I Have a Craving for a Warm Christmas Drink

WL TreeOn days like today, you know, those blanketed with new-fallen snow, I enjoy imagining the perfect winter holiday setting as I gaze at our twinkling Christmas tree across the room of our charming, small-town bungalow.  In my mind-seen picture, I am always snuggly wrapped in a fluffy blanket—book in hand—nestled in the corner of a deep, comfy sofa that is perfectly positioned near a crackling fire on the hearth.  In my mind’s eye, I see myself peacefully regarding the picturesque mountain scene through the frosted window panes of a massive, rustic log cabin as I relax in the glow of a towering tannenbaum in the great room’s corner.  I fancy myself sipping a favorite Christmas beverage from a mug steaming enough to warm my face and hands.  Have my musings caused you to crave a warm, winter holiday beverage?  Perhaps, you recognize some of these serene images as reminiscent of what can be experienced at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge (DWL) complete with its 60-foot Christmas tree.  Perchance you will be visiting Walt Disney World and/or staying at DWL this holiday season.  If so, the following information will help you find a favorite “Warm Christmas Drink” at WDW.  You may want to bring a thermos to keep your beverage of choice piping hot until you return to the lobby’s roaring fireplace.



  • Sommerfest (Germany, Epcot®) – This is a traditional German and/or Austrian mulled red wine that is both fruity with hints of citrus and spiced with flavors of cinnamon and cloves.  The name Glühwein when translated means “glow wine”.  It is so named because of the glow of the hot irons used to mull the wine.


  • Prost Kiosk (Germany, Epcot®) – Kinderpunsch is the child-friendly/non-alcoholic version of Glüwein.

Werther’s Original Hot Salted Caramel Drink

  • Prost Kiosk (Germany, Epcot®) – Do not be mistaken, this is not hot chocolate with caramel.  This exceedingly rich drink is actually salted, liquid caramel.

William’s Punch Winter Dream

  • Prost Kiosk (Germany, Epcot®) – This warm eggnog-style beverage is made with cream, white wine, spices and topped off with whipped cream.

Hot Cider

  • Promenade Refreshments Kiosk (World Showcase entrance, Epcot®) – Flavored ciders including:  Toasted Marshmallow, Hazelnut, Traditional, and Spiced with Frangelico Liqueur
  • Beer Cart (United Kingdom, Epcot®) – Hot Applejack Cider is a hot mulled cider with whiskey and spices.
  • High Octane Refreshments Kiosk (Disney’s Hollywood Studios®) – Captain’s Hot Apple Cider is simply cider with Captain Morgan® Original spiced rum.

Hot Chocolate

  • Streets of America Newsstand (DHS) – Hazelnut Cocoa and Gingerbread Cocoa
  • Promenade Refreshments (World Showcase entrance, Epcot®) – Assorted hot chocolates including:  Toasted Marshmallow, Salted Caramel, Traditional, and Peanut Butter
  • Sugar and Spice Kiosk (America, Epcot®) – Cocoa Candy Cane is a hot chocolate with peppermint Schnapps and whipped cream topping.
  • Buona Festa Kiosk (Italy, Epcot®) – Hot Chocolate with Caffé Espresso Liqueur
  • All Resorts – One of the beverages available to anyone who has purchased a Resort Refillable Souvenir Mug is traditional hot chocolate.

Spiced Tea

  • Promenade Refreshments Kiosk (World Showcase entrance, Epcot®) – Assorted holiday inspired Twinings® Teas including:  Pumpkin Spice Chai, Christmas, and Pure Mint Tea with Chocolate
  • Tangierine Café (Morocco, Epcot®) – Hot Moroccan Mint Tea is served with several full size mint leaves at the Pastries and Coffee Bar located in the Café.


(Photo from the author’s personal collection.)


I hope you have found the Warm Christmas Drink that will be filling your mug as you cozily sit in front of the Wilderness Lodge fireplace, or perhaps you already have a favorite that I did not list above.  If so, please let readers know in the comments section below.

Kendall began visiting Walt Disney World in 1991 with her family and has continued to visit the resort with her husband.  As a child, she and her family filled vacations with challenges such as “How many times can we ride Splash Mountain during SpectroMagic and the fireworks?” (Answer: 7)  Now, after marrying a converted Disney skeptic, she and her husband enjoy challenges such as “How many hours can we eat nonstop at the Food & Wine Festival?” (Answer: 4)


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