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A Haunted Mansion Secret Line Hack

Haunted Mansion exterior - kf

“…but there’s always my way…”

This classic line, uttered by the Haunted Mansion‘s Ghost Host, is followed by a shrill scream, the lights come up, a secret door slides open and a mad scramble ensues as Guests jockey for position and attempt to enter the load area.  Many families can be seen grasping each other’s hands as the flood moves toward the queue.  But, did you know there is a way to avoid this herding almost completely?

Yes, that’s right, there is a secret to the stretching room that will allow you to be among the first to exit through that hidden portal!

As the maid or butler for your group ushers you into the stretching room, quickly survey the portraits and make your way to the painting showing the young girl with the parasol.  Station your party directly below this portrait, and you will always find yourself standing at the secret door when it opens.  Oftentimes, the maid or butler is in the position of having to convince Guests to walk further into the room, so you can usually make your way to that specific portrait with little trouble.

Now that you know the secret, be sure to keep it to yourself!


(Photo from the author’s personal collection.)


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