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You’re Never Too Old to “Wake Up the Magic” at a Disney Store

Disney Store opening

I am not a mall person, but the other day I found myself at the mall, in front of the Disney Store at [9:53] AM.  The gates were still closed, and I was the first one there.  My Mom asked if I wanted to help open the store that morning.  I wasn’t aware that I could do that at my local store, I thought it was only for grand openings.  So of course I said – sure!

Disney Store Opening

Just before 10 AM a Cast Member opened the store gate and brought out a little kiosk with a Scorcerer Mickey book on top.  By then, two little kids had joined me in front of the store.  The CM asked if we wanted to help “wake up the magic” at the store.  We were each given a scorcerer hat, and I was also given a red cape to wear.  The CM taught us the magic words to wake the store back up for the day – “Let the Magic Begin!”

Disney Store Opening

As we spoke the magic words, the store sign illuminated and the magic was restored to the store.  This was something fun to experience, and I highly recommend being at a Disney Store before they open.

Disney Store Opening


Our store is located at Franklin Park Mall in Toledo. Ohio and has been open for over 20 years.  After I helped open the store that day, I inquired about getting a “key” to open the store, and the CM said that because this location is older they only have the scorcerer hats, not the keys.  But she did give me a nice Mickey landyard instead.

Opening the Disney StoreHat and lanyard for Disney Store Opening



Don’t forget to ask for your Disney Visa discount at your local Disney Store!


(All photos and videos are from authors personal collection)


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