going around World Showcase and you don't have to be a kid. You don't even have to have a kid to like to, to go around and engage in conversation with.

People ca you know, these cast members here from their home countries and now that, that we, there was a period of time where, you know, post pandemic, that, that that wasn't the case. But it's, it's come back now and you can learn so much. You can learn. So he's looking at me like I'm crazy. He's like, where are you going with this?

I agree. But one of my favorite things to do also that's hidden is in the China pavilion. And it's in the temple and it's not going to the movie. That's a lot of fun. I'm still waiting for that new film. Um, but to go into the Shanghai, the Shanghai Disneyland exhibit, which I, I would, I would be willing to bet most people have no idea is even there.

But that is an amazing experience, um, to learn more about it and probably, you know, be inspired to go visit the park.

Lou Mongello: It's um, I forgot, you forgot that it was still there. Cause I haven't been there in so long. But I think you're right. I think people. Sort of walk by or they'll walk through the shop and not even bother.

Have you ever, um, and I don't know if it's there. Have you ever done the, the trick with the bowl

Jason Canapp: trick? The

Lou Mongello: trick with the bowl? With the bowl? I'm gonna have to do like a short little, I'm gonna

Jason Canapp: take, is it make the ramen disappear, is it? No,

Lou Mongello: it's the wrong country. Perfect. But no, there's the bowl with the water that makes the, the sound.

I don't know if it's still there. It, it was there years and years ago. We'll go one day and we'll eat and we'll make our way around. Do that. Make our way to China. Um, alright, let's try and get down to our last couple of ones because we could, we could easily be here. I'm going to, you know what I was just talking about?

The, the animation of, and the, the, the drawing of the character. You may be listening and go, well, you know what, that sounds like it's something maybe a little bit more for kids. Maybe it's not really for me. I'm gonna sort of marry that with another experience. The, unless you're staying there or unless you sort of look for it or somebody, I, I really, there's a good chance you've probably never heard of this.

Oh, no. Do you know, oh, am I stealing one from you? I don't know. I don't know. Is it the, the Spanish Mosaic art class? It, it

Jason Canapp: is not. But now I'm intrigued.

Lou Mongello: You just leaned in, like, wait, what? So over at Idea though, over at Coronado Springs, you can immerse yourself in this tradition of creating your own souvenir of Mosaic.

What? With a little bit of Disney touch. Oh, it's $25, right? It's not a huge investment. And you create this Disney themed artwork of your own that's inspired by the mosaics of Barcelona that blends seasonal elements with Disney characters and. And you're probably like, oh, what is, it's 25 bucks. It's a 15 minute, it's a two hour experience.

You walk away with this amazing, do this unique. I'm getting there. Okay. Okay. Um, that also, and it's because it's Celica. They give you a travel container to take it home and it's, you know, the size is really up to you. It could be up to 12 inches by 12 inches, so it could be something of meaningful size.

It takes place on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday afternoons from one to three at Dolia Lounge. Oh. Which is an inspiring setting up on the 16th floor.

Jason Canapp: This is, this is like, this is like, you've lived in your house for years and suddenly you've just been introduced to a room that you didn't realize existed.

Like, oh, look at

Lou Mongello: this. Isn't the stairs around the corner? It happens

Jason Canapp: to be a man cave. Oh, I didn't know this was here.

Lou Mongello: Wow. This is credible Dolly lounge, which you know, is Love it. Gorgeous up there. Yeah, we should, we'll go do this one day and it's. It's well worth like $25 and the fact that it takes place from like one to three, then you finish, maybe you go downstairs, you relax a little bit, and then you go up back up to Dolly Lounge and have a little happy hour

Jason Canapp: Nosh.

I, I thought you were going somewhere else and I was gonna get really upset.

Lou Mongello: I don't wanna steal anything from you. Sorry, sir.

Jason Canapp: Are you finished with this one? Can are,

Lou Mongello: because you're saying Oh no, because you're saying I was gonna get you upset then I won't piggyback the thing I was almost about to piggyback is

Jason Canapp: the thing you were gonna, is it outside?

It is outside. Is it down the steps and like outside?

Lou Mongello: It just involves something that comes in the glass. It does a few glasses. You can say it. If I didn't have two devices in my head, I'll give you a high five. Yeah. Are we talking about the Sangria University?

Jason Canapp: Oh, we're talking about the Sangria University.

We, we really didn't plan this ahead of time. No, not at all. But it, and it's, it literally wasn't even on my list, but it, as soon as you started mention. I, I can't, I can't believe it wasn't on my list. Uh, I have gotten really close to doing this many times that I haven't actually done it. Have you actually done, I, I've known people who've done it.

I've actually booked it and planned to do it, but then things have come up and I haven't been able to do it. You sound

Lou Mongello: like a kid in high school. Like, I've come really close to kissing a girl, but I've never actually kissed a girl like I've thought about it once. Um, I did it when, um, when Three Bridges first opened and Granite Senior first opened there, there was a media event there and I was able to participate in it there.

Um, it is a lot of fun. It takes place only on Saturdays and Sundays in the afternoon. Um, and they let you learn how to make your own glass of sania from the selection of different base spirits and fruits. And then there's a tasting of the four different sangria offerings and a little appetizer. So it's Sangria and Aana.

Oh. Oh. And that's $59 and it lasts about an hour. Yeah. And,

Jason Canapp: and well, yes. My, my notes say 90 minutes, but who's counting? Oh,

Lou Mongello: 90 minutes. I'm sorry. I said you're right.

Jason Canapp: I can't, who's counting when you have sangria flowing, but I don't know if they still do this. They used to, they used to, on the weekdays, they used to allow booking for private groups.

So you had to, you had to assemble a group of, of like certain size. It wasn't huge though. I think you just needed like 10 people

Lou Mongello: or so. Yeah, we already nation assembled. Like, I'm gonna look into, I'm literally, when we're done here,

Jason Canapp: we, it has to happen. It has to happen. Um, but you just have to have a certain number of people.

It's 10 or 15 people, which shouldn't be hard to, to, you know, coalesce. I'm sure we can pull. Yeah. Yeah. And then you can have your own little privates angry a party,

Lou Mongello: dude, that's, that's a winner right there. I'm like, I, I'm gonna look into that. Yeah. So that doesn't count as one of mine. That does not count as one of yours.

Okay. But you get huge kudos and credit for it. Well, th well, thanks.

Jason Canapp: Um, I'm gonna go over this, this one, this one just popped into my head too. I'm gonna go over to the, to the Swan Dolphin. And I think it's worth mentioning that you can, you can actually do the swan paddle boats. Oh. Out there on the, that, in that little beach area that's kind of tucked away that most people don't even realize exist.

Even people who stay at the hotel don't realize it's there. But yet you can actually, you can, you can take those little paddle boats out. I don't even know that it costs

Lou Mongello: money. I don't, I've stayed at the Swan Dolphin 50 times. I've, I've never done, I don't know. I, I

Jason Canapp: have, I haven't. We've, I've, again, this is one of those things where I've talked, we've planned on doing it and talked about doing it, and we just haven't done it yet.

I started

Lou Mongello: walking out that way and get distracted by kimonos and never come out. Well, right. And that's

Jason Canapp: also where they, that's also where they do the parties and, and so forth. And sometimes they have the DJs playing. But, um, yeah, it's, it's, it's those, it's those little things. It's those little things. I don't think you're gonna say this.

So I'm gonna say also like at the resorts, the yard games, the, the, the, whether it's like the life size chess boards that you can find all over the place, the Checkerboards and so forth. Um, you know, they'll bring out, they'll bring out the sort of old school games. Sometimes croquet, like lawn darts? No, like, but not well, like, like long arts, but not long lawn darts obviously.

Um, and corn hole and things like that. Uh, um, it's common to see those, you know, at various resorts. Um, and, and it's free and it's fun and, uh, and you can just, you, you know, you just, you just, my favorite place, my favorite place is that Bay Lake Tower tucked away sort of on the backside of Bay Lake Tower is what I consider like the Olympics of, of resort yard games.

I mean, they have everything there and you. I, I, I mean, I don't know if it's official or not, but I have gone and, um, and you know, played some games there and cast members are like, cool about us playing, even when you're not staying at the resort. Um, I would say, you know, don't bring like a group of 20 people there, this sort of thing.

But it's a, it's again, one of those things, a Riviera, same, there's, there's the, there's the BCI ball court mm-hmm. That you can, you can also, uh, utilize as well. It's just so, it's so many, so many fun things. You're looking at me like, no, I,

Lou Mongello: we got, we gotta stop at some point because we could keep going. We could, we could.

All right. Let's serve. Give me either like your last one, your home run, or if you have a couple of very quick hit, honorable mentions. Okay. I,

Jason Canapp: I'll, I'll just, I'll give you, I'll, I'll make it easy. Um, cause I know you probably have a list of 20 more things you're gonna rattle through. I'll just give you my last final like, fun thing and, and I'll, and it's a very specific spot.

This is something you can do in a lot of different places, but, but for me, going to Geyser point in the evening at Wilderness Lodge, Uh, having, you know, having a drink actually, you go to Territory Lounge and have a beverage and then go down here, or you go to Geyser Point. But the important part is to go out to the, to the, you know, bay Lake side there when the fireworks are about to happen in the Magic Kingdom and watch the fireworks from Geyser Point area.

And they, and they pipe the music into that space. And it is, it's beautiful. It's, it isn't it, it is just one of the most amazing experiences you can have. You don't have to pay to be in the park to see the fireworks, and you get to hear the music too, and you can eat and drink at the same time. It doesn't really get much better than that, frankly.


Lou Mongello: does. There was one night I was there and I was live from there, and then I had this perfect view, and then next to me, this little girl starts singing along with the song. Her parents are crying, I'm crying. People watching her cry, like I, they're, they're texting, like, I can't stop crying. And I'm, I wanted to like give the girl like 10 bucks.

Like, that was the best live show ever, like it was, but that's what it's all about. I love that. Right? That is what it's

Jason Canapp: all about. I love that. Yeah, absolutely. All right.

Lou Mongello: I will quickly go through one and the first one I'm gonna, I, I, I'm moving it, I'm bumping it up on the list. Uh, I don't necessarily take advantage of it a lot, but when you talk about going to Guyer point and having a drink, um, you know, sometimes at the end of the day you like to, to wind down a little bit.

Did you know Jason Canap here with the magic.com, that at Disney Springs there's happy hours that some of the restaurants, some of your favorites maybe have specially priced guest favorite drinks, n tapas style appetizers as well, like including but not limited to one jock Lindsay's $6 wine, and well drink $6 beers, $8.

And under appetizers Paradiso, 37 Raglin Road, s t k Carolina. House of Blues hallo usually during the week from, or sometimes only on weekdays from about four to six specials on beverages, specials on appetizers. If you maybe don't want to go to Springs and have a full blown meal, that's a really nice thing to do with your family or just like a bunch of friends.

Jason Canapp: I love that. I, I, I absolutely love that. Which made me think of something else. Go ahead. Okay, the last thing I promise, last one, the,

Lou Mongello: it's not just me. Go ahead. Well,

Jason Canapp: the waterways, like the Disney, while you're in Disney Springs, being able to hop on one of those boats, um, that you can, you can pick up right now, you can only catch them, um, just outside of Disney Springs.

Uh, between Disney Springs and Saratoga Springs, the, the, the water, the, the boats that will take you up to either old Key West or to Saratoga Springs or to, uh, port DESE Riverside or French Quarter, which, I mean, one of the most lovely things you can do is to take a boat. In the morning over to Porter's French Quarter, hop off, go and have some beignets and some coffee cafe le and, and like walk around and then hop on the boat and go back.

Like, it is just a wonderful experience and if you time it right, then you can hit the appetizers that you're

Lou Mongello: talking about. I'm with you. I, I love the water. I have always had just something in incredibly calming and relaxing about being on or near the water. By the way, I haven't even mentioned the boathouse once.

I'm just going You didn't ask. I mean, but now I, you're waiting for it. Um, alright, a couple other quick things too. So Jason, I need all the help that I can get. Okay? Right. Um, you know, you can only do selfies so much. You can only Photoshop as much and even when you have help with other people trying to take your pictures.

But sometimes, and I know like, especially like as a dad, a lot of times we're taking pictures of our family and we're not in it. Right. We're trying to do the selfie. We're getting some random stranger or, you know, cast members are wonderful about helping. Did you know. That you can schedule what's called a Capture Your Moment session, and it's a photo session in any of the four Disney parks with a professional Disney photographer.

It's more than just selfies. So for $99, you can schedule a 20 minute or a couple of back to back if you want longer sessions. And depending on the park that you go to that the photographer will let you know, like where you can go. So Epcot, you know, you can choose from most of the different pavilions Hollywood studios.

You can't do Galaxy's Edge. Um, but um,

Jason Canapp: well they, but they already have fun. Wonderful photo pass.

Lou Mongello: Right? But if you want sort of a, a formal sort of staged professional photographer to take the time with you and only you, you can, you can set these thing up and then if you have memory maker or annual pass or any of those things, you can download your capture, your mo, your moment photos, all at no cost, and you can do it up to eight people.

Jason Canapp: And is it, is it expensive? It's

Lou Mongello: $99. Really it's not, I would not, I would, I would not kid you. I mean, I would kid you, but I wouldn't done about this.

Jason Canapp: I mean, for a private professional photo shoot. Yes. In Disney World. At your

Lou Mongello: ch Wait, just, I just forgot too. And in Disney Springs there's also the photo studio.

I forgot there's the photo studio there. Wait, that one I knew about. But that one's free. I believe the one in Springs

Jason Canapp: is free. I think it is for cer for certain types. I think maybe there's some, some I'm upcharge.

Lou Mongello: You can't come in your wedding dress. Right? That's, there's an exception. You can't walk that you should be walking through with your wedding dress.

Right. But if you, you

Jason Canapp: want, unless, unless your wedding dress is like the Orangeburg Church,

Lou Mongello: but if you're celebrating a graduation, a family reunion and engagement or whatever, especially if you're doing an engagement, this is a great way to make sure that your moment is captured the way that you want and need it to be captured.

Jason Canapp: I love that. I love that. I

Lou Mongello: love that. Why? Um, alright. A couple other quick things. Um, I always, I, I loved, especially when we first came out, the Pirates Adventure. I, I love scavenger hunts. The treasures of the Seven Seas and Intervention Land, again, it's free, it's repeatable because you can, I think there's five different adventures, scavenger hunts you can take through Adventure Land.

Um, I still live the Behind the Seeds tour. Mm-hmm. At the land Pavilion. It's, I think now it's maybe 30, $35 or so. It's, it's a great experience for, uh, adults and kids. A, a alike.

Jason Canapp: Yeah. And they, and, and I think it's, well, not just the most affordable sort of backstage tour, but it's also one of the tours where they encourage you to take pictures and video.

Like you can't usually do that sort of thing. And it's very, so it's very engaging, very casual. Um, totally worth doing. Totally worth that.

Lou Mongello: Um, uh, let's see what else. See, there's still, there's, there's a lot. I know. Wait. Oh, so club cool. And Epcot, right? Forget about club. So wait, so you go into club. Cool. And, but sometimes you go and you're like, wait a minute, I kind of ding this one.

And I don't want to just stand here all day, like refilling my little cup. Do you know that if you go to the Coca-Cola store in Disney Springs and go up to the rooftop bar, you can get full size beverages of the ones that are offered in club. Cool. And they're like two

Jason Canapp: 50. Not only that, but you can get that tour de force of the, the, the, the i.

How many is it? It's

Lou Mongello: the flight, but it's like, it's like 24. I think there's two days. It's like a 12, one and a 20. Like there's two different versions. Versions of it. You,

Jason Canapp: there's only one way to go. And that's to get the, the, the big coon of the, the whole thing because you, you, I mean, you can, you'll be giddy with it on a sugar high when you're all finished.

But that is a fun experience and in a wonderful view of Disney Springs. And I gotta tell you, that's how I discovered my favorite Coca-Cola beverage, which is Thumbs up. Say what now? It's called Thumbs Up. It's, it's an Indian product and it's amazing. And I know this, I don't know the Russian Sprite, I forget what they call it.

It's incre. That's, that's a second. That's like second place. But that. It's a, it's a wonderful experience and it's not that expensive. I don't remember off the top of my head how much it is, but it's not terribly expensive when you consider how much soda you're drinking and you can share it with your, you know, with your friends or family.

Lou Mongello: Now I'm thinking I need to go like on a Wednesday night live, and, but I need to bring friends cause I can't, I can't

Jason Canapp: do it. It would, it would not be advice.

Lou Mongello: Yeah, it would not be a good experience. But I'm gonna add that to

Jason Canapp: the list. Oh, during the sunset? Yeah, during the, oh

Lou Mongello: yeah. Jason's like, what are you doing tonight?

Okay, last on my list. Um, because I, I would be, I would be, uh, doing a disservice if I didn't mention this and if I didn't mention the boathouse. Um, of all of my three, of all my fav five favorite meals of the day. I love brunch. I love weekend brunch, and sometimes people don't. That there are a number of locations in Disney Springs that have special brunch menus on Saturdays and Sundays.

I love, love, love the Boat. It's a captain Sing along. They've got the two, yeah. What it's called the Captain Sing Along. That's, that's

Jason Canapp: not, it's not a euphemism or something. It's like they, it's like, it's

Lou Mongello: not like there's Captain hats. No. There's like captain's hats and everything. And the incredibly talented, I'm sure Rob is still there.

Piano players are doing a Captain Sin analogue with an amazing brunch menu from 10 to three.

Jason Canapp: I didn't, I know the brunch menu, but I didn't know

Lou Mongello: about this cat. Oh, it's a single along. It's, it's a party. Oh, great. Uh, art Smith's Homecoming, the Southern Shine Brunch. Oh yeah. That is incredible. Uh, city Works has a rock and roll brunch.

House of Blues has the, I still believe it's the, the Gospel. Mm-hmm. Brunch. Um, Saturdays and Sundays. Raglin Road has a rollicking Raglin brunch on Saturdays and Sundays. S t k, Carolina Wine Bar George has an amazing, the best, best price. We reviewed that a while ago. Um, really, really good. If you don't get the mac and cheese bites, then you're doing yourself and your country a disservice.

And, um, yeah, I mean, I think Wolfgang Pucks is, is a nice way to sort of punctuate that list.

Jason Canapp: We, I mean, there's, there's, there's, there's the air file. There's, we didn't talk, we didn't struck

Lou Mongello: this soole drawn to light. We

Jason Canapp: didn't talk about, uh, we didn't talk about the bowling at, um, at, at, at, oh, now the name's.

Oh my goodness. There's so many things.

Lou Mongello: If you think the bowling's good at Splitsville, no, please try the sushi. I'm not kidding. No, no. I have, I have,

Jason Canapp: it's a, I I mean, I, I actually emptied their hand sanitizing station, like they have that in each lane. They have the hand sanitizer because, you know, you're bowling and then you're eating sushi.

And I, and I had to get mine refilled maybe twice. I'm not, I maybe twice. But yeah, it's, you, you come for the bowling, you stay for the food. Yeah, that's what,

Lou Mongello: but, but the point of this list and this list that is obviously way longer than we expected to be, right? We told me these little known things. We're not talking about two or three or four.

I don't, no matter how many times you've come here, I think there's always something to discover and experience. And, and I think in our case, Jason too, it's important to share with other people too, right? To introduce other people to some of these things that they may have overlooked to make their next door, if you're on vacation right now, your current vacation even better because there are some of these wonderful surprise and delight moments that don't necessarily even have to cost a lot of money or, or anything at all.

Jason Canapp: A absolutely. And it's, this is, I mean this is kind of my Disney world. This is, this is the both Disney world that I actually fell in love with. Um, it's the reason I come back is actually for these types of things. As much, if not more than for the parks and,

Lou Mongello: and those experiences. And it's in the wheelhouse of, of what you do.

Right? It's what here with the magic really is. It's about enjoying, it's not about going on the attractions per se, it's about being immersed in this place. So for people who don't know what they confided here with the magic.com and everywhere else, explain a little bit about what you do and where they can find it.

Sure. And in you're out of time. Sorry. Something

Jason Canapp: don't change in a nutshell, uh, here at The Magic is about, it's all about searching and finding those quiet moments of joy and sometimes not so quiet moments of joy in Disney spaces and in places that have inspired things that we'll find attractions, pavilions and lands found in Disney parks, but also places outside of Disney around the world that, you know, Just resonate with the spirit of Disney and, and, and trying to show people who love Disney, that if they take the time to just pause and step away from the chaos of the day, it's the, there's this Disney stuff, the Disney Spirit all around you.

It doesn't, it's, most of us spend most of our time outside of a Disney space, right? That's, that's just reality. But what's really cool is that if you just take a moment to, you know, just kind of look around and you will find things that, uh, are connected to that, to that Disney magic. Um, and it's important to remember how much, uh, how you know, everything in Walt Disney World.

It was inspired by something originally outside of Walt Disney World, Disneyland, and so forth. Um, and that's what Adventures by Disney is all about too, is connect. People and their families to these places that are very much like, not Disney, but they're very much resonating with the spirit of Disney.

And so we do that with here with the Magic by, by uh, sh uh, sharing immersive videos, whether they're virtual reality or traditional videos with, you know, three dimensional sound, um, through, of course, live shows and things like that. Uh, but also I think maybe most appropriately for here is, is through the Soundscapes podcast.

And, and that is, um, where I take folks to my favorite Disney places and spaces and things related to that and immerse them in this three dimensional sound of those spaces. Um, and, and sometimes it's these little quiet nooks and sometimes it's, you know, it's a nice attraction. Um, but it's all about helping people get that dose of Disney wherever they are, whenever they need it, which for me happens to be quite frequently.

So, um, So the, the podcast we found soundscapes by here with the magic, wherever you get your podcast. Um, and over on YouTube, youtube.com/here with the magic, uh, just to find all the videos, and of course, Facebook and Insta, Instagram and all those, all those things. And thank you for the opportunity to talk about

Lou Mongello: that now.

And I will, uh, I will link to that in the show notes over@wwradio.com. And I, we would love to know from you who's sitting at this wonderful virtual, sadly now empty table in front of us at Steakhouse 71. What is your little sort of hidden gem, the little extra that you can and maybe should do when you come to Walter's world, whether it's something that we missed or maybe something that used to be here, the thing that you and your family or you and your friends are just you on your own, like to do.

Let me know by posting it over in the clubhouse on Facebook at ww radio.com/clubhouse. If you have pictures or videos, even better. Or if you wanna be heard on the air, you can call the voicemail at (407) 900-9391. That's 4 0 7 909 3 9 1. And share your favorite little extra in Walt Disney World. Jason Canap.

From here with the magic. This my friend. It has been a wonderful, lovely day today. Out on the water here at the Contemporary Lunch, together at Steak House 71, and sharing some of our favorites and coming up with new ideas and stuff we have to go

Jason Canapp: do. Like now. I'm like, there's so many things. I'm glad you recorded it because, because I wasn't writing it down.

So thank you again for having me. This is, this is absolute an absolute pleasure.

Lou Mongello: It's almost time for dinner, so it is nice.

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Now, before we get to this week's question are, we're gonna go back, review. Last week's end, select our winner. So last week I took you to Disney's All-Star movies Resort, and asked, what special device do you have to use to access the secret menu? Now there are secret menus located throughout the Walton World Resort, from counter servers to table servers, to sometimes even kiosks.

And at Disney's All Star movies resort over at the World Premier Food Court. If you go over to the Roxy counter and know to ask about the secret menu items, they will bring out a briefcase. And in that briefcase is where you will find the secret menu. And the secret way to view it because in order to see pictures of the poutine with gravy and cheese curds and the bacon, mac and cheese dog, and the cinnamon bun and candy bacon cheeseburger, which may sound weird, it's actually an oddly delicious, I actually wrote an article about this in other secret menu items for People magazine a few years back.

This may be a topic I need to revisit and go on a secret menu research trip. If only there was somebody, anybody who can come help me, but I digress. Anyway, in order to view the secret menu in the briefcase, you need to take out one of the old viewmaster. Remember the old toy, the little red plastic thing that's held up to your eyes?

You pulled a little button down and it moved one of those round cardboard disks with the stereoscopic images in it. There were hundreds of different disks you could buy, including ones from Walt Disney World and Disneyland. Anyway, I took all the correct entries, randomly selected one, and last week you were playing for a WW O bug.

PIN and a mystery prize, and last week's winner randomly selected is Amanda Hoffman. So Amanda, congratulations. I'll get your prize package out to you right away. If you played last week and didn't win, that's okay, because here's your next chance to enter in this week's Walt Disney World Trivia Challenge.

So this week we're gonna go from the table to the stage because I want to know what does the longest running live stage show in the Disney parks? Listen carefully to the specific words that I'm using. What is the longest running live stage show in the Disney Parks? Now for this week's trivia contest, you have until Sunday, April 23rd at 11:59 PM Eastern, because I am going to be on the W W D O cruise on the Disney Fantasy next week.

So you get a little bit more time to think and or research this one. So good. And have fun.

That's gonna do it for this week's show. Thank you so much for taking the time to tune in this and every week. I'd love to know again from you, have you tried any of these little known extras in Walt Disney World? Which one's your favorite? Is there anything that we missed? You can let me know by being part of the community and conversation and going over to the WW Radio Clubhouse on Facebook at ww radio.com/clubhouse.

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And of course, I would love and appreciate it if you could leave a rating and review over in Spotify podcasts or Apple Podcasts. I wanna thank some recent reviewers like Brew 10 18, who says, what can I say that hasn't already been said? I love the show. I've been listeners since my wife and I introduced our daughter to Walt, this world 10 plus years ago, who feels like an old friend, yet we've never met.

Yet, he's the voice I listen to and I need the comforts of Disney. Just a fun show on all things Disneyana and a direct link to the nostalgia that powers my love of the company. Since my first visit in 1985, I've moved away from the East Coast. Now more than ever, I rely on the show to keep me happily connected to one of my favorite places.

Great conversations, great guests, and great topics. The show is my antidote for all the negativity in the world. Thanks to Lou and his guests like Tim, Lisa, Becky, and everyone thank you. Brew 10 18. I hope to meet and thank and shake your hand in person on an upcoming visit to Walt Disney World. And finally, most importantly, thank you.

None of this happens without you being here and listening and sharing with others and being part of the community and the conversation. I am incredibly and daily thankful to and for you. And look, there's a lot to be happy and thankful for. We all have it right? I think sometimes there's so much focus on the negative.

Go and find and choose the good in everything that you do. And every one that you meet, I promise you that a positive attitude and a positive mindset and positive action will yield positive results. And you know what? It's just gonna make you feel better. I hope that this truly is your best week ever. I hope to see you Wednesday night on the live show at the Meet of the month, or right here again next week.

I love you. I appreciate you. So until next time, see ya. Hey, Lou and WDW Radio Nation. This is Kevin from Jefferson, city of Missouri. Just sitting here at Pop Century next to, uh, hourglass Lake, enjoying a morning cup of coffee. It's particularly foggy this morning, but, uh, my wife and daughter and I are getting ready to go to Magic Kingdom and I just wanted to call and check in from the parks.

Uh, happy to be here. I want to give a big shout out to every single cast member here at Disney World for everything that they do and making every special, every visit so special. So I hope everyone is awesome. I hope if you're not at the parks, you get to be there soon and, uh, yeah, keep on keeping on.

Bye-bye. Hi everybody, it's Elizabeth from Massachusetts. Happy Wednesday night. Um, I am cruising through some episodes, uh, of the past just listening to 4 74 all about Pirate the Caribbean, with your friend Jim Corcus. And you ask us what our favorite team is and I group them. My favorite scene is the auctioneer scene as well.

I like mostly that they've actually updated it, stay with the times, and that's why I actually love it so much because my original favorite growing up was the scene at the very end with the dog and the key, and I love that they were able to incorporate that into the very first movie. So anyway, everyone's having a magical day.

Um, see you and talk to you real soon. Bye. Hey Lou, it's Christine Morrison from Flourtown, Pennsylvania. I have been so distracted and overwhelmingly busy that I have not been able to really. Connect and, and tune to you guys other than listening to the podcast while I'm in the, with so much going on over here.

Some of you know, based. Hub, uh, momentum Group. If you are an entrepreneur and or you want to be in a space with like-minded people, momentum, is it? I have never met a group of more supportive, understanding like-minded people, and I am in the middle of scaling and growing my business and the Hub Group has been so supportive and caring and, uh, thank you Lou, for putting this together and really giving us all space to come together and realize that we are not alone and we have support.

I think I found a property. Move my business to, and I, I, I don't even exactly wanna acknowledge it yet because it's still in the infant stages. But anyway, that's that. But I have fallen a little bit behind and have been a little bit distracted, and you are all still, um, a huge part of my life and I can't wait to go on another cruise with you guys.

I can't wait for the treasure. I just heard about the new ship going Singapore, which I d the name of it, yet nobody does. So many awesome things happening. I will be going on the Disney Fantasy in June, but not with W GW Radio. It'll be my daughter and myself on a seven night for her graduation. But I really, really, really, really, really wanna get together with w GW Radio.

If you guys have not done a trip with them, do it. Whether it's a Adventures by Disney or a cruise, fantastic. Becky and Lou are amazing and they put together the most fabulous trips. So I will get on another one soon. But, um, the hub has been, uh, my support lately trying to navigate through my business right now.

So I just wanted you all to know that if you are an entrepreneur. And you or a solopreneur like myself and you want to pursue something, Lou knows what he is doing, and you should go to Momentum. You should make that investment in your company and your business and yourself and go to Momentum in October. It will change your life anyway.

Have a great weekend.