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Countdown to Fun: Part 7 – Box #6


You’d never know that I had 2 older kids before Gibbs and have been a parent for almost 20 years.  I made the most basic of all parenting mistakes this week: when making magic for your children, DO A GOOD JOB HIDING THE EVIDENCE.  That’s right, on Friday night before the reveal of the last box, my husband was in our closet.  Gibbs was playing on the floor near him and crawled under my hanging clothes where – you guessed it – he found the sixth box.  No clues, just the box sitting there minding its own business.

Countdown to Fun Box #6

His reaction was not good.  Despite my assurances that Mickey Mouse must have come early and left it for him to find, the tears were plentiful.  “There were no CLUES!  There are supposed to be CLUES! That’s the GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAME!”  It was not a fun evening in the Miller house.  He didn’t want to call for his message, he didn’t want the gifts, the world was most definitely ending.

Countdown to Fun meltdown

Fast forward 10 minutes (an eternity in 4-year-old time) and he consented at last to look at the contents of the box.

Contents of Countdown to Fun #6

This box was over the top!  Included were a Mickey Mouse auto emblem, a set of trading pins, a set of character icons to decorate our MagicBands, and a Sorcerer Mickey autograph book. A packing list for the trip was also included, reminding us to bring many of the items from the previous boxes.  Even my exhausted and emotional son was won over – he couldn’t wait to get to Walt Disney World and start using his gifts.

The next morning, Gibbs wanted to call Mickey Mouse.  Gibbs was excited to hear that we will be there soon, and Mickey shared his enthusiasm.  Gibbs got over the fact that the final box didn’t have clues in his renewed impatience for our vacation to start.

This kit has been well worth the investment of time and effort, in my opinion.  I researched the costs of the box contents on the Shop Disney Parks app, and below is a breakdown of the item values vs. what I paid for the Countdown to Fun kit.  I saved over $70 compared to the purchase costs of the items, not even including the packaging, messages, clues, notes and other fun extras included in the boxes.

chart showing the values of all the items in the Countdown to Fun boxes

Sadly, as I write this we are 4 days from the scheduled start of our vacation.  The National Weather Service has just put out a notice that Hurricane Irma is a category 5 storm hurtling toward the Florida Keys. Right now, we plan to go, but if safety becomes an issue then of course we will re-evaluate.  With any luck, as you read this we’re having the time of our lives in the Vacation Kingdom of the World!

Assuming we get to go, my next post will be about our trip.  I look forward to sharing the highlights with you!

Want to follow along on our trip to Walt Disney World?  Follow me at @amillertx on Instagram and look for the hashtag #MillerWDWMagic2017.  We will be there September 9-16, so if you spot us be sure to say hello!

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