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WDW Tip of the Week: Get Your Popcorn Bucket!

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Who doesn’t like to snack on popcorn while watching a parade, walking around or waiting in a queue at Walt Disney World? My family likes to purchase a popcorn bucket on our first day at a park and refill it throughout our trip.  The buckets have a handle, so it’s easy to carry around, plus the lid allows you to close it while you ride on attractions (if there’s any left that is).

The best part of getting a popcorn bucket is you can save money on this yummy snack! The bucket costs $10 and refills are only $1.75 (prices are subject to change) and are good for the length of your stay. A regular bag of popcorn costs $4.50, and they are not as large as a popcorn bucket.  So if you think you might buy more than one bag of popcorn during the length of your stay, you are better off spending the $10 on the popcorn bucket.  Even with a refill cost of $1.75, it is well worth the money! And it does not matter from which park or location you originally purchased your popcorn bucket.

And if you like flavored popcorn, bring your popcorn bucket over to Epcot and try some of the delicious and adventurous flavors they have to offer.  The cost is the same! Some of the flavors that have been offered at Epcot outside of Journey Into Imagination with Figment include; Buffalo Bleu Cheese, Sour Cream and Chive, Cheddar, and of course just regular popcorn.  You can even mix flavors, just ask the Cast Member when ordering. Outside the Canada Pavilion, you can often find Maple-flavored popcorn. Tip: Grab a napkin as some of the flavors can make your hands sticky and powder covered!

Bonus Tip! Are you sailing with Captains Mickey and Minnie? Buying a popcorn bucket is a great way to save money while sailing on Disney Cruise Line!  My family loves to nibble on popcorn while watching a Broadway-style theatrical performance or taking in a movie at the Buena Vista Theatre or on Funnel Vision. On the first night, we always buy a popcorn bucket at Preludes before the show for $8.63 ($7.50 plus automatic 15% gratuity), and a refill is only $1.78 ($1.50 plus 15% gratuity included). You can even ask for an empty popcorn bag, so sharing is easy during the show.  A regular bag of popcorn on Disney Cruise Line is $4.03 ($3.50 plus gratuity), so on a seven-night cruise, you would spend $28.21 if you purchase a bag every night.  While if you buy a popcorn bucket and refill it each night, you would have only paid $19.01 for the seven nights. That’s a savings of $9.20. It’s not much, but it is a saving! Plus you have a cute souvenir to take home and eat popcorn from as you reminisce about your cruise.  And to save even more during your sailing, stop by the free beverage station on the pool deck and fill up a cup of your favorite soft drink and bring it to the show or movie! Why pay a ridiculous amount for a can of soda?  You can also bring your refillable mug from your Walt Disney World Resort stay or home and use it onboard.

Enjoy your popcorn!

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(Photos from the personal collection of Vanessa Prince.)