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Countdown to Fun: Part 6 – Box #5


This week, my kid was not messing around! Gibbs was up at [5:30] AM and ransacking the house for his clue.  I managed a little sleight of hand and got the box in his bed without him noticing.

Countdown to Fun Box #5Countdown to Fun Scavanger Hunt Clue

The pattern of the boxes mirroring the parks continued – this week was a Magic Kingdom theme. Inside the box was a Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom game.  It came complete with a set of 7 cards, a game board and a lot of tiny little tokens.  There were extensive gameplay instructions as well.

Countdown to Fun Box #5

Contents of Magic Kingdom themed box in Countdown to Fun Series

Gibbs LOVES villains, so he was excited to look at the cards and the Doctor Facilier game board.  As all small children do, he was also enjoying the small tokens and getting them everywhere!

Detail on Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom set

We also got to call in for a message from Mickey Mouse.  I keep thinking Gibbs will get tired of the messages, but he never does!  Mickey was so excited to invite us to Magic Kingdom, and his enthusiasm was contagious!  Gibbs was thrilled to discuss our plans for touring the original Walt Disney World  park.

Note from Mickey Mouse

I think it’s a really good prize, and I was interested to discover that Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom isn’t just an in-park experience, but in fact can be played at home.  We’ve never collected any of the cards, but I suspect that will change this trip!  He makes us read the above note from Mickey at least twice a day.  I think he has it memorized!

I think this game is a little beyond a four year old, but it still has a great deal of appeal to him.  It came with 7 cards and you need at least 5 different cards per player, so it isn’t something we can do with him until we get more cards.  However, since cards are available for free in the Magic Kingdom (go to the Fire Station in Town Square), it will be easy to beef up our collection without breaking the bank.  In addition, I am given to understand that certain special event in Magic Kingdom have limited edition release cards – such as Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party and Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party.

Next week we will open our last box, and that would be sad except for the fact that it means our Walt Disney World vacation is just around the corner! I can’t wait to see what surprises are in store for the final box, but I am sure that in Disney fashion it will be a spectacular finale!  And if you’re a numbers person, don’t worry – I’ve been keeping track of the retail value of all the items in the boxes, so I’ll be able to tell you if this kit is a financial win.

Want to follow along on our trip to Walt Disney World?  Follow me at @amillertx on Instagram and look for the hashtag #MillerWDWMagic2017.  We will be there September 9-16, so if you spot us be sure to say hello!

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