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Lou’s Inbox: Navigating Walt Disney World with Limited Mobility


Katherine Foster writes:

“First, love WDW Radio! It’s great fun to listen to, as we are a WDW family, and in fact, our oldest starts the Disney college internship in August. On to my request/question:  We are visiting WDW for the…well we’ve been there a lot. But this is the first time bringing our daughter’s boyfriend, who, while he is somewhat ambulatory, can’t walk far and will be using a wheelchair. Of course, we know Disney is great around this, but would love to hear a podcast sometime with updated info and tips on visiting the parks when a member of your party has a disability.  Best wishes for continued success!” -Katherine Foster

Hi Katherine, my name is Andrew.  I write the blog post “Disney on Wheels” for the WDW Radio Blog. Lou asked me to answer this question for you, as I have experience getting around Walt Disney World in a wheelchair.  I think the best way to help you is to send you to my previous blog posts, so here are some resources that I have previously written for the WDW Radio Blog:

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Other Helpful Links from WDW Radio:

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I hope these links are useful for your trip.  Please let me know if you need further information by leaving a comment below.


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