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WDW Rumor Mill for the week of March 23, 2008

Rumors of changes to the Tomorrowland Indy Speedway are resurfacing yet again, as we mentioned on the show a few months ago. Seems as though the name may be changing slightly to remove the references to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and the Indy name altogether. Signs and logos have already begun to be removed, and I have been told that even the overhead narration has been modified to remove the Indy name as well.

In the mean time, tests continue on the gas/electric hybrid ride vehicle on the soon-to-be-called Tomorrowland Speedway. Full attraction Staff are reportedly scheduled to be trained on the new ride vehicle in the next few weeks with the first Guest preview of the new vehicle expected to take place prior to late April 2008. There is currently no expectation on when the whole fleet of ride vehicles may be changed over. I’m also hearing rumors that a second, environmentally friendly Ethanol-85 powered car was tested late last year, and may also be implemented as well as the hybrid car. 

There is also a VERY unconfirmed rumor that, as has happened with other attractions that have gone through some changes, characters may be added to the attraction and/or scenery within the next few years. No rumors of a full conversion to a "Cars" themed attraction seem to have any merit at this time.

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WDW Rumor Mill for the week of March 2, 2008


March 2, 2008
At the Magic Kingdom, I’m going to tease you a little with some rumors about changes that will be coming to both the turnstiles at the Parks and the FastPass system.
If you have been to Walt Disney World recently, you will of course have noticed the changes to the FastPass tickets, as they are now longer than the original tickets and include a barcode, which to date has not been utilized. This new addition caused many people to question its significance, and possible future uses. Well, fear not, because the barcodes are far less ominous than some people may have feared. In the very near future, Walt Disney World will be testing and implementing a new way to speed along the FastPass system: instead of having a Cast Member manually look at and count the FastPasses (to ensure the dates and times are within the window that you were given), they will use a bar code reader that will scan each FastPass to ensure its validity, and in the process also speed along the queue.

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