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WDW Radio # 780 – Snack Hacks: Hidden Gem Snacks in Walt Disney World

This week, we’re venturing beyond the classic treats to uncover the hidden snack gems of Walt Disney World. From savory surprises to sweet delights, discover the treats that fly under the radar with my friend and guest, Shay Spence! And don’t listen hungry, because you won’t believe what’s been hiding in plain sight!

In this episode, Lou Mongello and Shay Spence explore the hidden culinary treasures in the Disney parks. They discuss their favorite snacks and treats in Magic Kingdom, including the Sleepy Hollow refreshments, bacon mac and cheese tots from Friar’s Nook, and the pepper jack pretzel from Cheshire Cafe.

In Epcot, they recommend the frozen mint tea from Morocco, the chicken tostadas from Choza de Margarita, and the salted caramel gingerbread cookie sandwich from Karamell-Küche. They also mention the lefse and egg rolls from Norway, and the egg rolls and salted caramel gingerbread cookie sandwich from Germany.

In this part of the conversation, Shay and Lou discuss their favorite hidden gems and snacks at Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. They mention the caramel butter bar and pretzel bread pudding at Epcot, as well as the sake slushies at the Kabuki Cafe. They also talk about the gelato stand in the Muppets area and the peanut butter and jelly milkshake at 50’s Prime Time Cafe in Hollywood Studios. They highlight the waffle bowls at Fairfax Fair and the buffalo chicken bowl at Animal Kingdom. They also mention the Ahi Tuna Nachos at Yak & Yeti and the street corn tacos at The Smiling Crocodile.

Overall, they emphasize the variety and quality of snacks available at these parks. In this conversation, Lou Mongello and Shay discuss their favorite snacks and hidden gems at Walt Disney World.

They cover snacks at Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and Disney Springs. Some of the highlights include the Nutella and fruit waffle sandwich at Sleepy Hollow, the Ahi Tuna Nachos at Tambu Lounge, the Ronto Wrap at Ronto Roasters, the Ube Donut at Everglazed, the Hop Salt Pretzel at The Polite Pig, the Funky Chicken Sandwich at Everglazed, the Prime Rib Sliders at Crew’s Cup Lounge, the Wachos at Rick’s Sports Bar, and the Orange Flancocho at Dahlia Lounge. They also mention the Kona Cafe Pot Stickers, the Churros at Coronado Springs, and the Mickey Waffles stuffed with fried chicken at Rix Sports Bar.

Overall, Lou and Shay provide a comprehensive guide to the best snacks and hidden gems at Walt Disney World!

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Shay Spence, a freelance writer specializing in food and travel from Key West, Florida, has earned the self-proclaimed nickname of “professional eater.” With his engaging content, he has amassed over 250,000 Instagram followers and 1.6 million TikTok followers at @theshayspence. Previously, Shay served as a food editor at People magazine and showcased his culinary skills on season 2 of Fox’s “Next Level Chef.” A frequent visitor to Walt Disney World, he is perpetually in search of delicious new experiences. If you spot him there, don’t hesitate to say hi!


This conversation is a behind-the-scenes look at Lou Mongello’s visit to Walt Disney Imagineering and his exclusive interview with Imagineers Charita Carter and Ted Robledo. They discuss the balance between nostalgia and bringing new stories to life in the Disney parks, the importance of innovation while honoring the legacy of Imagineering, and the excitement of introducing new experiences to guests.

They also delve into the details of Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, highlighting the extension of Tiana’s story and her entrepreneurial spirit. The conversation showcases the dedication and passion of the Imagineers in creating immersive and magical experiences for Disney fans. Tiana’s Bayou Adventure is an opportunity to give guests a more multi-dimensional Disney princess experience. The attraction showcases Tiana’s personality traits, her love of cooking, her entrepreneurial spirit, and her connection to her community in New Orleans.

The Imagineers spent time in New Orleans to ensure the attraction authentically represents the diverse culture, music, and stories of the city. The attraction features advanced audio-animatronics, special effects, and an original theme song by PJ Morton. It also introduces new characters that guests can connect with. The attraction offers different experiences during the day and night, capturing the magic and romance of the bayou. The costumes and hair design were meticulously researched to reflect the time period and cultural authenticity. The attraction aims to bring joy, celebration, and a sense of being seen to guests.

This episode also covers:

  • Exclusive Insight: Dive into our special interview with leading Imagineers behind the creation of Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, Charita Carter and Ted Robleto. Discover the magic and innovation shaping this highly anticipated attraction.
  • Behind the Scenes: Get an intimate glimpse into Tiana’s Bayou Adventure. Uncover the unique storytelling elements and meet the characters set to bring the experience to life in a way that’s unlike any other.
  • Technological Marvels: Explore the latest breakthroughs in Audio-Animatronics technology, pushing the boundaries of realism and interactivity.
  • New Additions from a Galaxy Far, Far Away: Encounter the newly introduced Star Wars BDX droids alongside the next-generation figures of Duke Weaselton and Judy Hopps.
  • Expansion Insights: Unveil what lies “Beyond Big Thunder Mountain” with updates on the expansion of Magic Kingdom.
  • A Fresh Vision for Disney’s Animal Kingdom: Step into the imaginative re-envisioning of Dinoland, featuring the “Tropical Americas” retheming, new Indiana Jones and Encanto attractions, and a surprising Coco carousel.
  • Inside the R&D Labs: Join us for an exclusive tour of the R&D labs for a heartfelt and magical revelation from Lou’s “7-year-old fan” perspective.
  • Artistic Excellence: Visit the Blaine Gibson sculpting shop for an insider’s look at where Disney’s iconic sculptures come to life.
  • Innovative Surfaces: Discover the HoloTile floor in a special segment with Imagineer Lanny Smoot, showcasing the cutting-edge of interactive environments.
  • Leadership Vision: Don’t miss the discussion of a very special presentation from Bob Iger and Josh D’Amaro as they share an exciting outlook on the “turbo-charging” of Disney Parks and what’s on the horizon.

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  • There are hidden culinary treasures in the Disney parks that are often overlooked
  • Some of the best snacks and treats can be found in Magic Kingdom and Epcot
  • Favorites include the Sleepy Hollow refreshments, bacon mac and cheese tots, and pepper jack pretzel in Magic Kingdom
  • In Epcot, the frozen mint tea, chicken tostadas, and salted caramel gingerbread cookie sandwich are highly recommended
  • Other notable snacks include the lefse and egg rolls in Norway, and the egg rolls in Germany Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios have a wide variety of hidden gems and snacks to try
  • The caramel butter bar and pretzel bread pudding are must-try treats at Epcot
  • The sake slushies at the Kabuki Cafe are a refreshing and unique option
  • The gelato stand in the Muppets area offers delicious and surprising flavors
  • The peanut butter and jelly milkshake at 50’s Prime Time Cafe is a nostalgic and tasty treat
  • The waffle bowls at Fairfax Fair and the buffalo chicken bowl at Animal Kingdom are satisfying and flavorful options
  • The Ahi Tuna Nachos at Yak & Yeti are a gourmet twist on traditional nachos
  • The street corn tacos at The Smiling Crocodile are a vegetarian-friendly and delicious choice Walt Disney World offers a wide variety of delicious snacks and hidden gems throughout its parks and resorts.
  • Some of the must-try snacks include the Nutella and fruit waffle sandwich at Sleepy Hollow, the Ahi Tuna Nachos at Tambu Lounge, and the Ronto Wrap at Ronto Roasters.
  • Hidden gems can be found at various locations, such as the Ube Donut at Everglazed, the Hop Salt Pretzel at The Polite Pig, and the Prime Rib Sliders at Crew’s Cup Lounge.
  • Other notable snacks include the Funky Chicken Sandwich at Everglazed, the Wachos at Rick’s Sports Bar, and the Orange Flancocho at Dahlia Lounge.
  • Additional recommendations include the Kona Cafe Pot Stickers, the Churros at Coronado Springs, and the Mickey Waffles stuffed with fried chicken at Rix Sports Bar.
  • These snacks and hidden gems provide unique and delicious dining experiences for visitors to Walt Disney World.

Sound Bites

  • “Attractions in the Disney parks are just things we do in between meals, like snacks.”
  • “Sleepy Hollow refreshments in general, I think is the best quick service in Disney World.”
  • “I’m going to go with a drink instead of, because I think a drink is a snack too.”
  • “I love that whole pastry case”
  • “The seed has been planted”
  • “Shay told me to come in and get the Japanese face mask”
  • “Grab a couple of egg rolls and a chicken fried rice. And I think, I think they’re both like seven or eight dollars. So it’s like 15, 16 bucks and you grab a water or a beverage or in cheesecakes, a couple of watermelon things. You sit out in the back by, under the shady tree, by the little fountain there in the middle. And that’s a really nice snack too.”
  • “And listen, my definition of snack may be a little bit right. It may be a little broader.”
  • “You’re in my head. Okay. But I’m going to let you speak. I keep wanting to interrupt you because I agree with you. I agree with you because last time I went, I got the dulce de leche and I was like, I don’t like this. It’s too much stuff. And then you just get the plain glaze. And I’m like, the plain glaze is unbelievable. So good. Keep going.”

Timestamped Overview / Chapters

  • [00:00] Introduction and Background
  • [10:05] Must-Try Snacks and Treats in Magic Kingdom
  • [32:33] Hidden Gems and Snacks at Epcot
  • [40:27] Delicious Treats at Disney’s Hollywood Studios
  • [49:28] Sake Slushies and Gelato at Epcot
  • [59:30] Satisfying Snacks at Animal Kingdom
  • [01:07:18] Disney Springs Snacks
  • [01:17:25] Custom Art on Coffee at Joffrey’s Coffee and Tea Company
  • [01:25:09] Kona Cafe Pot Stickers at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

What is your favorite hidden snack gem in Walt Disney World?

Share your thoughts in the WDW Radio Clubhouse at WDWRadio.com/Clubhouse, or call the voicemail at 407-900-9391 (WDW1) and share your story on the show.

Episode Transcript

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Lou Mongello (00:01.874)
Attractions in the Disney parks are just things we do in between meals, like snacks. And I am a lifelong snacker and have the physique to prove it. So this week's show is not just in my wheelhouse, but dare I say is an area of expertise because in addition to the snacks that we all know and love and come back to time and again, popcorn, churros, Mickey bars, I'm looking at you, there is a veritable treasure trove of hidden gems.

and overlook snacks in the Disney parks and resorts. And on this episode, where I will joyfully warn you in advance not to listen hungry, we are going to explore and uncover the culinary treasures hidden in plain sight throughout Walt Disney World. And who better to join me on this crusade than my very special guest. He's like...

He's the Indiana Jones of Disney snacks. He is a food writer and editor, a TV star. And now we can add author. He is Shay Spence, whose new Ultimate Disney World Food Guide is now available. Shay, welcome to the show.

Shay (01:01.07)
Ha ha.

Shay (01:14.446)
Hello Lou, it is so great to be here. It's a little bit surreal. I have to say I first of all This topic is fantastic for us to start off with because I don't know if you remember First time I reached out to you when I was working at people magazine I was the food editor and I used to listen to your podcast every day when I was like dodging rats on the subway in New York City

And I was just like, and I used to listen to like news podcasts every morning. And then one day I was like, uh, I can't do this anymore because between the hustle and bustle and like the depressing news, I need something jolly. So I just Googled, are there any Disney world podcasts? Yours came up first. I became addicted to it. And then like you were like the, the joyous spot of all my mornings.

So I'm like, well, I'm like the editor of People Magazine. I'm pretty cool. I could just probably like reach out to Lou Mungiello, right? Like I'll send him an email. And so I did. And then you ended up writing, the first thing you wrote for us was about the best hidden gem snacks in Disney World. And I was still a newbie in the world of Disney World food. So you actually taught me a lot of stuff.

Lou Mongello (02:29.394)
Listen, good night everybody. That's it. Show's over.

Shay (02:31.79)
And one thing I remember is the number one on your list, I think was the lobster Thermidor burger from the Grand Floridian Cafe, which they don't have anymore. Devastates me. And that was one of my favorite things I've ever eaten at Disney World, because you told me to get it. And I was like, holy moly, this is incredible. And when I came back and it was gone, I want to talk to somebody.

Lou Mongello (02:40.178)

Lou Mongello (02:44.338)
I know. Which is the hard thing.

Shay (03:00.238)
fire somebody over that decision. Anyway.

Lou Mongello (03:00.37)
Well, that's good. We'll talk about that's the hard thing about a list like this, right? As things come and go, you know, it's a caveat and a good thing all at the same time. And I do remember that fateful email back in 2018. I'm like, this is a mistake. Did People magazine just reach out to me and you were like, so nice and so kind. And then we met at Starbucks at some point after that.

Shay (03:07.79)
Things come and go.

Shay (03:25.262)
Yeah, Disney Springs.

Lou Mongello (03:28.338)
Yeah. So that still is.

Shay (03:29.838)
And now I feel like I see you everywhere. We're all at the same events and all that stuff. And it's, it's, I.

Lou Mongello (03:34.61)
Yeah, we usually don't get a chance to chat, right? We're sort of passing like two ships, but.

Shay (03:38.83)
I know, I know, there's always a lot going on, but so happy to be here. One of my all time favorite pods.

Lou Mongello (03:47.41)
Thank you, man. And I, listen, I appreciate you bringing your true, like, professional eating. I joke around, but you, it's like, your professional eating experience, not just to the show, but your guide, we'll talk about that later, because you are, I follow you very closely, like, borderline stalker -ish on social, and you're always on the lookout, like, for new culinary discoveries. And I love to, that your...

Shay (04:04.686)

Lou Mongello (04:14.61)
work is this true blend of passion as well as very deep knowledge of the Disney food scene.

Shay (04:22.926)
Yeah, you know, it's so funny because first of all, I went to culinary school and I thought maybe I would work in a restaurant, do a chef kind of thing. And then I just sort of fell into food media, which is how I ended up at People. And then I grew up going to Disney, you know, every year with my dad.

He traveled like four days a week for work. And so he would sometimes just come home. We lived in Texas and he would just surprise me and say, we're going to Disney World for the weekend. And so I have all of these great Disney memories as a kid. I never went as an adult until I was like 24, 25 when I was working in media. And I was like, oh my gosh, there are like all this food that I had no idea about when I was a kid. Cause I was just eating Mickey pretzels and bars and stuff. And, and then, you know, I got addicted to that element of it and.

The food scene is just so vast and it's been it's like this portion of what I do because I also do food reviews of places here in Key West I live in Key West all of my travels around the country and Disney is still my number one favorite place though, so

Lou Mongello (05:31.858)
love that. Just, just very quickly, like just to, you know, fill in some of the gaps in terms of your origin story, because it is pretty amazing to see. Again, you started talking about how you worked at People, but like you've grown this ridiculously massive following on social media and talk about being humble and burying the lead. When I said TV star, I was not kidding because you were a contestant on Fox's Next Level Chef. So give me a little bit more of the, of the Shay origin story.

Shay (05:59.182)

Well, yeah, so I, uh, they, they found me on social. Basically I grew, I grew on social through, through two things, making recipes and then doing vlogs of going to Disney world. So it was like these two, this dichotomy of what I'm doing here. And, um, they found me, reached out to me, the producers for Gordon Ramsey's next level chef just through my Tik Tok. And I went through this.

rigorous interview process. I did all these zoom calls, all these phone calls with producers and I didn't think I was gonna get on because they didn't call me for like five months later and then they called me and said, hey, can you come to London next week? We want you on the show. So that was like, I didn't have time to like practice or like time myself while I was cooking, which I don't know if the audience has seen Next Level Chef. It's a very intense show.

You have 10 or 30 seconds to grab all the ingredients that you're going to be able to cook with off of a moving platform. And then you have Gordon Ramsay screaming in your face for 30 minutes while you try to put out a dish. And it was the most bizarre, fun, intense experience of my life. But yeah, would I do it again? I don't know. I don't know that I would put myself through that again, but.

TV star might be an exaggeration, but I was on the TV.

Lou Mongello (07:31.538)
I'm gonna stick with TV Star and you...

Shay (07:33.422)
Why not? You know what? You know what? Let's just do it. I should lean into that.

Lou Mongello (07:37.074)
Yeah, absolutely. This is my brush with greatness. So I'm going to clear.

Shay (07:40.11)
it sounds better than tiktok star sometimes when they write about me they say tiktok star and i'm like eeeh you know in my obituary in my obituary i don't necessarily want to say tiktok star you know

Lou Mongello (07:46.418)
But I love the fact that... Right, right. But I love that it happened. Everybody's like, well, how do I grow? Like, I love that you are a great lesson in growing something organically. Like, you just being you and so much of you comes through on your... Even when you're cooking and not necessarily on camera, so much of your personality comes through and I think that's why it's grown the way it has because people...

are attracted to and connect to and relate, you know, you're very sort of relatable on social too.

Shay (08:20.398)
Well, thank you. I mean, yeah, I just think like there are so many avenues to be able to express yourself creatively now. And mine just happened to be TikTok at the right time, especially like my videos really took off during COVID when the parks were closed and I had all this old footage of Disney and that was sort of a lightning in the bottle moment. But, you know, I do always say just it's so trite, but really be yourself and have.

fun. People can tell if you're having fun when you're making videos, when you're making content. People can tell when you're having fun on your podcast, like when you actually enjoy the subject and have a passion for it, it really makes all the difference. And I think that's the difference between being successful and not on these, in this media landscape.

Lou Mongello (09:07.826)
You know, I talk to people about this all the time and I actually had a call right before this talking to somebody. I said, you know, authenticity has become sort of a marketing buzzword. Like it shouldn't be a badge of honor that you're authentic. Like you should just be who you really are because that comes through and that transparency and that trust is super, super important in terms of the developing the relationships that you do on social with those that follow along with you. Anyway, I digress. And I thought it would be fun to do this in sort of a park by park.

Shay (09:15.662)

Right, yeah.

Lou Mongello (09:36.114)
Disney Springs, resorts, anywhere else that you want to bounce to. So as we sort of grab our virtual maps, it makes perfect sense to start in Magic Kingdom. And I want to preface this by quoting you, Mr. Shay Spence, and your guide is the best hidden gem food Walt Disney World. And you say on your site, the most iconic park is also probably the park with the least exciting food.

Shay (09:36.43)

Let's do it.

Shay (09:46.158)

Shay (09:49.774)
Oh no!

Lou Mongello (10:05.362)
But don't worry, I will guide you to all the best spots. So I not only are you my friend and guest, so you have to go first, but I am wildly curious to hear your Magic Kingdom entries.

Shay (10:06.062)

Shay (10:16.142)
Is that controversial? I do think it is. I, you know, I love Magic Kingdom. I do think it's a little tough to get exciting stuff there. So, all right. I'm gonna first just go ahead. This might be cheating, but just Sleepy Hollow refreshments in general, I think is the best quick service.

Lou Mongello (10:17.906)
I'm not saying I disagree.

Shay (10:42.894)
in Disney World. I mean, everything on the menu is a total banger between the breakfast waffles to the spicy chicken waffle and the best corn dog in all of Disney World. That corn dog, that's the best corn dog I've ever had anywhere in my life. So that, Sleepy Hollow as a whole, that's kind of cheating. And then I'm gonna go over to also Fryer's Nook and say that the bacon mac and cheese tots, I like.

Lou Mongello (10:57.426)

Shay (11:11.726)
that they put the tots on top of the mac and cheese rather than loading the tots from below so that the tots stay very crispy and then you like dig in and get that really creamy mac and cheese and the bacon and the sour cream and it all mixes together. So my ultimate answer of most underrated snack at Magic Kingdom would be the bacon mac and cheese tots from Fryer's Nook. And I'm curious what you think about that.

Lou Mongello (11:14.93)
Mm -hmm.

Lou Mongello (11:36.274)
dig that. So I dig that and I try and years ago they had a pot roast mac and cheese at Fryers Nook that I was so excited for and I did a video about and then like a week later they took it off the menu and I realized that after that happened a couple of times that I'm the curse and anytime I would do a video about like so I'm not even gonna mention it because I really do I agree and I like it and I don't think that that

Shay (11:55.79)
I won't even mention it.

Lou Mongello (12:04.786)
Sleepy Hollow was cheating at all because I wanted to put not one but both of the waffles because the way I think the play at Sleepy Hollow is you bring a friend or grab a friend it's fine and you get one of each and then you split them so you get a little bit of the savory and spicy and a little bit of the sweet to finish it off and that's a nice day at Magic Kingdom right there.

Shay (12:14.894)

Shay (12:24.558)
Mwah, mwah, that is beautiful. Even the Mickey waffles there in the morning with the strawberry, it's like a strawberry compound, whipped cream, that's a really good Mickey waffle. And I think it's like less than six bucks or something. So it's like a really good deal as well.

Lou Mongello (12:37.682)

Lou Mongello (12:41.65)
I was sort of all over the place on this and I wrote like 17 things down on my list, but I'm not going to all of them. So I wanted to think, you know, so this was the hidden gems and I tried to think about things that were a little bit more off of the beaten path. I tried to stay away from any sit down restaurants. So as tempted as I was to go to Skipper Canteen, I shall not, but I will go. That's right. We have ideas for other shows, right?

Shay (12:46.126)
Let's go. Come on.

Shay (12:53.102)
Right here.

Shay (12:57.486)

Shay (13:02.542)
Right, right. We can talk about that another time, another episode. Yeah.

Lou Mongello (13:10.61)
I'm going to go over to a place that I think does not get a lot of love and it's Columbia Harbor House and you're like Mongello, are you sure? And I'm going with the Hush Puppies, which are a Magic Kingdom, well, I would say it's a Magic Kingdom exclusive, although I think the best Hush Puppies in Walt Disney World are at Chef Art Smith's homecoming, separate conversation for a separate podcast.

Shay (13:33.998)
It's tough to compare parks to Disney Springs. People get mad when I do that. And so I'm like, it's okay, fine, it's different.

Lou Mongello (13:36.626)

Lou Mongello (13:40.562)
You can't, yeah, you can't. But if you're in the parks and you want to grab a snack, I'm, Shay, this is going to come as a surprise to you. I'm not really a sweets guy. So, and I say that, and then there's pictures of me like gobbling down ice cream. So.

Shay (13:48.718)
That's okay!

Look, we all say things that we don't. We can't practice what we preach 100 % of the time.

Lou Mongello (13:57.746)
In my heart, I mean it, but in actuality, it's not true. But these are, I think these are a great snack, right? I do often prefer a savory snack. These are, these come in at $4 .99. Years ago, I did a video, Five Snacks Under $5, which they're few and far between, right? I know, but this is one. It comes at $4 .99 and this like classic sort of side dish.

Shay (14:02.158)
I know. I get you.

Shay (14:17.454)
Be tough now. Be tough now, yeah.

Lou Mongello (14:26.866)
which are like these golden fritters that are made from this cornmeal base batter and then they're fried until crispy. Like they're thick and they're doughy inside. There's like actual pieces of real corn which give a little tiny bit of that subtle sweetness. And I think that you get three of them with some fries and like it's under five. I think like it's given the price point and flavor. I think it's a great value for money choice.

Shay (14:45.102)

Lou Mongello (14:56.114)
that you could share, I probably wouldn't. And it is a really nice sort of savory treat that's easily accessible too.

Shay (15:05.614)
Now you have found a blind spot in my Disney food knowledge because I have never had those hush puppies. And what I will say is I've only been to Columbia Harbor House one time. I'm a little particular about seafood. I do like seafood. I live in the Keys. We get a lot of fresh seafood. I'm a little particular about my seafood. So one thing I will say though is they have amazing chicken tenders at Columbia Harbor House.

Lou Mongello (15:16.786)

Lou Mongello (15:26.962)
Mm -hmm.

Lou Mongello (15:33.426)

Shay (15:33.87)
Amazing. And they have a gluten free, I don't know if all of them are gluten free, but I went with my gluten free friend and they have gluten free chicken tenders that were like incredible. So that's just to piggyback on that a little bit. I gotta try the hush puppies next time though.

Lou Mongello (15:44.306)

Lou Mongello (15:49.266)
Yeah, I noticed I stayed away from the seafood. I did go directly for the hush puppies. Yeah.

Shay (15:51.918)
Yeah. But people love the lobster. I'm just a little, I'm a little, I'm a snob. I'm a seafood snob. I'm not a snob about food at all. In other aspects, seafood, I'm a little snobby. I'll go to the boathouse. I'll go to the boathouse. Yeah. Exactly. Exactly. You're welcome anytime.

Lou Mongello (16:03.922)
Listen, considering where you live, I understand what I was gonna say. If I want a lobster roll, I'm going to the Boathouse or the Key West, one of the two. Don't tempt me with a good time. The other one from Magic Kingdom that I threw on there is a little bit of a cheat because I talked about off the beaten path, you know, not things like churros and Mickey waffles. I did actually choose a pretzel, but it's a pepper jack pretzel and it's over at Cheshire Cafe.

Shay (16:15.086)

Shay (16:22.478)
Yeah, right.

Shay (16:30.83)
After yeah

Lou Mongello (16:32.306)
in Fantasyland because it's stuffed with pepper jack cheese and jalapeno peppers. It's not always available. It's one of those things you almost have to sort of catch it when it's there. But I love the fact that there's a little bit of a spicy kick. So if you like a little bit more of bolder flavors and that creamy sharp cheese and the heat of the peppers within the soft chewy pretzels is really, really nice.

Shay (16:40.43)
Mm -hmm.

Lou Mongello (17:00.338)
you know, even if it's 112 degrees outside. So if you want something that has a little bit of an elevated flavor in terms of spice, I think this comes in at like $7 somewhere around there.

Shay (17:12.942)
I love that one, it's really good. And I'm not a huge fan of the Cheshire Cattail all the time. It was a little stale the last time I had it. But the Pepper Jack pretzel is really good. I thought you were gonna say the sweet cream cheese pretzel from Lunching Pad, which then I remembered you said the sweetness. You're not as much of a sweets guy. Really, everyone, I had this sweet pretzel last time I was here, because everyone, I did a list of all the best pretzels at Disney World and.

the fury in the comments that I did not include the sweet cream cheese pretzel. And I have to say, it was really good. I just think that pretzels should be savory.

Lou Mongello (17:51.986)
Yeah, I'm with you. And I did. I want to say I was just going to say we were potentially both leaving something out. I want to see if we're thinking about the same thing.

Shay (17:53.614)
And I have one more, if you'll allow it.

Shay (18:02.19)
I'm actually, I think they still have it right now, but Casey's Corner has the pulled pork barbecue loaded fries right now. And it's, again, this is another budget. I'm pretty sure it's around $7 or something like that. I have to check. And it's so much food, so much pork, like they load.

the pork on there with their delicious fries, barbecue sauce, slaw. I get the little sleazy cheese on the side for a dollar extra and those were so good. So if they're on the menu when you go, that might be my most underrated hidden gem snack at Magic.

Lou Mongello (18:53.106)
thought you were going to say the corn dog nuggets because every now and then if I feel like being seven years ago. Yeah.

Shay (18:55.758)
I do love those. I feel like they get a lot of love though. Many people are celebrating those. I want to go a little deeper, you know?

Lou Mongello (19:05.65)
Which is why I didn't mention it, but I'm going to mention it anyway, the Adventureland spring roll cart and the cheeseburger spring rolls. Because the first time I had them, like my head exploded. I'm like, they just put a Big Mac into a spring roll.

Shay (19:10.894)
Yeah, so good, so good, unbelievable, unbelievable.

Can I ask you a question? If you had to choose between this, the cheeseburger pods or the spring roll cheeseburgers, what would you choose?

Lou Mongello (19:32.338)
So the cheeseburger pods in at Settouli.

Shay (19:34.798)
The Tule canteen, yeah.

Lou Mongello (19:36.754)
Listen, Satuli Canteen is very far away and it's a long walk in the heat, but I will make that trek for those pods.

Shay (19:41.998)
Yeah. Those are really good. I think I would choose those two, but it's a tough one because they kind of have a similar filling that, that Big Mac -y kind of filling, but you can't beat that, the fluffiness of the...

Lou Mongello (19:47.57)
It's tough.

Lou Mongello (19:56.37)
That's it. Listen, this is a body built on Balbuns. So anything else in Magic Kingdom or do we move over to Epcot?

Shay (19:58.158)
Anyway. Ha ha ha ha! Sturdy! Um, okay.

Shay (20:09.07)
My only other thing, I'm not a big Dole Whip guy, but Aloha Isle, I do like the pineapple upside down Dole Whip, but last time my friend, and this isn't something I would normally order, got the, not the Kakamora float, it's called the tropical serenade float with that coconut Dole Whip, and I think Pog juice.

and it's really good. I've always thought that coconut Dole Whip is some of the best Dole Whip. It's really, really tasty. So if you're there and they have that, that float is delicious.

Lou Mongello (20:44.082)
I do like the fact that they've expanded the Dole Whip spectrum to add coconut and raspberry and some of the other flavors and stuff, too, for those that want a little bit, you know, a little bit of change of pace to spice things up.

Shay (20:48.526)
the pneumatic universe.

Shay (20:56.91)
Yeah. I think we can move. I think that's all I have for Magic.

Lou Mongello (21:01.65)
That's it. I'm going to restrain myself and move over to Epcot instead. So, okay.

Shay (21:05.038)
because there's just so much. Epcot, I feel overwhelmed, hyperventilating a little bit.

Lou Mongello (21:09.586)
I did. I have I don't want to tell you how many I have on my list for Epcot, but I'm going to I'm going to I have my list and then I have my list in bold and then I have a list in bold highlighted in red. So that's how I'm going to like reverse it.

Shay (21:13.582)

Shay (21:20.206)
Okay. Okay. Okay. Let's just rip then. You start this time because I started last time.

Lou Mongello (21:27.602)
Oh God, I knew you were gonna make me do that. All right, I'm gonna go backwards and I'm actually gonna go with a drink instead of, because I think a drink is a snack too, because I try to think of things in places that are overlooked. And I think so many people walk by the Morocco Pavilion. One, they miss everything that's in the back. They're afraid of, right? Afraid of Moroccan food.

Shay (21:30.222)
Mm -hmm.

Shay (21:36.814)
Okay. Okay.

Totally, yeah.

Shay (21:51.822)
Couldn't be me, couldn't be me. Love it, my favorite. Yeah.

Lou Mongello (21:55.762)
But if you go into Tangerine Cafe in the back at the little Oasis Sweets and Sips, they have a frozen mint tea, which is like this cool twist on iced tea and it's minty and it's this wonderful like combination of like sweetness and it's soothing and it's invigorating and it's like recharging and it's sweet without being overpowering. I think that mint really sort of balances.

the sweetness of the tea and you walk out into that blazing Florida sun in December and it's a really, really nice treat and it comes in, I think, at like $5, somewhere around there.

Shay (22:39.424)
Lu Mangelo, are you following me? Do you realize this was the last, that was the last thing I consumed on my most recent trip to Disney World. And I haven't even posted about it. So I know that you didn't find it on my socials. So I'm wondering if you were like peeking from behind. That is delicious. It's really good. And I totally agree with you. It's super refreshing. You can get it with or without gin, I think. And.

Yeah, as far as like frozen drinks around the world, sometimes they just get, they get so coingly sweet. And when you're, when you're, when you're consuming, eating and drinking as much as you are at Epcot, a lot of oftentimes.

Lou Mongello (23:13.49)

Shay (23:22.958)
I felt like that was a good palette cleanser. You know what I mean? Because like the mint, it just kind of just like reset. So that was a really good choice.

Lou Mongello (23:25.682)
Yeah. Yep.

Lou Mongello (23:34.29)
Nice. Shaye Spence approved. Stamp it. I dig it.

Shay (23:36.59)
Yeah. All right. I'm going to say.

Again, from my last trip, something I had never had before, over at Choza de Margarita, across from Cantina in Mexico. I never stopped there, because there is a bit of a line there, usually. And if I'm going for a margarita, I usually will go into La Cava, and if I'm going for a snack, I'll usually go get the nachos over at Cantina. So there's never really a time for me to go to Choza de Margarita.

Lou Mongello (23:53.618)

Lou Mongello (24:08.722)
Mm -hmm.

Shay (24:11.086)
Thankfully, I did it this time and I got the chicken tostadas, which were absolutely magnificent. Now this chicken, it's like a shredded chicken, sort of like a, it gives me like a chicken tinga almost, simmered in like a red salsa. A little bit greasy, but in a nice way. And just like super moist, topped with lettuce and tomato and stuff.

and then on a tostada that somehow defies the odds and stays crunchy with that saucy chicken on top of it. And so you get the crunch, you get the meltingly delicious, tender chicken, and I was shocked how good they were. I wasn't expecting it. And this is a really, really, really good bite. I added it to my itinerary for Epcot, so.

It might have replaced the nachos for me at Cantina and I hate to say that, that makes me almost sick to say, but they're really good.

Lou Mongello (25:13.65)
So while you're there, don't move. Don't move away from Chosé de Margarita because in addition to your hunky tuna tostadas, I want to get the elote. I want to get the Mexican street corn that is wonderfully smothered in chipotle, aioli, queso, tojita, and tahin. We keep tahin in my house and like...

Shay (25:16.654)
No, no. All right. Okay.

Shay (25:25.39)

Shay (25:29.998)
Yes. All right.

Shay (25:39.342)
Yes. It's good on like almost anything. Sweets, people put it on Dole Whip. Over in Disneyland, they give you Tahin to put on your Dole Whip. They don't do that at Disney World, I don't think. Yeah.

Lou Mongello (25:41.33)
My daughter puts it on everything and like, yeah, right. Dolewits, Lageritas, yeah.

Lou Mongello (25:53.266)
Yeah, at the, in Adventureland. Yeah, my daughter, like literally, I think she keeps a packet with her wherever she goes. But it's this, it's the ultimate, like Mexican street food, which makes it perfect to kind of stroll around World Showcase with. And when I say that it's smothered in this Chipotle aioli, I don't mean like in an overwhelming way, but smothered in this way that it adds this creamy.

Shay (26:00.942)
Brilliant, you've raised her well.

Lou Mongello (26:21.33)
smoky flavor that really sort of it coats the corn, but it doesn't drench it. You still get that crunchiness of the corn and the salty tanginess and then that little bit of that zesty spicy kick from the tahini. Like, again, I am a handheld walk around snacker kind of guy. And I think you pair this with your beverage of choice, whether it be a margarita, a Mexican beer, whatever it is, because I think that the citrus flavors really sort of

Shay (26:28.238)

Shay (26:40.462)

Lou Mongello (26:51.25)
elevate the flavors of the corn as well.

Shay (26:56.334)
I'm craving that right now. That's a beautiful Oslo just first snack if you're starting in Mexico. You wanna ease into it, right? And that's just perfect. Oh, okay. I love that. Right. Right.

Lou Mongello (27:09.106)
And it's spicy without being overwhelmed. Like if you're like, I'm afraid of spice. Like you can, it's tolerable even if you're not really a spicy person.

Shay (27:17.71)
Yeah, that's a heen. Also, you get the lime from it just sort of tames, I would say tames the heat a bit.

That's a great pick. I have another pick that's in just one country over. We don't have to go far. And we're going to go to the Kringla. How do you say that? Norway bakery. Norway bakery. I don't try to pronounce things in other languages very well. And to that point, they have something and it translates. It's not the school bread. I do love the school bread, but we're talking hidden gem here. So getting away from the obvious.

Lou Mongello (27:39.026)
You're gonna go to Norway.

Shay (27:56.142)
Very similar. And it's called like Verden's best cake. It translates to world's best cake from Norwegian. And it's like two sponge cakes with a custard, a vanilla custard in between. So it might be the same custard they have inside the school bread. And then instead on top they have meringue and the meringue is like crunchy on top, but also inside it's a little soft. So it's like it kind of cracks.

but then it gives way to a little bit of soft meringue as well. So with the sponge cake, you're getting a lot of textural contrast here. I'm really into textural contrast, if you can't tell by now. So I got that last time and I thought it was a really good, if you wanna try something different besides the school bread, which I do love, this is another good alternative.

Lou Mongello (28:46.162)
So I love that. And I wasn't going to go to Norway, but you made me think of something that I actually haven't had this in a long time. And I will see the school bread and I'll raise the school bread a lefse. And you're like, Mugello, Spence, why are you going to Norway and not getting the school bread? Here's not one, but two reasons. Because the lefse, it looks like it should have been in the Mexico pavilion. Because it looks like it's a big like rolled tortilla. It almost looks like a, oh God, like a flauta. It almost looks like a Mexican flauta.

Shay (29:00.046)

Shay (29:09.358)
Totally. Tortilla almost. Yeah.

Lou Mongello (29:16.53)
But this is actually, it's a potato flatbread that's filled with, and it's very healthy because it's filled with sugar and cinnamon and lots and lots and lots of butter. And then they wrap it up in a parchment paper. You grab that with a nice little cup of coffee or like an iced coffee and you sit outside under that green, like thatched roof in the shadow of the frozen attraction. Again.

Shay (29:28.654)

Shay (29:44.11)

Lou Mongello (29:45.586)
That's a nice, in the morning, I like a little lefse and a coffee to sort of get my day started in the morning.

Shay (29:51.118)
It's cheap too, that's like maybe three bucks or something. So.

Lou Mongello (29:53.202)
Yeah. Yep. And again, in theory you can share it in practicality. I don't. Yeah.

Shay (29:59.918)
In practice, not always. Not as much. I love that. I love that. I love that we're giving options because you know what, sometimes I do love the school bread. Probably still the best thing there, but sometimes you want to do something different, right? And it's very heavy. It's very heavy. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Lou Mongello (30:15.634)
Yeah. And this is the idea of going off the bean path. It is very heavy. It is very heavy. And clearly I'm watching my weight. I'm wearing black for a reason, Shay. So that I don't do these things standing up. All right. So is it my turn? Why not?

Shay (30:24.014)
You look great, Lou. You look great.

Shay (30:37.134)
Uh, yeah, I, well, you said left us so, uh, I feel like I'm just making my way. Okay. I'm going to just briefly pass through China and pay homage to the egg rolls from Joy of Tea, which I, that's probably the one snack that I get like every single time I go to Epcot. I love those egg rolls and not that they're that much different than like your average takeout egg roll, but it's just like something about it. It's very perfect execution. There's never a really long line.

Lou Mongello (30:40.85)
Oh, go ahead, you can go.

Lou Mongello (30:57.97)

Shay (31:07.054)
The hibiscus tea from there is also really good. So it's got those boba in it. So it's a nice little pairing. You get your egg rolls, you get your hibiscus tea. Again, very, very refreshing, very solid. But I am gonna keep moving to Germany and I'm gonna talk about the salted caramel gingerbread cookie sandwich. Have you had this?

Lou Mongello (31:09.138)
Love you.

Lou Mongello (31:29.618)

saying all the salted caramel ginger I don't wait have I?

Shay (31:33.55)
Salted, it's from the caramel shop, the popcorn place. I'm like caramel coochie, whatever. I'm not gonna try to say it. I've written about it for years and I'm like, oh, just the caramel place, you know, the popcorn place. But it's two salted caramel gingerbread cookies drizzled with salted caramel. And then it has this like vanilla.

Lou Mongello (31:39.602)
Nobody like knows how exactly to pronounce like.

Shay (32:04.398)
Buttercream, buttercream in the center. And I think it started just as a Christmasy thing. And then they kept it on because it was like, the demand was so high, because it is incredible. And even if you're not a huge sweets guy, one bite of this, you'll be fine. You probably won't eat anymore, but one bite will make you ascend. It is so good.

Lou Mongello (32:26.322)
I love that. And I love how when you walk by there, you are like drawn inside because the smells, the way they waft outside. Like you'll find something in there that you like. There's a little something for everyone.

Shay (32:33.966)
Mm -hmm.

Shay (32:41.646)
I love that whole pastry case. I don't think I've ever had anything bad from there.

Lou Mongello (32:47.57)
Yeah. Yeah, you're right. I don't think I've ever had anything bad from...

Shay (32:51.086)
The caramel butter bar is really good too. Oh, okay.

Lou Mongello (32:53.778)
Yeah. I thought I had, I might have had one of those on my, no, maybe I didn't. I didn't have anything from Germany on my list. I'll have to redo my list. Yeah. Because I can't help but make a beeline for Japan. It's my favorite pavilion on World Showcase. It's my favorite country to visit outside the U .S. And I love that it's changed over the years.

Shay (33:05.646)
pretzel bread pudding if we're going there. There's just a lot. There's so many.

Shay (33:21.614)
I've been inspired by your Japanese travels and I've never been able to go. I've traveled all over the world, I've been to a lot of places. Japan is like number one on my list and I follow your adventures through there and I'm just like dying to go.

Lou Mongello (33:26.066)

Lou Mongello (33:37.17)
Shay, I'm not saying that we're doing Adventures by Disney again to Japan in 2025, but I'm just saying, but I am saying that. So you will fall in love. You will fall in love with that country. But I love the pavilion. I love the dining options. I love Mitsukoshi, right? I love just sort of wandering through Mitsukoshi. And it used to be in the back. The entire back wall was filled with prepackaged snacks. It's been...

Shay (33:42.35)
But you are saying that. And you are saying that, and I'm... Okay, okay, okay. The seed has been planted.

Shay (34:06.542)
Yeah, they've heard it down a bit.

Lou Mongello (34:06.77)
sort of rearranged over the years. It's gotten a lot smaller, but I used to love to just go in and just grab something off the shelf and just try it. I remember doing a video where I tried like, do you remember the little crunchy crabs? They're like tiny little itty bitty like, oh, Shay Spence. I just, when you come, wait, when next time you come to Walt Disney World, we have to like do a live walk around and record ourselves as we're actually eating and review it on the spot. So there's like little crunchy crabs.

Shay (34:20.206)

Shay (34:26.862)

Let's do it. Oh my God, I love it.

I would love it.

Lou Mongello (34:35.954)
And I think it's fun whether you are with your kids and want to just, you know, as a goof, try something different and just see how you like it. I'm not necessarily sure I'm down with the little dried cuttlefish. We all have our sort of threshold. But I love sort of going through and grabbing the packaged snacks. But I did actually decide instead to walk outside and I will adultify this a little bit. I am not a big drinker. I'm really not a huge drinker. However,

Shay (34:47.982)
We have our little ones.

Shay (35:02.19)
Mm -hmm. Right.

Lou Mongello (35:03.89)
I really do like a very nice sake, especially if I'm having like a nice Japanese meal. It's my favorite type of food. And at the Kabuki Cafe, they have a sake slushey, which is available in blood orange, coconut pineapple, or blackberry, meaning there's fruits. So it's now a health food, according to Brian. So.

Shay (35:12.142)

Shay (35:25.998)
Absolutely. Absolutely, yeah.

Lou Mongello (35:28.434)
What I like is you get this, you know, the sake, depending on what type that you get, if it's a Nagori, if it's an unfiltered sake or, but you get this sort of refined sort of smooth flavor of the sake that sort of lift it up with vibrant kind of tropical notes of the blood orange or the coconut pineapple or the blackberry. And every one is very distinct and different. And I think the way that...

those flavors pair with the subtleness of the sake gives you a very different experience. But it's also, it doesn't have that sort of bite in the back of your palate of some other alcohol. So I think...

Shay (36:11.758)
Is it better than the violet sake, would you say? Have you had the violet sake?

Lou Mongello (36:15.25)
I have at the Violet Sake. And you know what? You know what? I'll plant my flag and I'll say that, just for fun. Because all the Violet Sake people are going to come back.

Shay (36:24.142)
I like how you're saying that. I think you should just stick with that because it's a better, it's a more interesting opinion because everybody says to get the violet sake.

Lou Mongello (36:33.298)
Because, well, this is different because this is like served with shaved ice. So it's almost like a kakigori meets little sake treat, you know, enjoyed in moderation.

Shay (36:36.494)
Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Shay (36:42.798)
Yeah, see, I'm not a huge sake, I mean, okay, I am a drinker, but not, I never have delved into the world of sake. My experience with sake is like, was like college, like sake bombs. And I think I did that too many times at like a dirty karaoke place. And from there on, if I smell, I get, I get, I get.

Lou Mongello (37:06.77)
Everything about that was wrong. Everything about what you just said is wrong.

Shay (37:11.406)
I get a little queasy with the sake, but I wanna try that, because that sounds very good. And I know that when you have actual good sake that it's a different experience. Absolutely, I love sushi. And I love, I know we weren't doing sit down, but I do love Shikisai, the new Japanese restaurant. And they have wasabi edamame there, which I think we can consider a snack.

Lou Mongello (37:22.674)
Are you a sushi person or are you a sushi guy? Okay, so we will go for really good sushi.

Shay (37:41.294)
It is so good because you know, I've always had the wasabi. They'll either toss it in, you know, like a spicy sort of chili sauce. Um, I don't know that I've had it where they toss it in this wasabi sauce and it is like so delicious and it's just, just spicy enough to clear it out. You know what I mean? And, uh, that was incredible. I love that. I was looking, I was looking because on my table.

Lou Mongello (38:02.546)
I love Shaky Sigh.

Shay (38:10.51)
Japanese face mask from that store and all of the instructions are in Japanese. So I'm like I'm just gonna put on my face for I don't know I have no idea. I'll just put it on for like 30 minutes and hopefully it doesn't eat my flesh off but my skin has never felt better and so I have to say when you go I for what's the name of that store and yeah get the Japanese face mask your skin it will change your life.

Lou Mongello (38:20.274)
That's right.

Lou Mongello (38:27.378)

Lou Mongello (38:33.266)
It's a koshi.

Lou Mongello (38:41.234)
I might just do that. And I'm like, Shay told me to come in and get the Japanese face mask.

Shay (38:44.27)
It's great. It's great. It feels great, really, and I wish I could find it, but...

Lou Mongello (38:50.93)
I'll wear it on my next Wednesday Night Live show, which I'm sure will be incredibly attractive.

Shay (38:54.414)
Yeah, there's it's all the instructions in Japanese. Nothing, you have no idea. So yeah, you figure it out. You figure it out. You figure it out. Okay. My last little tidbit was the maple popcorn at Canada. I don't know that it's considered a hidden gem, but I like it better than the popcorn and the caramel popcorn in Germany. I think that's a little, that's something interesting.

Lou Mongello (38:58.802)
You know where to put it. It'll be fine. You know what to do with it.

Anything else that Epcot jump out for you?

Lou Mongello (39:23.922)
Yeah, I don't really have. I mean, I had a couple of things, but nothing. Well, the only thought that well, it's not really a hidden thing. Again, not being a sweets guy. I really do like the liege waffle in Connections Cafe. I like it just has enough of that sweetness from that sort of crystallized sugar, a little bit of strawberries and chocolate drizzle on top, too.

Shay (39:30.734)
Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I love that.

Shay (39:43.726)

I watched them make that the day that it came out. They like let me come back in the kitchen because there's some media day and it's just amazing. They get this brioche, brioche dough, these beautiful smooth brioche buns and they press it in the waffle. I've never seen, I didn't realize until then that that was how the leech waffle was made was through a buttery brioche dough, which is why it tastes so good. It has like sturdiness to it, but it's not, not too dense. You know what I mean? I, that's a great pick. I love that.

And they do like different specialties throughout the seasons.

Lou Mongello (40:19.026)

Lou Mongello (40:23.026)
Alright, let's hop over to Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Shay (40:27.47)
Yes, okay. My turn to go first?

Lou Mongello (40:31.922)
It is your turn. I had a little bit of a tougher time with Hollywood Studios.

Shay (40:35.79)
Hollywood Studios is tough and not because there isn't good food. I just feel like, I don't know, sort of hidden gems go. I do have some. Okay. First is Fairfax Fair. And they have those waffle bowls there, which I think are a little bit strange. Like I find it like odd that you're eating what? Like a soba noodle salad out of a waffle cone. That to me is not, I don't get that.

There is one that I do like though the Buffalo chicken bowl because at least conceptually I see where they're going with like chicken and waffles So it's this is spicy I will say like if it's not just theme park spicy like the Buffalo chicken when I had it It was it was intense. So if you don't like spice Don't listen

Really good buffalo chicken nuggets on top of like, creamy mashed potatoes in that waffle bowl. It's an interesting thing. I liked it. It's not something I would maybe get every time, but I at least get it once. And if you like spice with your food, you're gonna like that.

Lou Mongello (41:46.546)
I do like spice. And I like, and I also like the fact too, and I think this has happened gradually over the last number of years, is that the Disney version of spice has been sort of, they've turned the dial up a little bit. Because Disney spice years ago was very sort of mild. And I think that they see as palates have gotten a little bit more expansive or refined, whatever you want to call it. They're willing to sort of let things that say spicy, that say they're spicy, actually sort of bring some of the heat with it.

Shay (41:59.758)
They have, yeah. Right.

Shay (42:15.918)
I totally agree with that. I've noticed it. And as someone who loves spice, I appreciate it.

Lou Mongello (42:25.106)
Yeah, I had, you know, there was, because some of the things I thought of here, like I love the tachos and I love the Rondo wrap, but everybody sort of knows about those. I think I went with the first thing that popped into my head. And again, I'm completely contradicting the I'm not a sweets guy thing because I'm going with something sweet. And I'm going over to 50's Primetime Cafe and I specifically stayed away from sit down restaurants, but I'm walking into, I'm walking into the lounge.

Shay (42:31.758)
Right. Right.

Shay (42:42.094)

Shay (42:50.286)
No, you can get this. Yeah, sorry. I'm interrupting you because I know what you're about to say.

Lou Mongello (42:54.13)
You know where I'm going, right? I'm walking into the lounge and look, one thing that we love about Disney is I think it brings out the seven -year -old kid in us and you put the words peanut butter and jelly and milkshake together. I'm all in because it is that sort of like instant transportation back to childhood all over again. I actually think I think I included this in the people list. I think this is one of those things. Yeah, because it was like.

Shay (43:09.998)
It's beautiful.

Shay (43:20.462)
You did. I was about to say that you did because that's how I found out about it. And thank you again. I have to say it was so good. Um, and I don't love 50s prime time, not because I don't think the food is good. I don't like the like schtick. Like where they're going to, I'm scared they're going to put me in timeout the whole meal or something. I get a little.

Lou Mongello (43:23.538)

Lou Mongello (43:48.21)
It brings back a lot of traumatic memories from childhood for people.

Shay (43:50.542)
I get a little nervous. I much prefer, if we're doing theme, I much prefer the sci -fi dine -in because at least you can just sit there and shut your mouth and watch the TV and you don't have to interact with anybody.

Lou Mongello (44:02.834)

Shay (44:07.47)
But that peanut butter, and you can get the peanut butter and jelly milkshake to go, I think, if you go into TuneIn Lounge, right? Okay, so that counts. I have something sweet also. And I don't know how often this is actually open, but the gelato stand over in the Muppets, have you dabbled?

Lou Mongello (44:10.93)
to go.

Lou Mongello (44:29.522)
I have, and I'm wondering if I'm doing screen sharing on our call, because it's exactly where I was going.

Shay (44:34.83)
Okay, see that's a hidden gem to me because I don't even think it shows up on the map Totally and I'm like, oh they have like a Yeah, and it they have I've had the the pog gelato, which is really good if you love pog juice I like it. I like pog juice fine. It's one of those things sort of like a dual whip or it's not as exciting to me, but

Lou Mongello (44:40.69)
It almost looks like it's a prop. It almost looks like it's fake, like it's not supposed to be there. Because it just sort of showed up one day.

Lou Mongello (44:56.626)

Shay (44:59.406)
The gelato version is really good and I think it's like a fun little surprise and I love the Muppets. I wish we had more Muppet representation just in general. So like I like to be over there. I'm not really like a Star Wars guy. I'm more likely to find me hanging out by baseline in the Muppets. So.

Lou Mongello (45:17.01)
Yeah, if that baseline pretzel was available to go or I could have gotten like a charcuterie cup to go, I would have thrown baseline on the list, but I did.

Shay (45:21.038)
Yeah. Yeah. Baseline. I think baseline can count baseline is so that pretzel is so good. It's.

Lou Mongello (45:29.97)
It is. And it's just, it's a super chill place. Like if you get, you know, we get, you live in Florida, you know that we get like those two or three weeks where you can actually sit outside and you sit outside, especially like during golden hour. Yeah. Yeah. It's going to change this week. It's going to be like 94 degrees. Right. But sitting outside, like with your beverage of choice, alcoholic or otherwise, and you get the little charcuterie board and the pretzel, you sit around with some friends or in my case by yourself and

Shay (45:33.998)

Shay (45:40.398)
Yeah, totally. We're in it right now actually. Yeah. Yeah, I'm just like trying to embrace it while we can. Yeah.

Lou Mongello (45:58.898)
gobble them all up like that's a nice afternoon or evening over at Baseline.

Shay (45:59.182)
Uh -huh.

Shay (46:03.918)
Totally and they do like I was someone pointed out that Because I was saying how that I loved and I'm kind of skipping ahead with the jock Lindsey's pretzel with the charcuterie over in Disney Springs and If you price it out, I think it's actually the same to get the charcuterie and the pretzel at Baseline as it is to get the charcuterie pretzel from jock Lindsey's so you can kind of recreate that there I love baseline

Lou Mongello (46:13.714)

Shay (46:32.11)
And my number one, like I'm a big Ronto rap guy. It's probably my favorite Disney World food, historically speaking. I'm a big fan of the Ronto. I would say it's not a hidden gem in that it's grown in popularity so much, but.

Lou Mongello (46:50.802)
I had it on my list too, but I'm like, well, it's not hidden because it's clearly just a ronto -wrapped stand, but that's my go -to food. Yeah, that's my go -to at Hollywood Studios.

Shay (46:56.27)
Yeah, but it's the best. It's the best. It's the best. So good. I yeah, if I'm in Star Wars, I've also had the pork rinds. They're pretty good pork rinds. I don't know if you're a pork rinds kind of guy. They're good. They're good. And you wouldn't think to get them, but I did last time they have a little bit of cinnamon, which I and my mother is Lebanese and she cooks with she always puts cinnamon and savory stuff. And

Lou Mongello (47:05.778)
Mm -hmm. I am a poor, grand guy.

Lou Mongello (47:13.202)

Shay (47:22.67)
almost never in sweet stuff. Like we didn't have cinnamon rolls, but she would put cinnamon on our Thanksgiving turkey. So I like grew up just thinking cinnamon was like a, like a savory spice. So I appreciate just a little bit of cinnamon on these pork rinds. Really nice.

Lou Mongello (47:38.578)
I like pork rinds because I tell myself, well, they're really high in protein, so it's a health food. And that's just right. And I just choose not to read any of the other, you know, nutritional facts.

Shay (47:44.27)
It's keto, it's keto. It's not, none of your, yeah. People, I remember when the keto trend was really big and everyone was like, yeah, you can eat like chips and guacamole, but just use pork rinds instead of chips. And I'm like, okay, so you're just gonna eat like literally fried pork skin and tell me that's healthier than a chip. I don't believe you, but that's fine.

Lou Mongello (48:10.226)
Yeah, however you get through the day, whatever you need to do to tell yourself. Again, and it's not hidden at all, but the only other thing that I wanted to add there that I really do like is if you go into the marketplace in Galaxy's Edge, I do like the cold brew, cold brew black calf at Cat Suckas Kettle. It's at Joffrey's Cold Brew. And it sounds weird, like sweet cream cheese.

Shay (48:10.99)
Whatever works for you. Yeah, exactly.

Shay (48:31.63)

Shay (48:35.982)
Would they put the cereal on top of it or something? Right, yeah, yeah. You're there for the Cocoa Puffs, yeah.

Lou Mongello (48:37.97)
It's the Cocoa Puffs that get me. It's like if I was a, I'm there, it's like a five -year -old, you know, Lou Mungiello watching cartoons on Saturday morning, you know, and if you want to add a little Godiva Liqueur, you can do that too. Not to your Cocoa Puffs, but to the, to the cold brew. You can.

Shay (48:45.934)


To that point, the popcorn over there tastes like Trix. Some people told me it tastes like Froot Loops and I tasted it and I said, no, y 'all, that outpost popcorn mix, I said, this is not a Froot Loops. I'm an expert. This is Trix. Tastes like Trix.

Lou Mongello (49:02.066)

Lou Mongello (49:12.882)
The one, no matter the color, the one flavor of Froot Loops, you know.

Shay (49:17.486)
Right, right, right, exactly. Okay, so that's all I have for Hollywood's to do. Okay.

Lou Mongello (49:23.25)
That's all I had. Yeah, that's all I had for studios.

I have a bunch of Animal Kingdom.

Shay (49:31.982)
Because that's because it's like probably the best snacking park. And I said that in my guide, I think that I like it better than Epcot. Epcot has more options. Epcot has more options. But like as far as like quality per capita, I don't know if I'm using that right. It's been a while since I've been in school, but you know, I think that there's like really, really, really good stuff in Animal Kingdom and I'm excited to get into it.

Lou Mongello (49:37.041)
I agree.

Lou Mongello (49:50.642)

Lou Mongello (50:00.498)
Yeah, I am as well. And we, you know, we could start, we sort of, well, we talked about the cheeseburger pods, it's a Tule canteen when we talked about the spring rolls, but I think it, I think they do bear mentioning because even though it's a, it's a counter service restaurant, you know, where you can sit down, you could, you can sort of walk around because they, they, I love how well you can make or break, you know, a bao bun pretty easily, right? If it's not, if it's overcooked, if it's too doughy, if it's too chewy.

Shay (50:02.574)
It's your turn to start though.

Shay (50:08.046)
Yeah, yeah.

Shay (50:13.23)

Shay (50:28.91)
Totally. Totally.

Lou Mongello (50:30.418)
But this, the Baobuns have this tiny little bit of like sweetness that encases like the savory filling, which is this wonderful, you talk about this contrast in both flavor and texture. And you also, it comes with this really nice veggie slaw and veggie chips. Again, the word veggies in there, so I feel like it's healthier. So you got the crunchy slaw and the chips with the soft buns. It's a snack that also could be a full meal. And it's got that,

Shay (50:50.126)

Lou Mongello (51:00.658)
you know, that little bit of a twist on sort of the the Big Mac in a bun flavor.

Shay (51:05.838)
And if you mobile order and if you get like, you could get the kids version, right? And they just give you like, you can be in and out with that cheeseburger pot in three minutes. So I think it definitely qualifies as a snack. And yeah, it can't be said enough. That's one of the best foods in Disney world. And it's an absolute must in my opinion, on like any guide. So.

Lou Mongello (51:12.114)
Mm -hmm.

Lou Mongello (51:27.73)
And you know what too? I wanted to mention they make not one, not two, but like four or five different allergy friendly versions. They make a version with no egg, with no fish or shellfish, no nuts, no sesame or no soy. So whatever. And listen, that's why you tune in, Shay. You tune in.

Shay (51:36.942)

Shay (51:42.798)
I had no idea.

That is, I know. You're like the policy wonk, you know all the little tidbits in there, I'm more of a big picture.

Lou Mongello (51:56.402)
But I do love that, you know, because look, I have a lot of friends that have, you know, special dietary requirements or kids with special needs. And they say sometimes the only place that they can go where you don't have to worry about going to make a special request, but there's items on the menu ready to go for people that have special requirements. I love the fact that you can get a Baobun and whatever sort of sensitivity you might have that fits in this category, they already have those ready to go for you.

Shay (52:03.182)

Shay (52:24.302)
Absolutely. People always are like, will ask me like I'm going to Disney World, I'm a vegetarian, I'm nervous. I'm like, dude, you're fine. Like no matter what, you'll be fine and you'll be able to eat just as good as everybody else. Like that's, it really is unbelievable. And piggybacking on the allergy thing, this wasn't on my list because I think a lot of people know about it, but I think as Bear is mentioning are the churros at Nomad Lounge, which I do think are the best.

churros in Disney World, but for maybe at Coronado Springs, which we're getting ahead of ourselves. They are gluten -free naturally. They use the one -to -one flour mix. And I didn't know that the first like three times I had them. And then I brought my friend who was gluten -free and she wanted like the churros. They told her that the churros were gluten -free and I was shocked because they're so, so, so good. You would never know. They're freshly fried. You get this vanilla sauce. You get the strawberry sauce.

Lou Mongello (53:16.978)
Hmm. Yeah.

Shay (53:23.726)
And it is a sit down place, but it's a little bite. And if you are gluten free and you want churros, that's where you gotta go.

Shay (53:35.246)
And then I have another big one if we want to pivot. And this is something that I just, I passed this booth many times and never thought anything of it. Never thought it would be too exciting. Okay. We're passing by, you want pizza and you look over into your left and you see pizza Fari. And I'm going to just tell you to go ahead and keep on walking. And.

Lou Mongello (53:48.594)
Come on, come home to daddy. Come on, hopefully you're going.

Lou Mongello (53:59.794)

Shay (54:03.31)
If you keep walking up to your right, you're gonna get to Tara Treats and they have these little square pizzas that are like almost, I wanna say almost like a Detroit style pizza because they have those like caramelized edges. I'm scared of like people in Detroit coming for me if I try to, I don't even, I've never even been to Detroit. So don't take it, don't take it so seriously, but it does have those kind of like cheesy caramelized edge, the fluffy crust.

tons of cheese. Last time I went they had a buffalo chicken version that was like so good. I was sitting there thinking this is now it's my new favorite snack in animal kingdom and I very rarely hear it talked about so I would like to give some love to Terra treats for the pizza and that's all I have to say about that.

Lou Mongello (54:51.122)
I, um, because you're Italy, you know, pizza as somebody who comes from the Northeast, um, pizza in Florida is not always awesome. You know, when you said pizza far, I'm like, oh, we might be going in separate directions.

Shay (55:01.646)
It's tough, it's tough, yeah, it's tough out there. You're like, yeah, it's like fine. Trust me, yeah, it's not, I lived in New York before I moved to Florida, so I get it. And I'm not, it's not in any way related to the type of pizza you get up there, but in the realm of Disney pizza, it's really, really good.

Lou Mongello (55:19.09)

Lou Mongello (55:25.458)
So I will admit that I don't think I've ever tried it. I don't think I've ever had it. Challenge accepted. Challenge accepted. The next time I make that long trek to Disney's Animal Kingdom. But the place I thought you were going to is, I don't know who he is, but Mr. Kamal, you and your little shack on the side of the road have, like for years, you have always delivered. And I have...

Shay (55:29.038)
I challenge you. I challenge you, Lu Mangelo.

Shay (55:35.822)

Lou Mongello (55:55.346)
Actually, I'm going to put both items from Mr. Kamal's on my list because there's chicken dumplings, which are like six bucks, right? And you get like three fried dumplings with the ponzu sauce. It's a perfect walk around food. I've never met a dumpling that I didn't like, but I really, really like these.

Shay (56:04.59)
So good with the ponzu.

Shay (56:17.998)
They have a very puffy sort of coating to them. There's little air bubbles that I really enjoyed when I had those.

Lou Mongello (56:21.234)

And they're not greasy, you know, they're not like, you know, because sometimes you get dumplings, a fried dumplings and they're greasy. They also have the seasoned fries if you want to sort of really up your game and go sit by the water for a little bit. They used to be served with this. They have like a chili, right? They had a chili ketchup at one point. They had a like a curry mustard. And now I think it's a sriracha mayo. So the fries remain the same.

Shay (56:31.022)

Shay (56:42.222)
Like a tzatziki or something. Yeah.

Lou Mongello (56:52.946)
But you never know what you might get in terms of the dipping sauce. And I think those are like five bucks. Like this is, it's a, it's a nice size portion. And for both of them, I think that the dumplings are like six bucks. And I'm not sure, do they still have, again, this is a seasonal thing. They would have the potato hand pies, which are almost like a, yeah, which are like a, almost like a, like the little samosas, the little samosas. The last time I was there, they weren't there.

Shay (57:03.022)

Shay (57:14.67)
Oh, see, I've never had that before. I've never hit that right. Oh.

Lou Mongello (57:23.282)
And there are...

Shay (57:24.334)
They weren't there when I was there a few weeks ago, but I'm intrigued.

Lou Mongello (57:27.09)
But I remember them, like they're vegetarian and I think they have a chutney that was vegan. Because they're filled with like chickpeas and cauliflower and they're spiced but it's not spicy, if that makes any sense. And I really like, I love a nice like crispy samosa with a little bit of heat inside too.

Shay (57:35.374)

Shay (57:40.558)

Shay (57:48.91)
Yeah, I've never had that. That sounds, from there, I need to get in on that. Mr. Kamal is a great guy. I mean, come on. I just have so much, I feel like everything in Animal Kingdom is kind of underrated, so it's almost overwhelming to me. I used to really love, for the vegetarians out there, I used to really love the hot link sandwich at...

Lou Mongello (57:53.202)
Mr. Kamal is a winner in my book.

Lou Mongello (58:05.234)
Mm -hmm.

Shay (58:18.062)
Flame Tree BBQ, the possible hot link. It was so good, they got rid of it. I'm like really upset about it. Now if you just go around the corner, another vegetarian item I like that I had last time were, speaking of piggybacking on your street corn elote, they have street corn tacos at the Smiling Crocodile, which I like this option because so many of the vegetarian options use like, you know, the impossible or the fake meat.

Lou Mongello (58:46.29)
Mm -hmm.

Shay (58:47.502)
And this just doesn't, it's just a taco filled with like street corn and maybe slaw and like a delicious sauce. And so it was, it's just really good. And it's like a naturally vegetarian gulab. And I just, I really enjoyed that. And I hadn't heard many people talk about the tacos from there before. And I had the chicken ones and they weren't as good. So I would say like the vegetarian version is actually better in this case.

Lou Mongello (59:10.098)
I think they have a pulled pork version as well.

Shay (59:14.126)
They do have a pulled pork, which I think is better than the chicken. I don't, the only one that stood out to me was the street corn one. So that's a fun little, fun little tip. If you're a vegetarian, even if you're not a vegetarian, I would get those again.

Lou Mongello (59:25.49)
If you're not, yeah.

Lou Mongello (59:30.13)
Um, I'm going to cheat just a little bit. And my lawyering of my reasoning is while this is served at a sit down restaurant, you can get this at the bar. So I'm cheating and I don't care because I really want to include the Ahi Tuna Nachos at Yakin Yating.

Shay (59:33.998)

Shay (59:50.734)
I know where you're going. I knew it! I knew it!

Lou Mongello (59:56.114)
Again, I think this was one that was on my original people list and at least I'm consistent, you know, six years later because it's, I like what I like, man. And you, you will always have me at sushi grade tuna. And then anything after that is, it's, well, I realized it's meant for two people. I say challenge accepted because I've walked in by myself.

Shay (01:00:00.75)
Yeah. You like what you like.

Shay (01:00:08.718)
It's good and it's loaded. It's loaded. Oh, that's beautiful.

uh... suggestion.

Lou Mongello (01:00:20.498)
And so instead of traditional tortilla chips, you get crispy fried wontons, this Asian slaw, and same thing, you get this, you know, when people hear wasabi, they think it's hot. It's not. It's like it's a subtle heat within this wasabi aioli and a sweet soy glaze. So they really sort of balance each other out. It's also beautiful. And it's like a pyramid. It's like a huge pyramid. Yeah, the portion size is massive.

Shay (01:00:21.422)

Shay (01:00:33.934)

Shay (01:00:43.822)
So pretty. It's like stunning. I know when it came out, the first time I ordered it, I was like, oh, like it's just, it's like, it's gorgeous. And I love, I love that you can sit at the bar there because I think that's rare at in -park. I guess at Animal Kingdom, they have a few little bar areas, but in most of the other parks, you can't just really walk in and sit at a bar at any of the restaurants. So I really liked that. And I think that totally counts.

Lou Mongello (01:01:07.506)
Yeah. Yeah, because I think it's like it's an upscale, like gourmet nacho. It's a really nice, like alternative to quote unquote, I don't want to call it theme park food, but it is. It's sort of like this this little more of an upscale treat. You want to get out of the heat, get a little Asian fusion in there as well. And, you know, I think it's like $19, $20. So considering what you get on it, I actually think it's a pretty good value as well.

Shay (01:01:36.942)
And if you are feeling like a cocktail at that moment, I recommend the, there's a watermelon margarita, no, not a margarita, because it's made with vodka. It's a watermelon drink. I don't know what it's called, but I had it last time and it was really good, really good. I was very, I had the nachos and I had the watermelon cocktail and it was a great start to the day.

Lou Mongello (01:02:02.386)
Listen, however you kick off your 9 a .m. at Disney's Animal Kingdom, Shay is completely... Anything else from Animal Kingdom? Because the only other thing I would throw in is I love, love, love going to Yakinieti, but around the corner, the local food cafe, the grab and go, the quick service, a nice little midday snack for me, because I'm a...

Shay (01:02:04.718)
I didn't say it was 9 a .m. I think it was around noon, okay? I didn't say it was 9 a .m. It was a later start day is what I went to.

Shay (01:02:21.39)

Shay (01:02:28.654)

Lou Mongello (01:02:29.522)
is grab a couple of egg rolls and a chicken fried rice. And I think, I think they're both like seven or eight dollars. So it's like 15, 16 bucks and you grab a water or a beverage or in cheesecakes, a couple of watermelon things. You sit out in the back by, under the shady tree, by the little fountain there in the middle. And that's a really nice snack too.

Shay (01:02:42.862)
Whatever that is called.

Shay (01:02:53.71)
Yeah, and it's nice because it's like more familiar foods and you can please a lot of people with that place. Yeah, I love that. There's too many. We'd have to do a separate Animal Kingdom episode because I could keep going on this forever.

Lou Mongello (01:02:56.594)

Lou Mongello (01:03:04.402)
Yeah, maybe we will. We're going to have to write these down in top 10 foods to Disney's Animal Kingdom. All right, let's move over to the fifth theme park, which is Disney Springs for me, especially from a culinary perspective. And I'm very curious to hear because there's so many great options, I think, in Springs.

Shay (01:03:07.886)
Yeah, yeah, yep, yep.

Shay (01:03:22.35)
So many. So many. Do you think, okay, it's harder with snacks at Springs because in my mind Springs is like more of a sit down place but I like I guess why don't you go first? Why don't you go first?

Lou Mongello (01:03:39.282)
And listen, my definition of snack may be a little bit right. It may be a little broader.

Shay (01:03:45.486)
No, we're being loosey goosey with the rules and I have a list. I have a list. I would like to hear you. I would like for you. I feel like you're probably more of a Springs expert than I am, but I do have a list. I have a list.

Lou Mongello (01:03:56.466)
So this is a bit of a low hanging fruit, but maybe not so much so because I love Everglazed. I love Everglazed. I love the cold brew coffee. I love the I'm going to double dip here. I think the funky chicken sandwich may be one of, if not the best chicken sandwiches on property. I might live and die on that hill. But when you go in, you sort of there's what I call like the Instagram donuts and then the donuts you actually eat. Right. I don't love the ones that are sort of.

Shay (01:04:04.398)

Lou Mongello (01:04:24.914)
piled on with all kind of stuff. Good, good. But, no, that's good. Interrupt, this is a conversation. It's not a presentation.

Shay (01:04:25.23)
I hate those things. You're in my head. You're in my head. You're in my head. Okay. But I'm going to let you speak. I keep wanting to interrupt you because I agree with you. I agree with you because last time I went, I got the dulce de leche and I was like, I don't like this. It's too much stuff. And then you just get the plain glaze. And I'm like, the plain glaze is unbelievable. So good. Keep going.

Lou Mongello (01:04:47.186)
I'm a give me a plain blueberry. But the one that I want to bring to the forefront is the ube donut because people see why is there a purple donut and what the heck is an ube and who is he? The ube donut is a it's like a it's like an Asian like yam. It's very popular in Asian desserts. It actually makes the donut from a textural perspective. It's a little bit softer than like the standard

Shay (01:04:50.222)
Okay. Ooh, ooh.

Shay (01:04:58.83)
Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Shay (01:05:06.35)
Yeah. Yeah.

Lou Mongello (01:05:16.338)
glazed doughnuts and it's not overly sweet at all. It's a very, very subtle sweetness. And you might not like know what it is or recognize like the ube flavor unless you've eaten, you know, I love a lot. I love Japanese food and Japanese snacks. So it's not overly sweet, which and it's that less intense sweetness that I think that I love.

Shay (01:05:33.728)

Lou Mongello (01:05:41.042)
about it because I don't want to sort of be hit in the face with sugar when I eat my donut which is why I don't like the the Instagram donuts. It is Instagramable because it's purple but that and a cold brew coffee and you sit in the back at the donut garden and then maybe you follow up with a funky chicken after that's a nice day at Everglades.

Shay (01:05:49.23)

Shay (01:06:01.614)
I love that. And I didn't know they had an Ube donut. And now I feel sad about that. Cause I love, I'm like, my donut tastes are like so basic. I'm like a Publix donut kind of guy. Like I like to go get a plain glaze from the grocery store. I like it to taste like a grocery store glazed donut.

Lou Mongello (01:06:04.996)

Lou Mongello (01:06:08.498)

Lou Mongello (01:06:22.354)

Shay (01:06:24.206)
That's why I don't mess with like Voodoo donuts or anything like that. I don't like it. I don't like it. I agree with you 100%. But I will try the ube and I will try that fried chicken sandwich because I've heard a lot about it actually.

Lou Mongello (01:06:36.914)
do the the funky chicken because it's this it's got this like ranch it's like spicy ranch slaw and barbecue and spicy mayo and the the pickles. Oh, it's a good time right there.

Shay (01:06:40.334)

Shay (01:06:44.75)

Shay (01:06:48.91)
All right, I'm all in. Okay, my first thing is going to be from the Polite Pig. And great barbecue there, great barbecue. I'm from Texas originally, so my barbecue tastes are pretty snobby, but good barbecue for Florida. But what I'm here to talk about is the Hop Salt Pretzel with like a, they have a beard fondue.

And it's really good. That hopsalt, it's that little interesting, savory, sort of funky, tangy thing. And with the beer cheese, I am a pretzel freak and I love Jock Lindsay's too. But I have to say, last time I went and got this hopsalt pretzel, I was like, maybe is this better than the Jock Lindsay's pretzel? I think it might be. It's really good. So I love that.

Lou Mongello (01:07:39.89)
Mm -hmm.

Lou Mongello (01:07:44.178)
It's like 10, it's only like 10 bucks too. It's not, yeah.

Shay (01:07:46.67)
It's not bad at all. It's huge. It's really big and it's filling. That's, yeah, that's one of my favorites. And I love the, I love the mac and cheese there too is really good. I'm also a mac and cheese connoisseur. I just, I wish the portions there were bigger because again, I'm from Texas and when we get barbecue, it's like, you buy a thing, you get a lot of stuff. So the portions are a little small for me. I love the hopsop pretzel. I love the mac and cheese.

Lou Mongello (01:08:13.874)
Usually when I go there, not to go off on a tangent, usually when I go, because I like a lot of like, I'm a buffet kind of guy. I want to sort of get a little bit of this. I usually get a bunch of different shareables. So I think the play is you get the pretzel to share. I get the slider trio because you get the Southern pig, the low and slow brisket and the fried chicken. I think it's 17, 18 bucks. And then you just get like a bunch of the sides, like the tomato and watermelon salad, cauliflower, mac and cheese.

Shay (01:08:28.686)

Shay (01:08:37.294)

Yeah. The cauliflower is good. That barbecue cauliflower with those pepitas. Yum. Oh, I haven't had the Brussels sprouts. That's new to me. Okay. Let's see. I feel like you know all the Disney Springs ins and outs. I actually, I would say I've been writing about Disney for, gosh, I don't know, eight years now mostly. And like,

Lou Mongello (01:08:43.25)
Brussels sprouts. There's Brussels sprouts all day. Yep. Oh God, give me a good Brussels sprout then.

Shay (01:09:08.622)
I just recently really got into Disney Springs when I was writing this guide because before that I was just spending all my time at the parks and I feel like Disney Springs is more of a local place. But I've really, writing this guide, I had to dive in and go to every restaurant and it's been a fun journey. There's just like so much there. You can spend days, like I spent five days at Saratoga Springs so I could just walk there every day when I was doing research for this guide.

And still you don't get to everything. It's like, there's just so much. And I do love, I've grown to love Springs. I used to be kind of a hater, but I've grown to love it.

Lou Mongello (01:09:47.314)
I dig springs a lot. It's not an exaggeration to say I spend more time at springs than I do in the parks. Yeah, because I go there more often. Is it my turn?

Shay (01:09:54.382)
I get it, yeah.

Shay (01:10:00.398)
Yeah, I just did the hopsaw puzzle. Now your turn.

Lou Mongello (01:10:02.226)
Okay, I'm going to give you not just one of the best flavors you will have anywhere on property, but as I think about it, and I just double checked the menu price, this may be the single best value in Walt Disney World. I know, that's a bit of an extreme, but why not? Stir up a little controversy. My love for Asian food goes very wide, very deep. I think like,

Shay (01:10:21.582)

Shay (01:10:31.182)
Okay, I know where we're going.

Lou Mongello (01:10:32.21)
The holy trinity of like restaurants is like Boathouse, Morimoto, Homecoming. Like that's like the Bermuda Triangle of awesomeness in Springs. If you go around back, the side, the front, wherever it is, to Morimoto Asia Street Food, you can get not one, not two, but three of the most amazing baby back, baby back, baby back ribs for $10.

Shay (01:10:38.734)

Shay (01:10:59.758)
I'm sorry.

Lou Mongello (01:11:01.778)
three ribs with that hint of cilantro and that hoisin sweet chili glaze. Shay, the first time I went there, everybody's like, oh, get the ribs, get the ribs. I'm like, listen, dude, I'm from the Northeast. I know what Chinese food ribs are supposed to taste like. They don't have these in Florida. These are life -changing. Like, they're life -changing ribs. And the way that meat falls off the bone? Ridiculous.

Shay (01:11:02.83)
really good.

Shay (01:11:12.43)
I bet. Yeah. Yeah.

Shay (01:11:18.446)
They're really good.

They're great. This is an insanely good pick. I love Mori -moe -o just in general. I also just like to eat there. I think it's a beautiful restaurant. Everything I've had there has been fantastic. And I think maybe you turned me on to the ribs originally as well.

Lou Mongello (01:11:46.13)
Yeah, there we...

Shay (01:11:48.078)
And again, I have to thank you. You've inspired me so much.

Lou Mongello (01:11:52.466)
The feeling is mutual. And by the way, if you really want to sort of get like crazy while you're there, the Takayaki, which don't let it freak you out, is it's octopus fritters, like these little octopus fritters with pickle, ginger, and okonomiyaki sauce.

Shay (01:12:02.734)
Uh huh.

Hmm, Lou, I don't know. I don't do octopus. It's one thing I don't do.

Lou Mongello (01:12:08.562)
It's not like there's like little tentacles like flapping around you. Or you get the spicy kimchi ramen.

Shay (01:12:12.206)
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That'll do. That'll do. I love kimchi. Octopus, I have a tough time with. The only octopus that I'll really like is if it's like the little teeny tiny end of the tentacle and if they char the heck out of it, you know what I mean? Like really, and then I'm like, I don't know what this is. The last time I had, yes, just.

Lou Mongello (01:12:27.282)

Lou Mongello (01:12:33.906)
Right. As long as it's unrecognizable, Shay will lead it.

Shay (01:12:38.414)
Burn it into oblivion. The last time I had octopus was at actually Toledo in Coronado Springs and I couldn't stomach it. I didn't like it at all. Anyway, that's fine. Okay, yeah, that's fine. I can eat deep fried just about anything I would say. So you know what? I'll try it for the sake of journalism.

Lou Mongello (01:12:46.834)
It's so deep fried, Shay, that you don't even realize there's octopus in there.

Shay (01:13:01.326)
And I have another pick and probably the only good bratwurst I have ever had at Disney because I've not enjoyed the ones from Friar's Nook. I have not enjoyed the ones in Germany Pavilion. Over at B .B. Wolf's, the little stand, little hot dog stand. They have an amazing bratwurst. It is loaded with sauerkraut. It has the spicy mustard. It's on a pretzel bun.

Again, I have a sort of thing for pretzels, I guess. And it's really good. My husband is from Milwaukee, so he's like, I got a very, he has very much has a bratwurst like in his blood and he's really high standards and he loved it. I loved it. It's got this really zippy mustard on it. And that's my pick. And it's something that I think that I've just passed up many times like that, Stan, cause you're always kind of looking for somewhere maybe.

was set, but this is a true grab and go spot.

Lou Mongello (01:13:58.482)
Mm -hmm.

Lou Mongello (01:14:02.162)
Yeah, because there's only the tables right across from it by the water right near your path. That's a great pic, Shay. And as I'm looking at the menu, there are one, two, three, four, five. There's like, there are nine different versions of hot dogs and brats and Italian sausages and chili cheese dogs. I almost feel like I need to go and do a review just of B .B. Wolf's. My God.

Shay (01:14:05.518)

Shay (01:14:09.486)
Thank you. Thank you so much. Yeah.

Shay (01:14:26.606)
I, should we do it?

Lou Mongello (01:14:29.65)
That's gonna be a good day right there. There's gonna be a lot of meat and then I'll just bring it.

Shay (01:14:32.942)
I don't know. Yeah. No, it's a great little spot and it's a... I mean, there are no shortage of hot dogs at Disney World, but these are a little elevated, I would say.

Lou Mongello (01:14:40.69)
Yeah. Yeah. Hawaiian hot dogs, New Orleans, craw dog, Tennessee barbecue dog.

Shay (01:14:45.934)
Yeah, they do a fun monthly special every month, so something to think about.

Lou Mongello (01:14:52.21)
Three Little Pigs, three mini versions. Now we're talking, pastrami, rubendog.

Shay (01:14:55.982)
Oh yeah. So that's, that's the other thing is you can do a sampler, which I like. Yeah. Like you said about the, about the slider is similar thing.

Lou Mongello (01:14:59.442)
Oh, that's I'm all about the sampler platter. Like it's a little hot dog buffet. Yeah. All right. I dig that. I'm famished, by the way. I should have taken my own advice and not listen hungry. All right. There's a ton of other things that I could mention in Springs. You may or may not have heard about a little place called Gideon's. But all right, this is I'm just going to throw this in just for fun, just because it.

Shay (01:15:09.614)
I know, I'm like, oh my gosh, I'm hungry, I'm hungry.

Shay (01:15:28.622)
Do you like Gideons? Because to me, there's too many chocolate chips, but that's just my opinion.

Lou Mongello (01:15:33.522)
So as the self -proclaimed not a sweet guy, when I'm in the mood for like a good chocolate, they have a like a dark chocolate sea salt thing, then they've got a couple of specialty cookies that I cut myself a teeny tiny little slice 17 times and then I bring it home. But and they they have a peanut butter cold brew coffee, which is magnificent. That it, believe it or not.

Shay (01:15:53.198)
Yeah. Yeah.

Shay (01:15:57.102)
Okay. Okay.

Lou Mongello (01:16:01.17)
peanut butter cold recall he cuts the sweetness of the right

Shay (01:16:04.878)
I mean, it's just like a nice little break from, yeah, the pistachio toffee there is really good, but again, it's so, I can have one bite. I love the Fudgee Center. I don't like all the chocolate. I don't need all those chocolate chips, but I know I'm in the minority. I'm a hater in the minority, so don't listen.

Lou Mongello (01:16:19.794)
Yeah. Right. It's a one bite. Yeah, it's a one bite thing.

Lou Mongello (01:16:27.346)
And if the line's ever too long, it literally will take you less time to drive up to Winter Park, go to the original location, get your cookies from there and come back.

Shay (01:16:35.79)
Or go to Summer House on the Lake Cookie Bar, I like it. I don't know if you've been, I think it's a good cookie. They do good cookies there. I'm not gonna say, I know people will get mad if I say it's better than Gideon's. I kinda prefer it. They're less of a showy thing, but they're really, if you want a chocolate chip cookie and you want it quick, just go there instead.

Lou Mongello (01:16:38.802)
I haven't been yet.

Lou Mongello (01:16:57.106)
I'm only gonna throw this in just because I think it's fun and the premises is hidden gems. I'm not saying that Joffrey's Coffee is the best coffee that you'll find anywhere on the planet, but if you step across from the Boathouse, which is my favorite place like anywhere, if you go to the Joffrey's Coffee and Tea Company there, they have something fun that you can do and it literally costs like 50 cents, where you can get custom art.

Shay (01:17:15.182)
Yes. Yes.

Lou Mongello (01:17:25.33)
on your coffee or latte where they not only have like Disney characters, like there's like I think 10 or 15 Disney characters, but if you download the Ripples app, you can take a picture of yourself or a picture off your phone or your logo or whatever, upload it to the Ripples app and then like conform the size, confirm your order, and then they create your sort of image or your picture right on your little latte.

Shay (01:17:52.302)
That is cool. How long does that take? That's cool.

Lou Mongello (01:17:55.058)
four hours. No, it's really fast. No, it's super fast. I mean, it happens within a matter of seconds. It's really easy. Yeah, that's fun. Yeah, that's fun. And then walk next door and get some gelato from from Vivaldi.

Shay (01:18:02.062)
That's cool. That's a really good one. That's a good hidden gem that I didn't even know about. That's like... Yes, yes. Okay, maybe a final for Disney Springs. Have you been to Eat by Manit? You have. Quite good. Eat with Manit, oh. I met her once when I worked for Rachael Ray.

Lou Mongello (01:18:20.786)
I have. I did the eat with Manit dinner, which was amazing. Yeah.

Shay (01:18:30.094)
Because she came into I was I used to test in a previous life. I tested the 30 -minute meals for Rachel Ray and That's another story for another time, but she did come in when like chopped was still kind of early on she came in and Was the nicest person ever like no lovely? No the nicest person and was so lovely and like just a pleasure and

Lou Mongello (01:18:37.234)
Oh wow.

Lou Mongello (01:18:48.466)
I was so happy. I was like, please don't say she's mean because she seemed so nice when I talked to her.

Shay (01:18:59.118)
and she came in and cooked for us and it was, and yeah, so last time I went, I didn't go to the eat with Manit this time, but I did get the tandoori poutine and I got the walking taco and I got the naan pizza, the chicken tikka naan pizza. And they were all really good. Like everything was really good there. And I have to say, I used to like the butter chicken poutine from the daily poutine.

And I'm like, she's kind of putting them out of business because she's, it's like a double the size, way cheesier, way saucier, way more chicken. It is more expensive, but you get way more food and it's much better. So I think that the Daily Poutine needs to retire the Butter Chicken Poutine and just let her kind of shine with her thing over there. Cause that's a really good menu item.

Lou Mongello (01:19:50.098)
And I mean, eat itself is a hidden gem, almost sort of because of where it is. Like she actually just did a video on Instagram. Right. Because she literally walked people from the garage and showed people where it is because it's sort of tucked away back there. And I think, again, sometimes people hear Indian food and they get very scared. They don't know what it is. And it's so very accessible. Like it's not everything is spicy and curry. It's a very accessible menu.

Shay (01:19:56.494)
Right, unless you're walking in, right? Unless you're walking in that way, then...

Shay (01:20:05.07)

Shay (01:20:09.23)

Shay (01:20:15.31)
Well, what I also like is she kind of, I'd feel like she kind of played on like theme park traditional food. Like when you're talking about a walking taco, which is something I think of, like I first had it, a water park in Wisconsin, but it's an Indian version and they use the crispy puff snacks, but then they do like a kind of normal chili and then they'll add it.

Lou Mongello (01:20:30.578)

Shay (01:20:38.99)
and chutney for the little Indian spice and sweetness. And it was like, it's like, it's so good. It's every, everything I had there was really, really quite delicious. So I would say that.

Lou Mongello (01:20:48.434)
I'm excited. I'm going to go do a live review there soon and I'm very, very excited.

Shay (01:20:52.366)
Yeah, that place is great.

Lou Mongello (01:20:55.89)
And the fact that she's nice makes it even better.

Shay (01:20:58.798)
Yeah, it helped. I like that. I like when someone's not a jerk. It's always, after working at People Magazine, I won't name any names, but you know, it's always pleasant. I'll say that.

Lou Mongello (01:21:02.994)
All right. Do you want to move?

Lou Mongello (01:21:15.026)
I will only say this, that sometimes meeting some of the folks whose names are like, oh, I wish I wouldn't have met you because you look very different on TV.

Shay (01:21:23.342)
Oh yeah, that's how I felt the first time I met Lou Mungiello. I was scared. I was like, what if he's not as nice as he is on the radio? Thankfully, thankfully you're even more of a pleasure in person if that's possible.

Lou Mongello (01:21:35.538)
my friends might say otherwise, but it doesn't matter. Did you have do you have any at the resorts? Go ahead.

Shay (01:21:42.254)
I do, if we wanna go there. I've got a couple, we can do it quick. All right, the first thing I have. Well, okay, first thing I have are the Prime Rib sliders from Cruise Cub over at Yacht and Beach Club. They're really delicious. They come on almost like a, it tastes like a flaky biscuit to me. It's like this really buttery roll.

Lou Mongello (01:21:45.714)
Lay it on me.

Shay (01:22:07.918)
stuffed with prime rib and you get a horseradish sauce and a jus and these very crispy kettle chips and that is open later than like most food places at Disney so even like after Epcot closes if you're somehow still hungry it's a good place to kind of pop into.

Lou Mongello (01:22:28.466)
That sounds amazing.

Shay (01:22:30.126)
It's really good and you dip it in the jus, it's the whole thing. It's really good.

Lou Mongello (01:22:35.474)
I had a couple, I'll go very quickly as well. I'm going to go over to, and I just had this very recently, I had a meeting here and I really liked this. I went over to Barriva at the Riviera, which I love by the way. And Barriva is like this combination of like lounge meets quick service meets pool bar. And it's why I included it here because even though you sit down, they have a baked brie.

Shay (01:22:58.638)
We'll borrow it out.

Lou Mongello (01:23:03.538)
with this warm, creamy brie in this flaky puff pastries and there's, you know, it's served with like fruit preserves and little slices of sourdough bread. But the brie, at least when I had it, or I was really, really hungry, maybe this is its recency bias, but the brie was like this perfect consistency. It was gooey and smooth. And then you get that, the puff pastry that's like...

buttery and crisp and then the fruit like it was just this nice little mix of all three. Maybe I was like I said hungry but it was very impressed.

Shay (01:23:40.654)
I've had it and you're correct, it's very good. I like that and I'll also include into the conversation the risotto balls from Barriva. They do the mushroom risotto, I think stuffed with cheese and they serve it with some marinara sauce. Really delicious. Last time I went I had both of those things and it was like, that's a great little meal snack depending on your situation.

Lou Mongello (01:23:50.322)

Lou Mongello (01:24:04.274)

Lou Mongello (01:24:09.618)
Do you have any others?

Shay (01:24:10.222)
And I love, I do love to just sit at Barriva. It's really, and like you said, it's sort of unlike any other, because the other pool bars at the resorts, even the deluxe resorts, is not really ones that you would hang out at if you weren't staying there necessarily. You have Hurricane Hannah's, but there's not really any interesting food there. So Barriva.

Lou Mongello (01:24:35.57)
Because this is like inside and outside. It's like an open air type hybrid restaurant.

Shay (01:24:38.83)
Yeah, it's really pleasant. They have a nice frosé, if you like frosé, everything. Yeah, I love barbeque. The other things that I have, I don't know that they qualify as snacks, because they're just like, because more from restaurants there. But I will say, just to pop in real quick, the Kona Cafe pot stickers at Polynesian. They're the kind that have, you know those, you know when they have like the lacy edges at the bottom, so they're all sort of connected into one.

And it's interesting because you can get dumplings over at the bar over at Tambu Lounge And those are really good too, and they come like 13 to an order It's like really those are great, but I do prefer the one at Kona Cafe because of the lacy little crispy edges I'm not sure exactly how they do that. I think it's like some sort of slurry they cook the dumplings in and then they all connect and you kind of break them apart and It's very pleasant. And yeah, those are that's that's the last thing I have is really good last time I went

Lou Mongello (01:25:39.058)
I love the fact that I think that we mentioned dumplings no less than 19 times. Top three dumplings at Walt Disney World. Like that's a throwdown that I would be all in for.

Shay (01:25:42.286)
I know, I know. Well, okay, we could do a dumpling tour.

Shay (01:25:52.654)
It's something. They used to have them at Sunshine, Tree Terrace, and Magic Kingdom. They got rid of them. Made me really mad. Made me really mad. I didn't like that.

Lou Mongello (01:25:56.242)

Lou Mongello (01:26:00.274)
I'm gonna throw one more in here just for fun and because it's a place I think nobody ever goes to. Like unless you're staying there, nobody ever goes to Disney's Coronado Springs Resort and I'm gonna invite you to Rick's Sports Bar. Do you know where I'm going with this?

Shay (01:26:08.718)

Shay (01:26:14.99)

Shay (01:26:19.918)
I'm just gonna let you talk and then we'll, I have more things to add on.

Lou Mongello (01:26:26.418)
They're Wachos and you're like Mongello, you're mispronouncing Tachos. No, I'm not. It's a Wacho because they are crispy waffle fries with warm Manchego and Oaxaca cheese dip is amazing. You can also get it with pork carnitas or grilled chicken. And it's this like we talked about before, like with the Ahi Tuna Nachos, like it's this twist on

Shay (01:26:30.99)

Lou Mongello (01:26:53.97)
the traditional type of nachos with waffle fries as the base, and then you get this queso blanco and bacon and scallions and the queso fresco. And then if you want to add meat that you can, you can do it as well. And I love the sort of the little bit of like smokiness to the queso blanco. Like it's creamy and it's mild and it really is a nice sort of compliment to the bacon.

Shay (01:27:11.854)

Shay (01:27:18.318)
Ricks is great and it's also another place that's like open pretty late. And again, you'd only really go there if you're staying there. I happened to have just stayed there a couple of weeks ago at Coronado. Great. Had I, I stayed in Grandestino. It was a great experience. I love that resort when you are staying there. What I'm going to add to that is I don't know if you've been before 10 .30. It's tough to get to Ricks before 10 .30, but like it feels a little weird. I'm like, why am I in this sports bar right now?

Lou Mongello (01:27:41.874)

Shay (01:27:48.046)
But they do have the Mickey waffles that are stuffed with fried chicken on a stick. So...

Lou Mongello (01:27:53.33)
shut your face. What? Do you say Mickey Waffles stuffed with fried chicken?

Shay (01:27:56.366)
I can't, I can't, I can't, I can't. When they're in front of me, I have literally... It is a Mickey waffle. They bring, I think four of them on a stick, on like a platter. They're sticking up like a little powdered sugar with maple syrup and you just dip it in. And then when you bite into it, they have like a whole piece of fried chicken and like a fried chicken nugget inside, like a big nugget inside of it.

And that was the last thing I ate on my, like before I got on my plane, cause we had a morning flight and I was like, we have to go get these. I got, I rope dropped Rick's just to get, just to get these mix. No, I was the only person there. I rope dropped Rick's at like 8 a .m. I was there waiting for them to open. They're like, why are you here? And it's fantastic if you're over there. And then I'm going to add one more thing.

Lou Mongello (01:28:37.746)
Said no one ever.

Shay (01:28:55.438)
if we want to end on a little dessert, but Dahlia Lounge has a brand new menu. They just debuted it maybe two weeks ago. And the churros there, first of all, are fantastic, but the orange, I think they call it flancocho, it's like cake underneath and then a flan on top. And it's orange with this sort of caramel. And it's the best.

dessert that I've had at Disney. I'm actually gonna say that. It is the best dessert I have ever had at Disney World. It is so good. It's not something I would normally order, but the waitress was like, you have to get this. Everyone's been obsessed with it. So I tried it and I was like, you can see, it's one of those, you can see the vanilla bean flecks throughout, you know? When you know it's gonna be really good, like vanilla. And that was the best thing I ate on my last trip. So if you take nothing else away from this.

Go get the orange Funkocho from Dahlia Lounge. So good.

Lou Mongello (01:29:52.594)
Wow. Talk about saving the best for last. The best dessert you've had at Walt Disney World.

Shay (01:29:56.91)
I'm so glad you brought up Coronado Springs because I would have forgot about it otherwise and we wouldn't have gotten that.

Lou Mongello (01:30:02.482)
But that's the beauty of this list, Shay. If we would have tried to do this 10, 15 years ago, this list would have been wildly different because I think that the chefs at Disney have very much upped their game in terms of getting beyond the concept of what quote unquote theme park food is. Some of the best meals I've ever had, I've had at Walt Disney World and I think these are just some of the true hidden gems and hidden treasures. And I'm sure...

Shay (01:30:17.71)

Lou Mongello (01:30:32.338)
that as we wrap this up, someone is yelling at, I almost called it their iPod, their Zoom, their iPod, their car, their dog, whatever it is going, Mungelo, Spence, how did you possibly leave off X? Let us know if you agree, if you disagree, and what we missed. I'll post this question over in the clubhouse, but better yet, I would love to hear, I wanna hear the passion in your voice as you describe the items that we missed. Call the voicemail at 407 -

Shay (01:30:46.638)

Shay (01:30:58.126)

Lou Mongello (01:31:01.522)
900 -9391 that's 407 -900 -WDW1 and then Chase Benz. This is even better than I dreamed last night it would be. I sat there in my bed all cuddled up. It was like I was preparing for a trip to Disney World. I just couldn't sleep hoping that I would live up to your expectations and you have blown them out of the water.

Shay (01:31:12.334)
was amazing.

Shay (01:31:23.854)
This was amazing. Thank you. Thank you for having me on. I do have a discount code for your listeners for the guide. It is a digital guide and it's mapped out. So if you're in the parks, there's like, right now I think I have 220 restaurant reviews on there across the parks, across the resorts, across Disney Springs, and you can pull it up on your map when you're in the park.

Lou Mongello (01:31:39.762)

Shay (01:31:50.766)
find places near you, find my favorite menu items with photos, find my least favorite menu items. I'm very brutally honest since we're behind a paywall there, you know, we can just, just be honest. And it's, it's, I'm also working on these itineraries where I show exactly, you know, mapped out where to go around the world. At Epcot we have, I have one coming out that is Deluxe Resort Hopping Day.

Lou Mongello (01:32:01.49)

Shay (01:32:18.254)
I actually just want to break that down for a second, because I did a deluxe resort hopping one day. You start at Riviera, maybe have a pastry or coffee, take Skyliner over, Yacht and Beach Club. You can check out, you know, beaches and cream. You can take in a little bit. Go to the Boardwalk. From the Boardwalk, take the boat to Hollywood Studios. And from there, take a bus to Anil Kingdom Lodge, have lunch at Sanaa.

Bus back to Animal Kingdom, bus to Wilderness Lodge, go to Geyser Point, maybe have a little drink, have a little snack. Boat to Contemporary. I did a little shopping at that. I love the store in the lobby there. And then Monorail Polynesian and at Grand Floridian. It's the ultimate deluxe resort hopping day.

Lou Mongello (01:33:07.89)

Shay (01:33:10.19)
And it is, it's intense, but these are the kind of itineraries that I'm coming out with on there. And once you buy it once, then you have it for life. Even as I'm adding more itineraries and they're all mapped out. And anyway, I'm pretty excited about it.

Lou Mongello (01:33:23.346)
That sounds like a perfect day and thank you for the, you know what, I'll make it easy. If you go to www .redeo .com slash Shay, S -H -A -Y, it will take you right to where you can get Shay's Ultimate Disney World Food Guide with the discount and everything else like that. And be sure, tell people where they can follow along with you on social.

Shay (01:33:44.462)
You can find me at theshayspence on Instagram and on TikTok. Those are my two main platforms. And yeah, send me a message. I love to chat with everyone. And I am just, I'm so happy to be exposed to the audience of Lumonjello. It feels like a full circle career moment right now. Cause you know what? I really, I actually credit you to like sort of helping me get out of the.

Lou Mongello (01:34:01.97)
Ha ha ha ha ha ha

Thank you, man.

Shay (01:34:13.518)
to realize that there is this whole Disney space out there that you can make a living doing this. And I really, no joke, admire you a lot, Lou, so this is great.

Lou Mongello (01:34:24.754)
Thank you, man. I really appreciate you. You've helped me a lot and you've always been very kind to me, Shay, and I mean that sincerely and I will, I am always grateful for that and I will never forget. And we should do this again. And when you come down, we should do a lot, you pick the place, we'll do a live review of a restaurant in Walt Disney World too. That would be awesome, man. Shay Spence, you are the best, man. Thank you so much.

Shay (01:34:36.27)
Let's do it again. I would use stole the words. You stole the words, Alan.

Shay (01:34:42.862)
Let's do it. I would love that. That sounds great. Perfect. Thanks, Lou.

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